Top 5 Tips to NATAS Fair Deals


If you are planning to visit Natas Fair at Singapore Expo to find a good travel deal, here are the five tips on how to snap up a good Natas Fair deal.

Tip #1 Do Not Go Too Early

On the contrary to what most people believe that you should arrive before the event begins, my experience tells me that if you arrive early, you will end up forming part of the snake-long queue. Time your entrance strategically. Reach there at around 11am (1 hour after the event starts), you will be surprised how quickly and smoothly you can get into the hall. Yet it is still not too late to grab the freebies reserved for early birds.

Tip #2 Bring All Your Credit Cards

UOB credit card has always been the main credit card sponsor of NATAS Fair event, so logically you should bring along your UOB credit card. Get a-dollar off two entrance fee tickets when you pay by UOB credit cards. Other credit card companies participating in the NATAS Fair like ANZ, CIMB, Citibank, DBS Bank, HSBC, Maybank and OCBC are likely to throw in travel gifts or free-installment plans to alleviate your travel budget constraints especially when you purchase a big ticket item like a tour package to Europe, Bhutan or South America. So, it is never a mistake to bring all your credit cards along to enjoy NATAS credit card promotions.

Tip #3 Rental Car – Freedom On Wheels

Check out the rental car companies like Hertz and Avis if you are planning for a self-drive trip in France, Spain, Australia or New Zealand. The rental car rate can be as low as 26 euro per day when you drive in Spain. You can be amazed by the transport cost saving when renting a car compared with buying a Rail Europe Pass.

Tip #4 NATAS Fair Travel Insurance Deals

I started buying annual travel plan instead of single-trip travel insurance plan two years ago for mere convenience and some cost saving. Sometimes, convenience pays. My sister’s family of three committed to a Taiwan holiday trip last year. They did not buy a travel insurance after the trip was confirmed. She fell very sick two days before the departure date and the entire trip that cost S$5,000 was cancelled without any compensation.

For myself, I successfully made a travel insurance claim last year when my flight was delayed for more than 12 hours in Mongolia. I was so glad that I had some form of coverage to ease the inconvenience.

As a frequent traveler, I am a strong advocate for travel insurance to be part of any holidays budget planning. Hence, I always check out the travel insurance deals at NATAS Fair and compare the rates and benefits coverage with my existing ACE Travel Insurance plan to make sure I get value for my money.

Tip #5 NATAS Airfare Promotion

Again, check out the airfare promotion at NATAS Travel Fair by participating airlines like Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Finnair, Jetstar and Lufthansa. I am particularly interested in long-haul full-service airlines’ promotion to destinations like South America, Europe, USA as the discounts can be considerably substantial. Worth mentioning is the recent British Airways promotion that offers flying to two European cities at one price – i.e. London & Barcelona for one price at S$1288!

Whether you are looking for a quick weekend getaways or a long-haul and faraway Holidays, you will definitely find a good NATAS 2015 Travel Deals that suits your needs.

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  • weihao

    Hi, im planning to go on a honeymoon to Spain and France for around 13days. Are there any agencies that provide such packages?

    • Hi Weihao,
      I can’t find any tour packages that go to Spain & France only. You probably have to do it DIY or get the travel agent to customise the tour for you. Personally, I have done it before. I bought a two-way air ticekts from Qartar Airways – SIN-Barcelona and returned from Paris-SIN. I spent about 8 days in Spain covering Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and took a train to Paris where I spent another 6 days there.

      I would suggest you visit Natas Fair 2012 to find out if there is any tour agent that sells such package or call up Dynasty Travel where they can help you with the Eurorail booking.

  • Pauline Sim

    Please advise if it would be advisable to follow a tour to Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou or go on a free and easy basis. Many thanks for any information provided.

