NATAS Travel Fair 2018


NATAS Travel Fair 2018 @ Singapore Expo

The NATAS Fair 2018 will return to Singapore Expo from 23 to 25 March 2018 (Fri-Sun).

NATAS Fair 2018
Date: 23 to 25 March 2018
Venue: Hall 4 & Hall 5A
Singapore Expo

The National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) organises two travel fairs annually – in March and August to cater for the peak travel seasons during the June and December school holidays. New exotic destinations such as Bhutan, Mongolia, Sao Paulo and etc. have been introduced to attract holidaymakers who have already visited popular cities such as Bali, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taipei and Tokyo.

Natas Fair 2015 March

Natas Fair Credit Card Promotions

Travel packages are quite a big purchase item and holidaymakers tend to pay them through credit cards, some even settled through instalments. UOB, DBS, OCBC and Citibank are some of the banks that compete fiercely to win the customers by offering goodies to those who use their credit cards to settle the Natas travel deals.

The NATAS credit card promotions offered by the banks are quite attractive – from having a chance to win shopping vouchers or even camera at the instant lucky draw dip, to receiving free gifts such as travel trolley bag or suitcase.

As such NATAS Fair never fails to bring in lots of excitements to the travel agencies, travel insurance companies, credit card companies and most importantly, the travel bargain hunters. So much as that the heat starts even weeks before the actual Natas Fair.

Pre NATAS Fair Deals & Promotions

The travel industry is huge but extremely competitive. Travel agents do everything possible to get ahead of their competitors and so emerged the Pre NATAS Fair events organized by individual travel agency. In a way, consumers benefit the most as they have more tour package choices and better-value travel deals.

AIG Travel Guard


  • Cherrie

    Do u have china tour in Natas fair this coming August?

    • Dear Cherrie,
      Thank you for visiting our website. We are not a travel agent or do not sell any travel packages. However, when we receive any update on the forthcoming Natas Fair, we will definitely share the information on our website.


    I have a group consist of 18 adults and 8 Child planning to go Melbourne cum Farmstay Depart 10-12 Dec for 8 Days package. Await your recommendation.

    • Hi Jessica,
      These are a few interesting attractions you may want to visit in Melbourne:
      – Phillip island & Penguin Parade – get close to koalas, kangaroos. At dusk, the little penguins will emerge from the surf.
      – Warrook Farm – a working cattle property where you can feed kangaroos
      – The Great Ocean Road – spend a day on a tour of the most beatiful section of Victoria’s south coast
      – ride a puffing billy steam train through lush forests.

      You can check out Dynasty Travel package – 7D5N Best of Melbourne + Farmstay. It has a departure date on 10th Dec.

      Hope this information helps.

  • Yvonne Chua

    We plan to go to Korea in 1st week Dec 2011. 2 adult and 2 children. We would like to stay at least 2 night in ski resort and experience the ski with basic ski lesson. Do let me know which agency do organise?


  • Azlin

    Planning for holiday for family of 2 adults and 3 children below 11 yrs to gold coast in 1st week Dec . Halal food is needed . A mix of fun , thrilling places for kids and sighseeing too. Any recommendation?

    • Dear Azlin,
      CTC Travel organizes Muslim Tours and its “7Days Gold Coast Wild Dolphins Experience” maybe an ideal tour for you. Tour Highlights include:
      – Take a relaxing curise across Moreton Bay to Moreton Island Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort and interact with the wild dolphins that swim eagerly up the beach;
      – Experience a 4-wheel drive desert tour at Tangalooma Desert
      – Shop at Australia’s largest factory outlets for Esprit and Levi’s brands
      – One full day at Dreamworld
      – One full day at Movie World

  • Kai

    Do you have any Korea tours this coming November – will one be able to see the Autumn Fall colors in Korea?

    • Hi Kai,
      Thank you for visiting We do not organize tours and we are not related to any tour agency. However, I can help answer your query.

      The best time to see Korea autumn foliage turning from yellow to red is from mid Oct to mid Nov. I personally prefer October.

      Below are a few Korea Autumn Tour package promotions you may want to consider:
      1) UOB Travel – 8D7N Korea Autumn Harvest & Jeju from S$1,588 (subject to tax & surcharge)
      – by Korean Air / Stay at 5-star hotel / All meals provided
      – Min 2 to go

      2) New Shan Travel – 7D Korea Autumn New Discoveries from S$1,388 (subject to tax & surcharge)
      – by SQ
      – Departure dates: 1, 8, 15 Nov

      3) Dynasty Travel – 8D6N Intriguing Korea + Jeju from S$1,318 (subject to tax & surcharge)
      – by Korean Air/ Asiana Air
      – Departure Date: 1, 3, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15 Nov

      Hope this information is helpful to you.

      • Winnnie

        Hi, is there any 1 week free and easy tour to Korea ???? thanks

        • Hi Winnie,
          S Travel Ptd Ltd is offering 2N+1N Free Seoul Leisure Pac from S$328 (Land tour only including 3 nights accommodation, daily breakfast, airport transfer). Additional hotel per night in Seoul starts from S$99. Alternatively, you may check out CTC Travel – 4D2N Korea Free & Easy with return airfare from S$558.

  • Joan

    I’m looking for air ticket travel from Singapore to NZ Queenstown. Can i get good price in Natas Fair, which airline goes direct to NZ Queenstown and which travel agency that you will recommd? Thanks.

    • Hi Joan,
      There is no direct flight from Singapore to Queenstown,NZ. If you take Qantas, it stops over at Sydney while SQ stops over at Christchurch. I think Qantas airfare is much cheaper than SQ because some Qantas flights are connected by Jetstar.
      If you are just buying air tickets alone, you can consider to buy on-line.

  • sus

    Would you have air tickets alone for flights heading towards Kerala at the end of this year?

    • Dear Sus,
      Our website only offers tips and advice on traveling, we do not sell air tickets.

      You may wish to know that few airlines fly to Kochi (formerly known as Cochin) e.g. Silk Air, Jet Airways and Emirates.
      It seems like Silk Air offers the best deal at S$561.80 (2-way). Jet Airways @S$656 and it stops at Chennai. Emirates @S$1237.80.

      Hope this helps.

