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In the recent years, more and more budget airlines are flying from Singapore Changi Airport to Asia and the latest low-frill budget carrier joining the board is Scoot Airlines. Singaporeans are overwhelmed by these Singapore cheap flights that make travelling dreams possible and affordable.

Asia offers a long list of dream locations to visit – from tranquil tropic forests and pristine beaches to golden deserts to mega cities filled with shopping centers for computer geeks to high end, boutique shopping at fantastic prices. Singapore budget airlines offer an affordable way to experience Asia all the way to Australia whether you’re a local going on a weekend holiday or an international traveler.

Let’s not forget the ancient temples and world renowned landmarks like the Great Wall of China or the world’s highest point of view, Mount Everest. Feel like going down under? Singapore is just about 5 1/2 hours way from Australia and by choosing one of the Singapore budget airlines, visiting any of these beautiful places can be affordable.

AirAsia – Go Holiday

AirAsia is based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is Asia’s top low fare airlines and offers both domestic and international flights. The airline was also one of the first to apply unassigned seats and ticket-less travel and their frequent low fare deals have led to their expansion. Today the airline operates 656 daily flights, 102 routes to 57 locations in so far 12 countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and more. AirAsia estimated air fares range from $49 to $200

AirAsia Destinations from Singapore – Where does AirAsia travel to?

Jetstar Asia

Jetstar Asia – Price Beat Guarantee

Australia’s low cost airline Jetstar Airways offers both domestic and international flights. JetStar Airways destinations include New Zealand, Hawaii, Australia and all the popular Asian destinations including Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Travelers can save up to 65% on their air fares with ticket prices starting for as little as $199.

Jetstar Asia Destinations from Singapore – Where does Jetstar travel to?

Lion Air – We Make People Fly

Lion Air, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It manages scheduled traveler services on a comprehensive domestic network to 40 different destinations with 210 daily flights. Lion Air flies to Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam and may add flights to the Middle East. Lion Air estimated air fares range from $67 to $160.

Lion Air Destinations from Singapore – Where does Lion Air travel to?

Scoot Airlines or Flyscoot

Scoot Airlines is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and will be based in Singapore for a release date of June, 2012. Air fares are estimated to be about 40% less than regular airlines. Initial routes are said to include Australia, the Gold Coast and Sdyney and they plan on expanding to China, Tianjing and Bangkok. Scoot’s air fares are estimated to range from $158 to $179.

Scoot Airlines Destinations from Singapore – Where does Flyscoot travel to?

Tiger Airways – Low Fare Airline Choice

Tiger Airways, based at the Changi Airport in Singapore, is a budget friendly airline that is partially owned by Singapore Airlines. All Tiger Airways flights operate out of the Changi airport’s Budget Terminal. Tiger Airways concentrates on destinations within a 5 hour distance of Singapore. The airline provides scheduled flights to over 20 destinations in both Australia and Asia including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Tiger Airways estimated air fares range from $59 to $168.

Tiger Airways Destinations from Singapore – Where does Tiger Airways travel to?

Cheap flights from Singapore make it easy for anyone to enjoy the perfect vacation be it international travelers or Singapore residents on holiday. Every destination mentioned here provides its own unique vacation experience and with the low cost air fares these airlines offer, weekenders or international travelers alike can experience them all.

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