    • Hi Pauline,
      To do free and easy Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou could cost more and time consuming than following a guided tour. ASA Holidays has a 8/9D Jiuzhaigou Super Value Tour, fly via SilkAir with 5-star accommodations at Jiuzhaigou and Mount Emei starting from S$868. Departure dates are 19, 27 Feb, 2.16 Apr & 14, 21 May.

      To find out more Jiuzhaigou tours, do visit NATAS Fair 2012.

  • Mickey

    Hi, we are planning to bring our kids to South Korea , any package recommedation ?
    Kids are 6 & 10. Thanks

    • Hi Mickey,
      There are many tours to South Korea and because of the stiff competition, tour prices are quite attractive. Also, Korea Tourism Organsiation is aggressively promoting Yeosu Expo 2012 Korea which you may to consider too.

  • Derick

    I’m planning to bring my Mum for a 5-7 day trip to Taiwan in end-March. Think to do only half the island and not the entire north-to-south, as would be too much travelling time on buses. Which agency is better in Taiwan and any package recommendations?

    • Hi Derick,
      I did a 5D Taipei tour with Dynasty Travel when I bought my parents to Taiwan. It was a minimum two-to-go tour, so depature dates were quite flexible. As the group was small (about 6 pax), our tour guide is also acting as our driver. But there was quite a bit of travelling on the bus as we cover Sunmoon Lake, shilin night market, Jiu Feng, Taichung, Taipei (Ximending).

      I find Dynasty Travel service is not bad, so you may want visit their booth at Natas Fair to check out their Taipei tour. Or visit other tour agents like Chan Brothers which I have heard that their tour guides are quite professional too.

  • Jenny

    Considering a trip to Australia with my two kids, 6 & 8 years old. Pls advise where are the suitable or nice in Australia which suitable for them. This is the 1st time we plan to holiday in Australia.

    • Hi Jenny,
      Kids typically would love to visit Gold Coast’s theme parks – Sea World & Moive World. CTC has a 6 days Gold Coast Theme Parks fun tour that includes visiting the theme parks, experiencing catch-a-Crab & wine-tasting. During the catch a crab session, you are able to experience to trap a live mud crab from Tweed River, fishing and yabbies pumping. You will also visit the oyster and pearl farm and proceed to Mt. Nathan Winery for some Wine tasting.

      Please give CTC a call or visit them at Natas Fair 2012 at Booth 4H60.

  • MultiVisitor

    Going places, I want to go Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland and maybe Germany or London for 22-24 days free and easy with my wife on early Sept. We only visit those main cultural places and superb view places. It is worth to get a rail pass? Or it is more cheaper to travel city to city. Is it cheaper to buy in advance or the price is quite similar to last minute purchase. If buy advance, I think we must buy 15-18 cities routes.

    • Hi,
      Transportation costs across Europe can blow a big hole on any budget. Sometimes hopping on a train can be more expensive than taking a low cost airlines like Transavia, RyanAir, EasyJet. For example, my night train ride (1st class sleeper) from Madrid, Spain to Paris costs around S$600 (1-way)! However, I saved from the hassle free of possible delay or cancellation of flight, paying expensive taxi fares from the airport to the hotel, and save on one night hotel accommodation since I slept on the train.

      European rail system is generally efficient and very cheap over short distances, so it is worthwhile to get an Euro pass. In London, use Megabus which is a cheap way to travel in the UK, fares can be as low as one pound.

      For the cheap continent flights, you’ll have to book early to enjoy the good deals but not all airlines offer refunds for flight cancellations.

  • jojo

    we are going for a honeymoon in Hawaii. could you recommend when is the suitable time ?

    • Hi Jojo,
      Hawaii’s year round temperature doesn’t vary much like Singapore. Its high seasons (translates to more expensive and crowded) are the last two next weeks of December and March to mid April where you would like to avoid. Also, you want to avoid rainy season from Nov – Mar.

      The off seasons are mid Apr till June and Sep to Nov. I think September and October are good months to visit Hawaii with also coincide with Aloha Festivals.