  • Chattie

    Please advice if i can get a cheap flight ticket to London & Paris from Natas fair for April 2011 or May 2011. Thanks

    • Hi Chattie,
      The participating airlines in Natas Fair 2011 Aug are Air Asia X Sdn Bhd (Booth: 4H31), Air Astana (Booth: 5H33), Finnair (Booth: 5H12), Indigo (Booth: 6H25B) and Lao Airlines (4H26B). So far, I have not received any press release about Air Asia X’s or Finnair’s promotion on cheap air tickets to Europe.
      Qatar airways, Etihad airways, Thai airways are offering attractive deals to Paris for about S$1200 (2-way) but must travel by Dec 2011.

  • Nurulhuda

    Do you have any promotion package tour to Bangkok, Thailand? My company is having a retreat to Bangkok on 7th October to 10th October. ( 4 Days 3 Nights ) & it’s roughly around 26 people.

  • Winnie Tan

    Alot of people say there’s no real savings in travel packages booked during NATAS. Only benefits would be the goodies offered by the banks. Is this true?

    • Hi Winnie,
      In my view, guided tour packages offered during Natas Fair may not be the cheapest. Those mini pre-Natas fairs may have better deals. But, there is a trade off – Departure dates cannot be confirmed until an optimal size is formed. During Natas Fair, most of the tour packages would have confirmed departure dates. Singaporeans usually prefer to book tour packages with confirmed departure dates so that they can apply leave and look forward to a great holidays.
      Besides Credit Card’s promotions that offer either further discount on the tour package or free travel bags, one reason I visit Natas Fair is to check out Hotels or Tourism Boards’ booths. For example, Impiana KLCC hotel ever offered S$80 for 1 night stay during Natas Fair!

  • Samantha

    do you have any tour to Australia-Melbourne next year january? how much will it be around?

    • Hi Samantha,
      I’m afraid we do not organize any tour packages. Do visit Natas Fair (26-28 Aug) at Expo and you’ll able to get more information on Melbourne tour packages for next January.
      Do bring along your MasterCard to save S$1 on Admission Fee when you purchase two tickets.

  • Ivy

    Any 4D3N Bali Cheap Package?

  • Sri Dewi

    I am planning for a family holiday to Hong Kong. Going to NATAS fair can be overwhelming due to the large crowd. It will be our first time to Hong Kong. Will it be easy to travel on our own or do we need a guided tour? The highlight for the kids would be Disneyland. Any recommendation of tours? What is the cheapest flight to Hong Kong if we book flight online? Which hotel do recommend if we book online? Thanks

    • Hi Sri,
      Yes, Natas Fair is always crowded as usual πŸ˜‰

      I don’t think you need a guided tour to explore Hong Kong especially if you plan to spend most of your time in Disneyland.

      SA Tours is promoting a series of Hong Kong Disneyland packages which include 4-to-go and also guided tour. A 3-Day HK Disneyland Summer Fun starts from S$498, while a 5-Day Hong Kong Funtastic costs S$768 onwards. I believe prices quoted are only land tour fees.

      Regarding cheap air tickets to Hong Kong, a return ticket by Tiger Airway only costs around S$212 if you depart in November.

  • Nazhifah Noor

    Hi! My family and I would like to go to Seoul, Jeju Island and snow ski. There will be abt 10 adults and 1 child. Please advise hotel and tour that offers Muslim food.

    Dep. preferably on 17 Dec. Thanks.

  • Fiona Chee

    We are looking for a package tour to Egypt in this coming Dec, I heard there’s not safe in Egypt, so we have to follow a good travel agency, is it true? Our main purpose is to visit ‘Dead Sea’, can you recommend me a good travel agency? Thanks.

    • Hi Fiona,
      I’ve replied your email on the above query. As mentioned in the email, I understand Chan Brothers has a 10 Day tour that covers Egypt & Jordan (Dead Sea). And I think Chan Brothers has pretty good reputation.
      Frankly, not many people visit the Egypt Booth during the past two Natas Fairs. It just means fewer Singaporeans are visiting Egypt, which may not be a bad thing πŸ˜‰

      Have you have a good holidays in Egypt.

  • Phoon Yuet Cheong

    Wish to go Japan this Dec B4 christmas but just miss a Japan promo fare in Takashimaya last week.
    Any good recommendation?

    • Hi Phoon,
      There is a 6D5N Tokyo free and easy promotion from S$720 that seems quite value for money (but do add up the taxes & surcharges to compare the final cost). The package includes return air ticket on Delta Airlines and 5 nights stay at Tokyo Sunshine City Prince Hotel.

      If you are planning to go to Hokkaido just before Christmas, there is a 7D Hokkaido Fantasy from S$2188. Departure dates are 19th & 21st Dec.

      Check out East Asia Travel (Tel:66341131) or Sakura Holidays (Tel:65363235) for more information.

  • Dawn

    Wish to visit Hokkaido. Is it easy to self travel on public transport if we do not drive? Or better to take guided tour?

    We plan to visit in July/August. Thanks.

  • Gayatri

    Me and my two other girl friends are looking forward to
    Krabi in May2012
    Is there any cheap promo
    Pls reply to my email add
    Thanks πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Gayatri,
      Tiger Airway’s cheap direct flight to Krabi is worth take a look. A return ticket only costs around SGD112 depending on your departure date.

  • Bee

    My bf and I wants to join a 8day tour to Taiwan in coming Feb. And we just realized that Natas Fair is in late Feb. Is it worth waiting? And what kind of price I should be looking at for 2 to go. Look forward to your advice.

    • Hi Bee Lian,
      My advice is to start checking out the mini pre-natas fairs organized by the major tour agencies. Those deals could be as good as the actual Natas Fair deals, if not better. Taiwan, generally is not expensive. If you could get cheap tickets online, you can choose to book just the land tour with the travel agency. Cost wise, it really depends on how many days you are staying in Taiwan and the number of cities you are visiting. I think you won’t need to spend more than SGD50 a person for a decent accommodation and food a day.

  • Az Leenda Sam

    Hi, i am planning to go for few trips to Phuket and Bali somewhere in April and August.

    I have 3 kids and that’s what makes it difficult for me to book flight + hotel and to get a good rates.

    With Natas Fair, will it be worth waiting and through the fair, will i be paying much cheaper flight + hotel than thru online?

