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Prada Space Hong Kong

A huge part of fun visiting Hong Kong is to shop for branded stuff at huge bargains. So, a visit to hong kong factory outlets in Aberdeen, such as Prada Space Warehouse or Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau will not disappoint anyone.

During my recent trip to Hong Kong in December 2012, I deliberately find out how to take a bus to Hong Kong Prada Factory Outlet. During the whole journey, I tried my best to take as many photos as possible of the entire bus route – from Admiralty MTR station to Admiralty (East) Bus Terminus to Prada factory outlet. Hope this step-by-step guide is helpful to those who wish to save some bucks on taxi.

Prada Factory Outlet Hong Kong Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday: 10.30am – 7.30pm
Sunday – Public Holiday: 12noon – 7pm

How to Go to Prada Factory Outlet By Bus 590A

First, take a train to Admiralty MTR station, look for Exit D (United Square).

Admiralty MTR Station by C Foulger via

Exit D from United Centre

Take the escalator up from Exit D, and you will find the Admiralty (East) Bus Terminus on your left hand side.

Admiralty MTR Station East Bus Terminus

Take Bus 590A from Admiralty (East) Bus Terminus to Ap Lei Chau Estate. The one-way bus fare is a flat rate of HKD6.50 per person, payable by Octopus card.
Bus Stop to take bus 590A

Board on Bus 590A

On the way, you will see the bus crossing Aberdeen Tunnel Toll Plaza.
Aberdeen Tunnel

Heading to Ap Lei Chau Drive.

Ap Lei Cha Road Sign

Eventually, the bus will turn into Lee Chi Road, Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road. You will see Marina Square East Centre on your left hand side. Get prepared to alight at two more stops.
Turning into Marina Square East

Alight at Yee Wan Court South Horizons, South Horzion Drive.

590A Bus Stop at Yee Wan Court

Cross the road at Marina Sqaure West Centre

Opposite side of Yee Wan Court is Marina Square West Centre. Cross over to Marina Square West Centre and turn right and keep walking for less than 2 mins, you will see Prada Factory Outlet.

  • Gina


    how long will the whole journey take from Admiralty station?

    • Hi Gina,
      The bus ride from Admiralty station to Ap Lei Chau Estate is about 30-40 mins.

  • Sherwin

    Hi GoingPlaces,
    Thank you for this informative website, we really appreciate it. I have a stupid question; how do we get back to the Admiralty MTR station? Do we get on the same bus (where we got off 590A) and wait for it to return to Admiralty MTR station? TIA!

    • Hi Sherwin,
      Thanks for your kind comments.
      Yes, you can take Bus 590A back to Admiralty (East) Bus Terminus (which is next to Admiralty MTR station).

  • marie

    H! I want to know how to go there, after ocean park adventure?


    • Hi Marie,
      The most convenient way is to take a taxi from Ocean Park to Ap Lei Chau. Taxi ride is about 10 mins.

  • snowy

    hi, thanks for the detailed information.
    Can i know whether the prices are worth the trip there?
    Did you managed to buy anything? and how much did you save?
    Do they only sell bags?

    • Hi Snowy,
      The Hong Kong Prada outlet sells bags, wallets, clothes, shoes and accessories. In general, the prices are at least 20% cheaper than the retail prices, some can go as low as 50% off. I bought a Prada sunshade at S$220. As I don’t know its retail price, I’m not sure of my savings.

  • ChiChi

    Hi GP,

    Is it easy to get a cab from Ap Lei Chau after shopping… Might be travelling with children.. TIA

  • Herney

    Would you know how much if were to take a cab to prada factory outlet from Hongkong disneyland..since im going wt kids,it wil not be to convenient to take MTR & Bus.

  • Iza

    Thanks to your post, I managed to find the place easily by using the direction given on your website. I find that the travelling via bus is quite convenient and of course more cheaper than using the taxi too .

    I visited the place on 3 April 2014.

    • Hi Iza,

      Good to hear that you’d found our direction useful. You enjoy shopping at the Prada Factory Outlet?

  • Johnny

    How to go to prada factory outlet by bus from causeway bay?

  • Sunshine

    Hello! Staying at empire hotel causeway bay, how to go to prada outlet with 2 kids. Thanks!

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