How to create a perfect itinerary? Whether you are the type who prefer to create your own unique itinerary or you are someone who is too busy to plan your holidays, the easiest way to plan your next vacation is to borrow the ‘proven’ itinerary shared by fellow travellers.



Hong Kong and Macau






  • Angeline Neo

    Can you email me your intinerary/package tour preferably for 23 May (about 6/7 days) for :
    1) Kyoto / Osaka
    2) Kyushu

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Angeline,
      We are not a travel agent, so we do not conduct tours. However, you may check out Zuji’s promotion on Osaka Package – 6D5N Osaka Free and Easy at S$855 per person.

  • Christina Tan

    Hi, I ‘d like to bring my 85yo Auntie to Malacca for short break. Normally I just go by bus, but because of her age, can you suggest anything else?

  • Is there any travel / tour agents in Singapore that is interested to work with me on creating an adventure tour package to the UNESCO World Heritage site in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks?
    There are virtually hundreds of things you can do on a adventure tour here. From hiking, biking, wild life sightseeing, white water rafting, zip lining, caving, icewalks on a glacier (in summer – May to October), etc, etc..
    Please contact me at [email protected] or check out my website at for information and other contact information.