    Advise me with your opinion. Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sam,
      Phuket and Bali are both lovely destinations to visit. Natas Fair 2012 will be held at Singapore Expo again on 24-26 Feb 2012 and you will be in time to check out any good deals. Is it worth waiting for the fair? Well, my advice is start doing your research (places that you would like to visit, your referred hotels) and look out for Pre-Natas Fair promotions. They are coming in soon next month. With a slower economy next year, people tend to tighten their belts, so travel agencies and airlines may have to throw in really attractive holiday packages to entice travellers to part their money. Just my thought.

      p/s: Btw, my hotel booking experience is Agoda offers the most competitive rates for hotels in Asia.

  • Yuki

    I plan to go to Eastern Europe, 15 days package tour in March 2012. Can you recommend a good and value for money, travel agency? May I know if there is any charges for 12 months instalment plan.


    • Hi Yuki,
      There are a few reputable travel agencies run Eastern Europe tours. For instance, Dynasty Travel has a 15D tour that covers Vienna – Budapest – Bratislava – Czestochowa – Krakow – Cesky Krumlov – Prague – Berlin starting from S$3188; Chan Brothers Travel has a 11D Eastern Europe tour leaving on 7th Mar 2012 at SGD2688. I believe Universal Travel, famous for organizing exotic tours will have such tours made available during Natas Fair 2012.

      For 12-month installment plan, you may have to wait for the pre-Natas (next month) and Natas Fair (24-26 Feb) where credit card companies join force with the travel agencies to bundle up good travel deals.

  • oscar

    I’m planning on going korea in Mar. Any promotions or recommendations?

    • Hi Oscar,
      I would recommend you to explore Nami Island (where Winter Sonata was filmed), Cheju island (also known as the Hawaii of Korea), Apujong where all the best restaurants can be found in Seoul, DMZ (the border of North & South Korea). For shopping, you may consider Myung Dong where there are many small shops with trendy clothes or Dongdaemun & Namdaemun for cheap clothing.

  • Debs

    Hi I am looking for travel agencies that organized tour to Tibet with Mount Everest base camps. Is there any other recommendation apart from Chan Brothers?

    • Hi Debs,
      Tibet with Mount Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side is indeed an exotic itinerary. There aren’t many tour agencies offer such package besides Chan Brothers. But I think you can check out this tour company, Shangrila Adventure which specialised in organising guided and customized tours to Shangrila, western China SiChuan, YunNan, Tibet, XinJiang, and Nepal.

      They are contactable at

  • ronnie


    i’m planning for a UK trip in decemeber. Will this NATAS fair have any deals for just the air tickets (i.e free & easy)?

  • Clara


    I am planning a south korea trip for the elderly (parents). Any recommendations on the preferred tour agent and itinerary?


    • Hi Clara,
      If you are planning to visit South Korea in March-April, do consider a Cherry Blossoms Tour where the elderly would love it. For food wise, visit Apujong where all the best restaurants can be found in Seoul. For shopping, visit Myung Dong where there are many small shops with trendy clothes or Dongdaemun & Namdaemun for cheap clothing.

      You may want to make a trip to Suntec City this weekend where the β€˜mini’ Pre-Natas Fairs congregate together:
      4-5 Feb
      – ASA Holidays
      – Dynasty Travel
      Or check out CTC Tours & Chan Brothers’ travel fair next weekend:
      11-12 Feb
      – CTC Travel (11 & 12 Feb)
      – Chan Brothers (12 Feb only)

  • Amir

    I’m planning to check out Hong Kong disneyland in late-Nov. Do you think NATAS Fair 2012 have any good deals for air fare plus accommodation at one of the disney-theme hotel?

    • Hi Amir,
      It’s a bit too early to check out Hong Kong Disneyland packages for late Nov in the forth-coming Natas Fair 2012. The promotions in Natas Fair 2012 Feb usually valid for 3-4 months. You may want to check out the next Natas Fair 2012 in Aug.

  • Yuki

    Hi, i would like to know if there is any good deals for 7D South Korea trips during Mar1 to Apr6 with many shopping places like MyeongDong, Dongdaemun. I would also like to visit Everland, Lotte World, Seoul tower and purchase make up products. Hopefully, i would like a tour without ski activities.

    Previously, i got tickets from Hong Thai during a fair and the food provided was not as good as expected. Most of the meals were like steamboat unlike experiences from my friends with chan brothers.

    Is it possible for me to go a day earlier (before the tour) and leave a day later (after the tour) as i have some things to settle in korea. Will there be additional charges? Hope to get your reply soon. Thank you.

    • Hi Yuki,
      You may want to make a trip to Suntec City this weekend where the ‘mini’ Pre-Natas Fairs congregate together:
      4-5 Feb
      – ASA Holidays
      – Dynasty Travel

      Or check out CTC Travel & Chan Brothers’ travel fairs next weekend:
      11-12 Feb
      – CTC Travel (11 & 12 Feb)
      – Chan Brothers (12 Feb only)

  • Apple

    I and my friends have to purchase ticket to oklahoma city, US in 12 april 2012. Do you have any deal that i would consider ?Thanks.

    • Hi Apple,
      I think the cheapest airfares to Oklahoma city, USA is offered by Emirates Airlines at SGD2130 (2-way). Follow by United Airlines (around SGD2400) and Qatar Airways (SGD2500). Of course, it depends on your preferred departure timings on 12 April.

      Hope this information helps.

  • Anthony

    hi.. i would like to go on a vacation to seoul( preferably 8 to 9 days ).. but is there any free and easy packages in the natas or pre-natas fair ? hope to get a reply thanks

    • Hi Anthony,
      Free-&-Easy Seoul tour packages are usually for 3-4 days and I believe you can request for extension with some charges. There is one offered by SA Tours – 3D SEOUL FREE & EASY from S$858. Alternatively, you may take advantage of SQ promo to Seoul at S$698 and have the freedom to book whichever hotels you like through Agoda.

  • yenyen u have any promotion for turkey during this coming May?and i would like to know what is the price for it?thks

    • Hi Yen Yen,
      I was advised by CTC Travel that they are organizing a 10D7N Turkey Tour in April at around SGD2500 and 2nd Traveller pays only 50%! This offer only applies to the first 3 couples! If you are interested to find out more, give them a call.

  • megatron

    I’m thinking of traveling to Korea in early Mar. But I’m bit concerned of the weather. Will it still be the harsh winter? What type of clothes should I prepare?

    • Hi Megatron,
      Weather forecast for South Korea in early March is cold & chilly (-3 to 7 degree C). Bring fleece jackets, gloves. I personally quite like Uniqlo Heat-Tech turtle neck T-shirt & leggings. They are lightweight yet very good at keeping you warm. Plus, they are not expensive.

