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Before you head down to NATAS Fair 2015, find out what are the promotions the credit card companies have in store for you – from attractive travel packages, free travel luggage, interest-free installment travel plan to sure-win lucky draws!

Travel And Win With MasterCard

Being the official card sponsor for the NATAS Travel Fair, MasterCard offers all cardholders to one gift when S$2,500 is being charged to their MaterCard cards.Gifts ranging from travel accessories, shopping vouchers and more.

UOB Credit Card Promotion At NATAS Fair

UOB Credit Card Promotions at NATAS Fair

UOB partners with several travel agencies to offer its card members with exclusive UOB travel privileges which can be as much as S$500 off per a couple when signing up a 8D6N Enchanting Korea (From S$1,338) with S Travel or S$500 off per person for a 16-Day South America covering Argentina, Brazil & Peru (From S$11,999) with Universal Travel.

When you charge a minimum of S$2,800 to your UOB credit card, you get to redeem the following great gifts at UOB Booth B05.
– S$2,800 and above: 20-inch 4-wheeler Hard case Luggage with TSA Lock
– S$3,800 and above: 24-inch 4-wheeler Hard Case Luggage with TSA Lock
– S$5,800 and above: 28-inch 4-wheeler Hard Case Luggage with TSA Lock

DBS Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Fair

DBS Credit Card Promotions at NATAS Fair

Simply charge your travel purchases to your DBS/POSB Credit or Debit Card to enjoy the following at DBS Booth 04:
– S$800 and above: Stand to win ONE pair of Qatar Airways return air tickets to any Qatar Airways destinations.
– S$1,800 and above: Kid’s Luggage
– S$2,800 and above: 20-inch Multi-Wheeler Expandable Hard Case Luggage
– S$3,500 and above: 25-inch Multi-Wheeler Expandable Hard Case Luggage
– S$5,500 and above: 28-inch Multi-Wheeler Expandable Hard Case Luggage
– S$8,500 and above: Nikon Coolpix L27

ANZ Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Travel Fair

Reward yourself when you use ANZ Credit Card at NATAS Travel Fair and enjoy exclusive travel deals with any travel agencies and redeem your complimentary luggage at ANZ Booth B08 when you charge your your travel deal with any ANZ Credit Card:
– S$800 and above: Juuze Backpack (worth S$129)
– S$1,500 and above: 20-inch 4-wheel spinner Hard Case Luggage
– S$2,500 and above: 24-inch 4-wheel spinner Hard Case Luggage
– S$5,000 and above: a set of 20-inch and 28-inch 4-wheel spinner Hard Case Luggage

CIMB Credit Card Promotin Natas 2014

CIMB Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Fair

The first 1,000 CIMB card members who charge a minimum of S$600 to their CIMB credit card will enjoy a Sure-Win Dip prizes that include Canon PowerShot A3400 IS Camera, Takashimaya gift vouchers, Choice vouchers, Novita Air Purifier NAP 101-i, OTO Neck Snuggler, Spa Rael Massage/Face Spa, Kiehl’s Since 1851 Travel Set, etc.

In additional, CIMB WORLD card members enjoy a cash rebate of 1% and CIMB PLATINUM card member enjoy a cash rebate of 0.5% when they book a travel package over S$500. To redeem for free trolley luggage at CIMB Booth B07, simply charge your travel purchases with any CIMB credit cards:
– S$2,000 and above: 20-inch 4-Wheeler Spinner Hard case Luggage
– S$3,400 and above: 24-inch 4-Wheeler Spinner Hard case Luggage
– S$5,000 and above: a set of 20-inch + 24-inch 4-Wheeler Spinner Hard case Luggage
– S$16,000 and above: A Samsung Galaxy S$ with LTE

Citibank Credit Card Natas Promotion

Citibank Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Fair

This year NATAS fair event, Citibank ties up with several travel operators to offer the following exclusive travel deals to their card members:
– 6% off all travel packages to Vietnam, India, Cambodia and Nepal with Jetabout Holidays
– $140 off per couple for 8D Spectacular Bhutan/Nepal from $2,988 with Konsortium Express and Tours
– $210 off per Cardmember for 5D Hong Kong – Disneyland and Ocean Park Family Fun from $818 with WTS Travel

Redeem your complimentary trolley luggage at Citibank Booth B09 when you charge your travel purchases with Citibank Credit Cards:
– S$1,800 and above: Limited edition luggage cover
– S$2,800 and above: Cabin size New Yorker Trolley luggage
– S$3,800 and above: 24-inch New Yorker Trolley luggage
– S$5,800 and above: 28-inch New Yorker Trolley luggage

OCBC Credit Card Promotion NATAS 2014

OCBC Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Fair

Exclusively for OCBC credit card members during NATAS Fair, simply charge your travel purchases with the following amount and redeem your free trolley luggage at OCBC Booth B06:
– S$500 and above: – Sure-Win Lucky Dip
– S$2,400 and above: 20-inch Titanium Luggage
– S$2,800 and above: 20-inch Frank Luggage
– S$3,200 and above: 24-inch Titanium Luggage
– S$4,800 and above: 28-inch Titanium Luggage

HSBC Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Fair

During the NATAS Travel Fair, charge a minimum of S$6,0000 and you will get to redeem a Sea Trek Adventure – Ultimate Marine Encounter for one person (worth S$238). Limited to the first 40 redemptions only!