  • ck

    Hi, I am hoping to explore Europe for a month-2months. Would you be able to give some tips/advice on flight, affordable accommodation and where should I begin?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi CK,
      Wow… 1 to 2 months exploring Europe…that’s nice. To look for cheap flights to Europe, do monitor Qartar airways & Etihad airways as they do have attractive offers to Europe from time to time but the transit hours can be long. For affordable accommodation, you may consider booking hostels through Airbnb or

      If you need more information on where are the places of interest in Europe, do visit the Natas Fair where Turkey Tourism Office, Trafalgar or STA Travel (specialized in Top deck Tours) can offer their assistance.

  • I am planning to visit in June 2012 with my wife and 12 yr son to europe to visit Germany, Switzerland (see snow), paris, Greece, italy, (amsterdam-if passible) in 10 days.
    Can you Pl advise, how should I plan my route? Should I drive, or use Euro train to travel. I have limited budget to travel.

    • Hi Nitin,
      To do five European countries in 10 days with limited budget, it is best to go with a guided tour. As transportation and accommodation in Europe are expensive, you can get more leverage by joining a guided tour. If you still wish to do self drive, then check out Hertz’s promotion at Natas Fair which is having a up to 25% discounts on the rental car rates.

  • Ulina

    I’m keen to go to Hokkaido in May 2013. Any good recommendation for the travel agent? I don’t mind to pay more for quality service.

    • Hi Ulina,
      My preferred travel agent would be Prime Travel – Follow Me Japan. I used them in 2007 for a Hokkaido self-drive tour and till now it’s still one of the best guided tours I’d ever had. Their holidays package tends to be at a higher side but you can guarantee excellent customer service, good quality of food and accommodation. Hope you enjoy your trip in Hokkaido.

  • noobietan

    Hi, during the Natas Fair, is the tour packages much cheaper than normal day or even during pre-natas period? I went to a few agencies and they told me that the deal before natas fair would be better. I am quite wonder how could it be. Hope u can help me…thanks 🙂

    • Hi,
      It is somewhat true that pre-NATAS deals may be cheaper than the actual NATAS travel deals. But there is always a catch especially when purchasing a guided holidays package. Before NATAS Fair, some tour packages may not have met the optimal group size, hence departure dates cannot be confirmed. So, to entice more customers to sign up tour packages before NATAS Fair, prices are slashed to make it attractive. When the optimal size is met, it is a common practice that travel operators will resume the regular prices of their tour packages. Having said that, it is only during the NATAS Fair that customers get to enjoy credit cards’ promotions and lucky dips.

  • Jenny

    Hi our family of 4 is planing a trip to shanghai n other cities . We are staying in shanghai resort for 5 days (time share) n is planning to visit 江南 est another 7 days or so. What are the best ways to plan this? Should we book tour fm sg join their package tour fm shanghai or is it safe n cheaper to book fm shanghai travel agents? My friend said can go day tour to certain famous cities but I worry waste time travel to n fro fm city to our resort hotel. My concern is also the timing of the return flights n hotels.

  • Mohammad

    hi there!
    i am planning to visit beijing and harbin during this mid to end october. any advice on transportation etc if we are going free and easy. or is it more advisable to get a tour from SG? for me and my wife.


  • FirstTimeFamilyTrip


    Looking at gg turkey with my parents.
    May I know if I should choose ASA, EU or Dynasty please?
    Consideration is the itinerary.
    Cost are thereabout so not much difference to me.

  • Yvonne Tan

    I plan to go Japan (like Tokyo, Kyoto etc). I never been to Japan before. Can tell me which tour agency has given a good response/plan for this.
    Thank you

  • Yvonne Tan

    there will be lot of poster/people all over the NATAS Fair. Understand there usually a long quene at every agency counter.How do I make sure I make the correct choice.

  • Yvonne Tan

    if join a group package tour, can I extend another 2-3 days?

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