  • Aida

    I would like to go maldvles, which tour offered reasonable price?

    • Hi Aida,
      I think the cheapest way is to buy air ticket directly from SIA (which can be as low as S$737 for a return ticket) and book Maldive hotels through on-line hotel portal like Agoda e.g. a night at Angsana Velavaru Resort costs S$512 with breakfast.

      UOB Travel used to have stay 3 nights, get 1 night free promotions but they had ended. You may want to give them a call when they plan to roll out such promotion again.

  • Elaine


    I would like to know if there’s any package going to Switzerland during Oct this year, preferably with ski package for my honeymoon for about 8D?


    • Hi Elaine,
      The only pre-natas 2012 promotion for 8D Switzerland that I know of is Chan Brothers’ 8D Express Switzerland starting from S$2668. You may also call Dynasty Travel to check if they have similar promotion since Dynasty Travel organizes many Free & Easy Europe tours too.

      Do let the airline, hotel and the tour agency knows that you’re on honeymoon so that you may get free upgrades on hotel room, free cakes, or even get upgraded to business class.

  • Alice

    Hi, love your website for the informative travel info. Do you know if it will be worth to check out NATAS for good air tickets promo? Or those offered on the Airline website are already the best offers?


    • Hi Alice,
      If you intend to visit Natas Fair 2012 just to check out the air tickets promotions, then I think you need not visit the Natas Fair 2012 cos’ the same promotion can be found the airline’s website. I find Singapore Airlines promotion 2012 are quite attractive but the prices are going up slowly. The recent promotion will end on 15 Mar but the travelling period is up to 31 Aug 2012.

      By the way, thanks for liking!

  • Haslinda


    I’m planning to go to Ho Chi Minh in June with my husband and 7 yo daughter. What is the best way to get around and see the sights eg museums? Book day tours or go public?

    • Hi Haslinda,
      If you are planning to visit Ho Chi Minh City and explore some of its attractions like War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office and Ben Thanh Market, they are all within walking distance if you stay at a hotel near District 1. Some of the hotels are going at 50% off.

      Even if you want to visit Cu-Chi Tunnel, it’s possible to arrange with the hotel for a half-day tour.

      You may want to consider SIA 3-Day promotion to Ho Chi Minh at SGD268 travelling out of Singapore between 18 June to 31 July 2012. This special fare will end on 9 Feb 2012, so act first if the dates suit you.

  • Kristin


    I am planning for honeymoon to Europe (Italy,Switzerland, Paris) this Oct12. Would appreciate if you could give some advise which agencies has got the best deals or packages for this tour? Thank you!!

    • Hi Kristin,
      Dynasty Travel has a Pre-Natas Fair 2012 promotion for 15D12N Best of Paris, Switzerland & Italy from S$4588. Departure dates for Oct are 6, 13, 20 & 27. The highlights of the tour: Ascend to Level 2 of Eiffel Tower (that’s romantic!), Swiss Fondue combo dinner, Mt Titlis Excursion with Ice Flyer, enjoy Spa experience in Switzerland, wine tasting in Bulgundy. I have to agree that the price is a bit steep but if I can afford, I’ll go for Dynasty Travel.

      Or, you could consider ASA’s Pre-Natas Fair 2012 promotion for 14D Best of Italy, Switzerland & France from S$3,688 and departure dates for October are 4, 11, 18 & 25.

      Note: Remember to inform the travel agency, airlines, hotels that you’re on honeymoon so that you’ll get little surprises here and there like rose petals on the hotel bed, complimentary cakes & wine, sometimes you may even get upgraded to business class.

  • Louis Ting

    Planning to visit Korea on Mid October 2012. Does this travel period include in the natas fair? Please advise.

  • my whole family, total 15 of us (from older of 65 to youngeest at 5yrs old) planning on going korea & jeju island in mid Apr. Any promotions package tour to recommend?

    • Hi Yuh Yan,
      ASA Holidays organizes many tours to South Korea & Jeju: 7D Seoul & Jeju Express from S$1298; 7/8D Best of Seoul & Jeju + Mount Sorak from S$1498 and 8D Scenic Korea Discovery + Jeju from S$1988. All these tours have departure dates in April. You can visit their Pre-Natas Fair 2012 at Suntec this weekend to find out more.

      Alternatively, you may want to call Tradewinds Travel to check out its 8D Korea with Jeju from S$2288 if they can organize a tour just for your family since it’s quite a sizable group.

  • Klin

    Hi, Interested in going to Switzerland, ITaly and Paris in April. Can you recommend a good travel agency?


    • Hi Klin,
      Chan Brothers, ASA Holidays, Dynasty Travel and SA Tours are promoting similar packages to these European destinations. The price quoted by SA Tours for a 12-D Treasure of Europe seems to be the cheapest from S$3488 for 1st person, 2nd traveller at S$2788.

      If you are looking for luxurious Europe package, Dynasty Travel’s 15-D Europe package covers Ascending to Level 2 of Eiffel Tower, Swiss Fondue combo dinner, Mt Titlis Excursion with Ice Flyer, enjoy Spa experience in Switzerland, wine tasting in Bulgundy at S$4588.

      You may want to drop by Suntec City this Weekend to check out the tours offered by Chan Brothers, ASA Holidays, CTC Travel and SA Tours.

  • Minicocoon

    I’m very keen of going 16/15D Europe this May’12 from SA tour but can’t get a definite schedule till now. It would be much appreciated if I can get the dates so that I can go on to plan B (in Feb/Mar) if can’t go Europe

    Thanks alot, cheers!

    • Hi Minicocoon,
      I can understand the anxiety of not having your tour confirmed. SA Tours is currently promoting a 15D Treasures of Europe with departure dates on May 1, 7 17 & 28. Price starts from S$3288 for 1st person and 2nd traveller only pays S$2788. If you’re flexible with the dates, give them a call now before the Europe packages start selling at SA Tours’ Pre-Natas Fair 2012 this weekend.

  • Florence

    My family of 3 adults is going to London from 16-23 June. Its free and easy, only air tickets (SIA) and accomodation. Any deals?

  • Mark


    I and my friends will be travelling to Miami,US at end of march.. is there any promotions for air flight tickets in the natas travel fair?

    • Hi Mark,
      I have not come across any special promotions of cheap tickets to Miami USA. The tickets offered by Continental Airlines, Qatar Airways & United Airways are between S$2400-S$2500 (all inclusive).