For redemption of free luggage, go at HSBC Booth B02:
– S$800 and above: American Tourister 2-Way Magic Pillow
– S$3,000 and above: 24-inch Grey Hard Case Luggage with TSA lock
– S$5,000 and above: 28-inch Blue Hard case luggage with TSA lock

Maybank Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Fair

Win wonderful prizes in Maybank Sure-Win Lucky Grab with every S$500 charged to your Maybank credit card. Prizes include:
– Cathay Pacific Return Air Tickets to Hong Kong
– Samsung 46” SMART TV
– Samsung Galaxy Note 3
– Nikon CoolPix S4300 Camera + camera case
– Bose Headphones
– Foldable Travel Bag
– Bluetooth Travel Speaker
– L’occitane Gift Set
– S$10 Watsons Vouchers

Maybank Credit Card Promotion Natas 2014

On top of that, redeem free luggage when you spend a minimum of S$1,500 on your travel purchases during the NATAS travel fair:
– S$1,500 and above: 20-inch Diamond cut Luggage
– S$2,500 and above: 20-inch American Tourister SKY Spinner Luggage
– S$6,500 and above: 20-inch American Tourister SKY Spinner Luggage + 31-inch American Tourister SKY Spinner Luggage

#Tip: With so many promotions to choose from, I suggest you bring along all your credit cards you possessed so that you can decide there and then which credit card you want to charge to. If you are not sure which complimentary luggage to select, ask around those who have had picked their choice. These seasoned travellers would be more than happy to share with you which trolley luggage is more durable than the other.


  • Lynnaeus

    Hi Going Places,
    Any idea which of the credit card or tour agencies are giving discounts for Globus, Cosmos, Trafalgar & Insight tours to Europe?
    I am looking at tours to Greece; none of the local agencies itenararies are comprehensive compared to the ones I mentioned. But of course these are more expensive.

    • Hi Lynnaeus,
      I have checked with Jetabout Holidays at the NATAS Fair, for selected Trafalgar winter tours when you charged to any DBS credit cards, you can get up to 20% discount (7.5% off Natas Promotion + 2.5% off DBS credit card promotion + 10% off from Jetabout Holidays).

  • tessPG

    Hello, my niece is getting married in 2014 in Maui, one of the island in Hawaii around Sept-Oct. We like to go straight to Maui then back to Hawaii for a short visit. Only require accommodation and airfare. Can you give us some guidelines on how to go about it. Wld it be cheaper to go through a travel agent or by ourselves? Thanks.

  • Linzzie

    Hi, can I get advice on whether I’ll get offers on travel dates during Jan/Feb 2014, CNY period? Thanks in advance >♡<

    • Hi Linzzie,
      Are you asking whether tour agencies are selling promotional tour packages for next year Jan/Feb 2014 during NATAS Fair 2013 August? If so, yes.

  • irene lim

    I would like to chk, if my posb credit card is a mastercard, i am entitled to both posb redemption n mastercard redemption of gift

    • Hi Irene,
      Yes, you should be able to redeem both. I’ve paid using OCBC MasterCard for a tour package and I managed to claim a free luggage offered by OCBC credit card and at the same time, eligible for MasterCard’s lucky draw.

  • irene lim

    Hi, if i purchase the travel insurance at Natas Fair 2013 via master credit card POSB/DBS, is the purchase amt of travel insurance included in the amt of travel purchase. EG. If i charge $5300 for my travel pkg n $200 for my travel insurance, am i able to redeem a 29″ travel case. Pls adv

    • Hi Irene,
      I believe you should be allowed to combine the receipts of tour package and travel insurance to redeem your gift. You may check with the POSB/DBS at their luggage redemption counter to confirm this before you make any purchase.

  • Orange

    Hi can I combine 2 separate receipts to claim a ‘S$5,500 and above’ from MasterCard counter? Eg. $5000 from my travel purchase & $1700 from my airport tax charges?

    • Hi Orange,
      Yes, I believe you can combine the receipts.

  • BlueG

    I just wanted to know if there are banks offering new sign-off of Credit cards during the NATAS fair so we can apply on the spot.

  • TL

    Will I entitled the luggage redemption if i meet the spending requirements? Are all credit cards offer 0% interest free instalment plan? Are the gift redeem during the fair? Can we collect the gift on other day?

  • Henry

    Hi, I would like to ask if I am able to redeem 2x the gifts (e.g. 2x 24″ luggage bag) if my total credit card bill is 2 times the amount required?

    And if I am able to make 2x the redemption for my own credit card, does it mean that I am able to do the same for the MasterCard promotion as well?

  • Snow

    Hi, is there any credit card company giving additional discount for New Zealand tours book at Natas fair?

  • Fiona


    Is there some discrepancies between your site concerning CIMB credit card promo and the official site of the bank itself?

    The bank’s site also shows that with every $3,400 spent, the consumer is entitled to a 24″ luggage with a built-in weighing scale.

    Please confirm if the latter is accurate.

    Thank you very much..

  • m
    • Thank you for sharing the link to provide the latest information on CIMB promo.

  • Nurshahida

    Hi there,
    May I know which bank credit card offers a 0% installment plan?

    Kindly advise.

    Thank you.

  • yiyan

    hi, may i know are the above updated for the august natas fair 2014?

  • Wendy

    Hi Do. You. Think got Promo tickets price to Taiwan in December during the NATAS fair

  • Tan

    Some merchant actually is only willing to bear free service for s $2500 only and anything above that they will pass the service charge to consumer, in the end isn’t it that we cannot use the offer if we have to pay for the luggage bag ourself? So, do you know which merchant that will allow us to get the luggage bag totally free?

    • alantan

      maybe natas ppl collectively make by selling the luggages to the banks. the banks stupid to buy. go online buy the luggage bags lagi cheaper

  • Andrew

    Any deals by StanChart?

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