Malacca Weekend Trip

by Danny Lee

Chris Church Malacca

“Shall we go for a trip to Malacca this coming weekend?” My wife popped the question to me on a Wednesday night. I was taken aback as it’s such an impulsive idea and my main concern was unable to book a hotel room in Malacca with such a short notice. Then she dropped another bombshell – there would be a total of 12 persons for the trip – 7 adults (her friends) and 5 little kids!

I rolled my eyes but I didn’t want to spoil her mood. When I agreed to go along with her idea – to do an impromptu weekend getaway to Malacca, I needed to quickly do some research and plan a 2D1N Malacca itinerary:

  1. Where to stay in Malacca and how to hire a minibus to bring us from Singapore into Malacca
  2. What are the must-eat food in Malacca to sample like Satay Lok Lok, Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls
  3. Where are the Shopping Malls in Malacca and what to do at tourists attractions like Jonker Street

Hatten Hotel Malacca

Hotel Hatten Melaka Vs Hotel Equatorial Melaka

Luckily I was recommended to a Singaporean, Uncle Peter, who operates private bus business chartering Singaporeans to and from Malaysia for weekend getaways. Uncle Peter is a private tour operator who also helps us to secure hotel rooms in Malacca.

Our initial plan was to stay at Hotel Hatten Melaka – the newest hotel in Malacca. Hotel Hatten Malacca’s rooms look good from Agoda hotel booking site and a junior suite only costs USD64 with breakfast. Unfortunately it was fully booked. In the end, we settled for a night stay at Hotel Equatorial Malacca.

Minibus To Malacca

Singapore to Malacca by Minibus

The price tag for a night stay at Hotel Equatorial Malacca and private mini-bus charter package for a 2D1N Malacca Weekend getaway is S$1,120, which works out to be S$160 per adult.

We also reserve a tip of S$4 each for the driver. It seems little pricey compared with driving up on your own vehicle or taking an express bus to Malacca but we pay for the convenience and hassle-free arrangement.

As the group has many kids, it’s best to arrange a private mini-bus and on hindsight it is really worth it. Another plus point is as we all live in the north, Uncle Peter kindly offered to pick all of us up to the mini-bus assemble point. So, if all your traveling kaki (friends) live in the same area, you should consider hiring a private mini bus.

Read on… Malacca – Here We Come!

  • Jessica Chak

    Could you share Uncle Peter’s contact please?

    • Hi Jessica,
      Sorry for the late reply. You can contact Uncle Peter Eng at 9693-3569.

  • Max Tan


    Thanks for sharing your Malacca trip on your blog. May I know how much you paid just for the mini-bus?

    • Hi Max,
      Sorry I can’t remember how much we paid for just hiring the mini bus. You may give Uncle Peter Eng a call at 9693-3569 to check out the price.

      • Francesca

        Did anyone else try Uncle Peter? Wondering how’s the condition of his minibuses?

  • LL

    My family tried Peter Eng’s service on Dec 2013. We chartered a van with driver for a full 3D2N service to Malaysia. It was a total disappointment. Please do NOT use his service as it gave us a lot of issues. The drivers had extremely bad attitude. The van condition was very bad and dirty also. Can see ants crawling and flies zooming around.

    1) The transporter insisted to pick us up at 5.45am on the 1st day even though its a chartered service. We do not mind to dock Malaysia at a later timing if there is any jam at the causeway, but its their call. Anyway, it turned out the drivers were late by 30-40mins.

    2) They were not flexible. The pick-ups were strictly at two points only even though the 3rd family is only a 5 mins drive and its along the way.

    3) The drivers were supposed to travel to places of our interest since they are attached to us for the full journey. However, they got the nerve to refuse to go to go to our places of choice. They insisted on bringing us to their eateries as they get commission from them. We stood to our ground and we get black faces from them throughout the 2 days.

    4) The terrible drivers did things at their convenience. They dropped us off at spots at their convenience, irregardless of safety. We have elderly and kids travelling on this trip. We had to push the elderly in wheelchair from very unsafe spot to reach the destination.

    5) The drivers were always late.

    6) Next, on the 2nd day, they insisted on knocking off at 5pm cos according to them, they are stipulated to work for certain hours only but the 1st day exhaust into the timing. We were not informed such condition exist in the first place. We were left stranded in a foreign land.

    7) Last day of return, the vehicle was changed to a much smaller size, its not even enough to accommodate all of us, not to mention our luggages. Peter Eng even ridiculously complained we should not bring luggage, we should only bring bags. Fortunately, there was a change in the driver and the uncle was very nice and helpful.

    Overall, do not use this transporter as safety is not their priority.

  • Lynn

    Hi, would you be so kind as to share with me the contact of your private bus tour, please? We are thinking of chartering a private bus to Malacca for a 3days 2 nights holiday. Thanks in advance for your help!


  • may ling

    Hi, may I trouble u to email me Uncle Peter’s contact details please? Planning for family trip to Malacca too. Thanks.

    • Hi May Ling,
      Sorry for the late reply. You may contact Uncle Peter Eng at 9693-3569.

  • Julin

    I have just used Uncle Peter’s service and I would say his co-ordination was excellent. The driver that drove us to Malacca was friendly and kind. Thank You Uncle Peter, I will definitely use his service again.

  • Emily

    We spent a wonderful 3 Days 2 Nights in Malacca with our family with a total of 15pax. We are recommended by a friend whom used a service from MST Transport.
    The driver is friendly and accommodating. The van is new and air con is great, moreover, the driver and coordinator works well in planning the itinerary for us so that we get the most out of the entire journey. It is worth it to travel with them and I would highly recommend their services to you. You may look for Chong at 9188 6848.

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