  • Lily

    I’m interested in the Europe or Turkey group tour for my honeymoon in June 2012. I have a budget of S$5K. Can you recommend an affordable package. Which one would be preferable given my budget constraint & value for money. Thank you for your input

    • Hi Lily,
      Five Stars Tours is promoting its 10-Day Essence of Turkey from S$1498, flying via Emirates. Departure dates for June are 1, 3, 8, 10 and 15. It has also a 9-Day Paris/Amsterdam/Brussels from S$1988 for February departure. Give them a call to check for their departure dates in June.



    • Hi Raymond,
      In Hokkaido, cherry blossoms are usually in full blooms in May. SA Tours has a 7D Flora Hokkaido with 1st person paying S$1838, 2nd traveller with 50% discount at S$919. They have departure dates in April and May. You may want to give them a call or visit SA Tours’ Pre-Natas Fair 2012 at Suntec this weekend. Bring along DBS/POSB credit cards to enjoy some freebies when you book a holiday package.

  • Jo

    Hi there,
    Just wondering, would I be able to get better deals at all the pre-NATAS fairs or at NATAS itself? Thanks!

    • Hi Jo,
      Holiday packages offered during Pre-Natas Fair are generally cheaper than the actual Natas Fair. But there is a trade-off. The preferred departure date may not be able to confirm during the Pre-Natas Fair.

  • Jine Yau

    Hi, I plan to travel to Taiwan around end of May or early of Jun…so,may i know is this the Best time to travel to there?what is the weither around the time!
    thank you

    • Hi Jine Yau,
      June is a hot month in Taiwan where the South like Kaohsiung is hotter than the North like Taipei. Average temperature around 24-30 degree C. For nice, cooler weather, October till January would be better months for travelling to Taiwan.

  • Ella

    Hi! Is there any good deals for honeymoon to Krabi in early June 2012… Thanks…

    • Hi Ella,
      Chan Brothers Travel has a 2-To-Go Holidays for 3D Krabi Centara Anda Dhevi Resort & Spa (4-star hotel) from S$318 that you may want to check it out.

      Or, you can book a cheap air tickets with Tiger Airways and choose a 5-star hotels like The Tubkaak Boutique Resort, Amari Vogue or Krabi Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi Resort & Spa through Agoda for a memorable honeymoon.

  • Di

    Hello there, my partner & I have plans to head to Europe this June for our honeymoon. Paris, Switzerland & London for 10-12 days, any good suggestions / packages we should keep a look out for at NATAS?

    Many thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Di,
      During the Pre-Natas Fair, Dynasty Travel introduced a 10/12D Austria, Switzerland, Paris & London from $3188 via SIA while ASA Holidays also has a 12D Switzerland, Paris & London from $3488 fly by SIA. Both travel agents have departure dates in June. I believe there will be more such packages available during the Natas Fair on 24-26 Feb.

  • Mrs Chua


    Our family of 9(2 elderly parents) is planning a 7 to 8 days trip to taiwan in end April. Pls advise which tour agencies would you recommend and the wheather conditions during end april to 1st week of May.

    • Hi Mrs Chua,
      May is warm and wet and rainfalls are more frequent in the South than in the North. An umbrella is needed to travel in Taiwan in May. Average temperature is 26C and in the south the temperature may hit up to 30C. T-shirts and a light cardigan are enough. But if you visiting mountainous areas, it is advisable to prepare a coat.

      I can’t speak for other agencies that I have not engaged, so I can only share my experience with Dynasty Travel when I brought my parents to Taiwan last year. It was a 5-Day Tour with a guide who also acts as a driver. The guide meets our expectations and as it was not a luxury tour, the hotels we stayed were only 2 to 3 star rating. My sister family, on the other hand, traveled with Five Stars Tour. Feedback I gathered from them was hotels were 5-class, guide so-so and food average.

      Hope this information helps.

  • Hi, i’m planning for 5 days holiday to Taiwan for 3 adults & 2 child (below 11) for june holidays ? do u think i shld opt for free & easy or join tour group as this is my 1st time there ? any promotion air ticket or u can recommend any hotel which can occupy 5 person in a room ?

    • Hi Gina,
      If you can converse in Mandarin and the children are independent, free & easy to Taiwan is possible even if you are traveling there for the first time. SQ promotion to Taipei is S$558 per pax (all-inclusive), Jetstar & AirAsia’s return tickets to Taipei in June are around S$400 without frills. If you add in dinning options, baggage fee & seat selection, I think travelling by SQ would be more worthwhile.

      Regarding hotel with family room that can accommodate 5 persons, I can’t find any. However, I found one hotel via Agoda – Lilai (Relite) Hotel has a family room that can stay up to 4 persons from S$117 with breakfast. You can check out the hotel through this link:

      Hope this helps.

  • Mrs Chua

    Thanks for the valuable info. Will be visiting natas fair next weekend to find out more.

  • Agus Halim

    I am planning for honeymoon to Europe (Italy,Switzerland, Paris) this 12 December 2012.
    Would appreciate if you could give some advise which agencies has got the best deals or packages for this tour? Thank you!! and is this deal better to get it in NATAS or pre NATAS? kindly advise

    • Hi Halim,
      Italy, Switzerland and Paris are popular European destinations for honeymoon and most of the travel agents like Chan Brothers, Dynasty Travel & ASA Holidays have got such holiday packages. For December tour, it may be too early to book now as the travel agent may not have confirmed departure dates for December. But it is still good to visit Natas Fair to do some research, compare the itinerary & price and shortlisted the travel agent you preferred.

      For cheaper deals, go to the next Pre-NATAS fair or those in-house travel fair of that particular travel agent(s) you preferred.

  • Alan

    Groupon is having this 10D Europe Tour at $888 but exclude Air Flight. Is it a good deal? Normally how much is the round trip flight to Paris? I am thinking of travelling during September. Is it a good month to visit Europe?

    • Hi Alan,
      The Groupon promotion partnered with CS Travel for a 10D Europe Tour at $888 without air tickets seem like a good deal. If I were you, before I commit the purchase, I would pose a few questions to CS Travel: how many days of hotel stay are inclusive in this package? The entry & exit destinations are the same or different (e.g. Do I fly to Italy and return from Paris?). And how much is the return air tickets if I buy from CS Travel.

      A return ticket to Paris is about S$1200-S$1500. Weather starts to turn cooling in late September, so should be a nice time to travel to Europe.

  • Kuna

    I m planning to go korea or japan or taiwan for 7 to 8 days with english speaking guides end of April 28 onwards. Any recomendation.

  • Sim Yee

    We planning to travel to Perth in June 12.Do you have any group tour recommendation for 4/5 nights stay? We do like to stay 1 night at Farmstay.

    • Hi Sim Yee,
      Dynasty Travel has a 6D5N Perth, Fremantle & Farmstay via SIA from S$1838. Departure dates for June are 4, 11 & 18. Highlights of this tour include overnight stay at Sunset Coast, Caversham wildlife park, Sandalford winery visit & Harbour Town Outlet shopping mall.

      ASA Holidays, on the other hand, has a 6D Perth, Farmstay, Fremantle & Pinnacles from S$1488 via SIA too. Departure dates in June are 7, 21. Highlights are 4-wheel drive Pinnacles fun, Tour of Lobster Factory & shopping at Harbour Town Outlet.

  • Jenny

    Hi, my friends and I (9 paxs) are planning for a trip to Italy in mid April 2012. Do u have any recommendations on who we can book with that offers value for money and comprehensive Italy tour? Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jenny,
      I solicited feedback from a friend who has travelled with Chan Brothers to Italy two years ago and her comments were positive – Tour guide is experienced and itinerary includes Rome, Vatican City, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Naples, Assisi, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Milan. Though she admitted that she saw a lot of churches, she was happy to bring a few designer handbags home:) Chan Brothers has a 11D Italy Romance starting at S$2688 and has departure dates on April 6, 13, 20 & 27.

      Dynasty Travel also has a 11D8N Best of Italy, cover similar itinerary which includes entrance to Rome’s Colosseum & the Roman Forum. Price starts from S$3388 via SIA. Departure dates for April are 6, 20 & 27.

      I would suggest you visit Natas Fair 2012 to make a better comparison. Most importantly, if shopping is one of the main highlights of your trip, make sure the itinerary allows ample time to shop and enough time to queue for tax rebates at the airport.

  • Jeremy

    I’m looking to go to Perth on the 7th April and Return on the 15th April. Will there be flight tickets available? No tour needed, just tickets.

    • Hi Jeremy,
      We are not associated with any ticketing companies. But I have checked out the following NATAS 2012 Airfares promotion to Perth:
      SIA – S$628 (direct flight)
      Qantas – S$648 (direct flight)
      Jetstar – S$669 (direct flight)
      AirAsia – S$438 (stopover at KL)

      Hope this information helps.

      • Jai

        I believe that fares exclude all d taxes..?

        • Hi Jai,
          I’m not sure which airfares you are referring to? Fares quoted by SIA and CX are inclusive of taxes.

  • hi, tis week have any pre-natas fair?

    • Hi Fann,
      There is no more Pre-NATAS Fair at Suntec that I am aware of. But if you are interested in any of the Pre-NATAS 2012 holidays package offered by the travel agents past two weeks, do give them a call or visit their offices.

  • Mei


    We are intending to go to Tibet in June, and found that Hong Thai is the only agency going to Ling Zhi (others will go to Mt Everest base-camp).
    Any suggestions or comments on this itinary?

    Also, we would like the to take the soft bed (4 pax to cabin) sleeper train (from Xi’an to Lhasa). Do you know if Hong Thai offers that?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Mei,
      There are at least two more travel agents organise Tibet tours that cover Linzhi (Nying Chi) area.

      SingExpress Travel has a 11 Days Tibet Discovery (Shigatse+Linzhi) and they are contactable at +65 6823 1668. Dynasty Travel also has a 14D/13N Tibet & Tibet-Qinghai Railway, Silkroad Tour including Nying Chi from S$1888.

      Regarding the sleeper arrangement, you have to give a call Hong Thai to clarify or visit them at the NATAS Fair 2012.

    • Elizabeth

      i went on a similar tour but was with chan brothers? paid about 2.7K? it was about a year back! and yes 4 slper is way better! more space and no need to climb too high or share room if u have about 4 people. however it is likely your rooms will be further from those in your tour. Normally when you book the tour they will offer you the choices between hard or soft but those are subjected to availability. Hope this helps!

      • etalo

        We booked a 10 days tour to tibet with CTC, we got 3 pax, they told us that the train tix are randomly assigned and we may not be allocated to the same cabin, is that true? considering to upgrade to soft sleeper if we can request to stay in the same cabin.

        • Hi Etalo,
          It is true that China’s train tickets are assigned randomly even when I booked personally at the Kuming train station requesting for seats to be assigned to the same cabin. The train operator just couldn’t be bothered with my request and I didn’t know till I boarded the train. So, what we did was asking around to swop seats. I also think it is worthwhile to upgrade to soft sleeper for comfort if the train ride is long.

  • Diana

    I really like this site, it’s really informative! I need your help with some advice…I am bringing my parents (age 68 and 70) abroad the last week of May.
    -They are mobile, can walk but cannot climb long flights of stairs or mountains.
    -My mum cannot withstand the cold in winter, so probably not Australia or New Zealand.
    -They like breathtaking natural landscapes and architecture.
    -Shopping is not important to us. Visiting beautiful places is.

    1. Do you know where I can get information on senior-friendly tour packages?

    2. Is there any advice you would give on which destinations are best for elderly and would be Summer this May? Based on your personal experience/opinion?

    3. I thought of Taiwan, Spain, and Russia. Which of these 3 do you think would meet my needs best? πŸ™‚

    • Hi Diana,
      Thank you for liking the website.

      1) Frankly, I don’t think there are any tour packages out there that are targeting at senior travellers. The closer ones are probably tours organized by the Community Centres where they typically go to Malaysia.

      2) May is a good month to travel to most countries. If your parents only converse in mandarin (like mine), I noticed they prefer to go to countries that speak mandarin like Taiwan, China which offer beautiful scenery and yet they can have rice/noodles everyday. Have you thought of Jiuzhaigou Valley (九寨沟)?

      3) I have been to Taipei and Spain, so I can only share some insights on Taipei & Spain (but of course I would love to go to Russia one day). Depending on your budget, Taipei is more affordable and Alishan should offer some scenic views. Spain’s architecture is beautiful and the Tapas (snacks that go with beer) are yummy. I like Seville a lot and wished I could have spent more time there. But beware of the pickpockets there.

  • Lyn

    Hello, i plan to go Barcelona on 1 May to 10 May for 2 pax. Only can find good deal with Qatar Airways online for $965 per pax. Natas can give cheaper rate?

    • Hi Lyn,
      A return ticket from Singapore to Barcelona at S$965, I think it’s a very good deal. Don’t think many airlines can match this deal. Just an advice that since the transit time is about 8 hours, you may want to consider using its Lounge which costs about USD50 but every cents worth – free flow of Nespresso coffee, sandwiches, soft drink; usage of shower room; free wi-fi and you can even take a nap at the lounge.

  • Mark Alexander Kiew

    Hi, we have a group of 7 planning to go Seattle in 3rd week of April… best price i see now is about 1.75k per pax. any idea if Natas will drop any lower? planning to go via SG – NARITA – TACOMA SEATTLE. // on a side note, any idea if there will be any luggage fair during natas?

    • Hi Mark,
      May I ask which is the airline offering at S$1750 to Seattle? Thought it’s a good deal!

      As to whether there will be even better airfare deals during Natas Fair 2012, I really can’t be sure. But, I noticed after the Pre-NATAS airfares promotion, SIA and some airlines have been adjusting its airfares bit by bit higher and with more travelling date restrictions lately.

      Don’t expect to see a ‘mini’ luggage fair but there will be a few traveller related stalls like Universal Traveller Apparel which sells travelling luggage at the Natas Fair.

  • Dorina

    Do you have any Korea tours to see the Autumn Fall colors in Korea? And which month or dates are the best to see and the weather is how in autumn…thkq

    • Hi Dorina,
      South Korea is a popular destination among Singaporeans so they are many holiday packages to Seoul, Jeju & Busan. Do visit NATAS fair 2012 to check out the South Korea Autumn packages. The best time to see Korea autumn foliage turning from yellow to red is from Oct to Nov where the weather is dry and clear.

  • Hazel

    Hi! Just wanna enquiry that will there be any cruise offer at NATAS? Preferably 1-2night only:) thnx!

  • Zuzu

    Given the current condition at Male, would there be any travel agencies (during the NATAS fair) still be promoting any packages to Maldives?

    • Hi Zuzu,
      I believe some travel agents (e.g. Club Med) will still be promoting Maldives packages during NATAS Fair 2012 but whether travellers have the confidence to visit Maldives is hard to say.

      • Zuzu

        Would you be able to advise on the average cost/expenditure for a 5d4n trip to maldives?

        • Hi Zuzu,
          I found out that SA Tours has a 5D Maldives Free & Easy starting from S$1518. Package includes return economy airfare by Singapore Airlines, 3 nights accommodation at choice of hotel with daily breakfast and return speed boat transfers. Give them a call.

        • Hi Zuzu,
          UOB Travel has a few Maldives promotion that includes return tickets by Singapore Airlines, 3 or 4 nights stay with daily breakfast and round-trip speed boat. Redeem a 20β€³ hardcase luggage trolley when you charge a min S$2800 to any UOB credit card. Also, you can enjoy up to 36 months interest-free instalment Plan.

          The cheapest Maldives tour offered by UOB Travel is 5D3N Velassaru, Maldives with complimentary sunset cruises from S$1,478. You can call up UOB Travel at 6252-6822 or visit their booth (5H53) at NATAS Fair 2012.

  • Chris

    Hi.. If i were to book a holiday to Hong Kong.. It will be my first time there.. Will free & Easy be ok? Or must go with tours?

    Roughly ard 6 days 5 nights will be alright?


  • Charlie


    Currently I am planning a multi-city itinerary to USA in june. I plan to arrive in New York and depart in Los Angeles back to Singapore. Would I be able to find air fare deals at natas? The cheapest I can find is ANA at $2240.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Charlie,
      I think ANA deal is probably the cheapest to fly in June. If you refer connecting flights (non-stop), Emirates has got such deal at S$2304.

  • Nyimas

    we are family of 4 adults intending to travel in early mar preferably to London, Manchester, Old trafford tour. appreciate your advise

    • Hi Nyimas,
      I can’t any tour packages that cover London, Manchester, Old trafford tour. Since you plan to travel in early March, you may want to visit this coming Natas Fair on 24-26 Feb to check out the London tour packages.

  • Elizabeth

    hi may i ask,
    what are the credit card promos this natas fair?!

  • Alice

    Any good recomendation for short trip for family(4-5days)? We have 8person, there hv 3person are 50-60yr old. Other than Taiwan, Beijing,Shanghai & HK, which place u think is suitable us?

    • Hi Alice,
      Would you consider a short trip to Cambodia (Siem Reap) or Vietnam & Sapa or Bail? I have been to these places and find the places to be safe, offer good massage and food is good and cheap. The people there are really friendly.

      If you opt for Siem Reap and if the elderly cannot do too much walking, I think visit Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple are good enough.

  • Lilo

    Hi, im intending to travel to London from end April till mid May (3 weeks). Will not benefit from the SIA promotion as max stay for the promo fare is 2 weeks. What’s the cheapest airfare i can get? Will I find these fares at the Natas Fair?

    • Hi Lilo,
      You don’t need to visit NATAS Fair to find the cheapest airfare deals. Check out all the airlines’ websites that fly to London or use to look for the good deals. I’ve found out that Qartar Airways offer cheap flights to London from S$1255. Hope this helps.

  • Crystal

    Hi, If we have 4 adult +1kid and plan go to korea in Oct or Nov. can recommend which travel agent offer the cheapest package? Thank you.

    • Hi Crystal,
      South Korea is a very popular destinations among Singaporeans and due to competition, travel agents offer very attractive tour prices to South Korea. The cheapest tour would be Korea Free-and-Easy and I believe Tradewinds has such tours.

      The only concern is your departure dates are in Oct / Nov, you may not be able to get a confirmed tour in this February NATAS Fair 2012.

  • abc

    Hi .. will there be any promotion for coach from SG to KL on the upcoming NATAS fair?

    • Hi,
      I don’t think there will be many offers on bus to KL from Singapore on Natas Fair 2012. If you are visiting Natas Fair, you may want to check out the Five Star Travel’s booth since Five Star coaches are quite popular in Singapore.

  • Clement

    Hi, planning for a Europe trip for 4pax in June wanted to know which travel agent offering the best deal.

    • Hi Clement,
      As I do not have information on which destinations you are interested to visit in Europe and for how many days, I won’t be able to comment much. Would suggest you visit the NATAS Fair 2012 and check out ASA Holidays, SA Tours where their tour packages are generally more competitive.

  • Patrick

    I am planning for a trip to NZ (for 5 adults) after mid-Nov, most likely it will be a self drive holiday. Any recommendation on air-ticket, accommodation and vehicle?

    • Hi Patrick,
      Self drive holidays in New Zealand can be easy and relaxed with some planning. The current airfare promotion by Emirates to Auckland (with one stop at Brisbane) is quite attractive from S$934 for departure in Nov.

      Hertz is a reliable car rental company you may consider to hire based on recommendations from friends. Hertz is having a booth at Natas Fair 2012 and I was told its discounts can go up to as high as 20%. Accommodation wise, these few hotel booking portals (Agoda,, or should be able to help you find some good deals.

  • Apple

    Hi, I want to ask about ticket trip to LA or New York, US from 19th April to 18 May. Any good deal to consider?

    • Hi Apple,
      The cheapest airfare to New York is offered by Qarter Airways at about S$2006 for the period from 19 April-18 May while Malaysia Airlines offers cheap flight to Los Angeles at around S$1674.

  • Lina

    This website is awesome. I have missed a $992 deal flying SIN – PARIS and back from ROME – SIN on the websites, and am wondering if theres a chance airfare rates typically come down post Natas fair? Seems to fluctuate wildly everyday.

    So upset about missing that …

    • Hi Lina,
      It happened to me a couple times where I did not book the air tickets in time and missed the deals.

      I don’t think the airfares will come down much after post NATAS as most of the seats would have been sold out. If you are planning to travel from Sep onwards, you can try to catch the next Natas Fair’s wave where promotion will start in late July/ Augest again.

  • Rudeez

    hi there,

    i am visiting natas fair either fri-sun. Any surprise deals for the last few days?Any gd countries in europe to recommend for late nov honeymoon and any recommended booth to survey for gd promotions? thx…

    • Hi Rudeez,
      I have noted that many choose Switzerland, Paris and Italy for their Europe honeymoon destinations. It’s wise that you start doing your research in preparation for your late Nov honeymoon. Most popular travel agents like ASA Holidays, Chan Brothers Travel, Dynasty Travel have got tours to Europe but may not have departure dates for Nov. But it’s good that you get some brochures back to study the itineraries and decide what is best for you.

  • Fang


    May I know what are some of the good packages for taiwan at this Feb NATAS fair?


    • Hi Fang,
      Five Stars Tour has a 7D Taiwan Super Deals from S$888, flying via SIA. Itinerary is quite comprehensive covering Taipei, Wulai, Miaoli, Taichung, Nantou, Chiayi, Kaosiung, Kenting, Pintung, Taitung and Hualien. Departure dates are Mar 3,8,15,31 / Apri 5,7,14,21,28 / May 3,5,12,19,26.

      Please call Five Stars Tour or visit their booth at 4H61 at Natas Fair 2012.

  • Mary

    Hi, I am looking for Grand Lexis, Port Dickson promotion in June. Any idea which company I should look for?

    • Hi Mary,
      Five Stars Tours has a 2D Avillion Port Disckson from S$155 but at not Grand Lexis Hotel. You could call Five Stars to advise if they can arrange Grand Lexis Hotel for you instead.

      Konsortium Singapore has a 3D2N Lexis Port Dickson from S$308 but valid till 31 Mar 2012. Do call them at 6392 3911 to check if they have similar tour for June school holidays.

  • Darren


    Anyone went to the fair today?
    Any recommended free and easy package to Japan (tokyo and nearby)?

  • Marie

    Are there cheap flight from Singapore to San Francisco end May?

    • Hi Marie,
      Delta airlines flights to San Francisco starts from S$1632 with 2 stops at Tokyo & Los Angeles while United Airlines’ special fares to San Francisco starts from S$1676 with only 1 stop at Tokyo.

  • Phoebe

    I have one naive question: do I need to bring along my passport to natas fair if I am going to sign up for packages in the fair?

    • Hi Phoebe,
      Thanks for the question. You need not bring along your passport to sign a tour at Natas Fair if you can remember your passport details like passport number, expiring date etc. But if the tour you are signing up is departing soon and air tickets have to be issued soon, you may want to bring along your passport or a photocopy of your passport to ensure that the tour agent captures the correct information.

  • jessica

    I would like to go to Taipei from 18May to 24 May. I would like to just purchase the air tickets. How much would the NATAS offer? Thank you

    • Hi Jessica,
      Pricebreaker’s booth at Natas Fair always have a long queue. They are offering air tickets to Taipei from S$474. But I’m not sure via which airlines. You may want to visit Natas Fair tomorrow or give Pricebreaker a call.

  • ck

    Hi, I am currently not in Singapore. Will there be any other way I can check out good deal from Natas?

    • Hi CK,
      You can still visit Natas Travel’s website or your preferred travel agents’ websites for tour information but all the promotions and discounts end on 26 Feb, the last day of Natas Fair 2012.

  • Lulu

    I’m planning for 9 days trip to Taiwan. Was wondering should I go for a F&E on own or joining land tour.

    I’m concern that we would pay more in the end if we do it by ourself

    What is your opinion?

    • Hi Lulu,
      I am a fan of DIY but you are right DIY may not be necessary cheaper. Apparently, land tour for Taipei is not expensive and some tours only require a minimum of two to go. So you may book a cheap airfare with a budget airlines and then book a 3-4 Days land tour with one of the travel agents. The rest of the days, you can explore on your own and if you can speak Mandarin, it shouldn’t be too difficult to move around.

  • Lulu

    Yes, I do speak Mandarin and Hokkien, so getting around in Taiwan is not an issue.

    Just want to get my $$$ to work extra hard for me.

    Am hesitating whether to go down to the fair and book the land package.

  • Lim

    I am planning to go Taipei on 27 Apr this year. How much will it cost for 8D 7N free n easy, travel by SQ, 4* hotel with airport transfer?

    • Hi Lim,
      New Shan Travel is having a 3 nights Howard Plaza Hotel (5-star) Special Promo from S$819 via SIA. Extension of stay per night is S$90 for twin sharing. The so-called ‘airport transfers’ is to take the Airport Bus on your own from the airport to Howard Plaza Hotel at S$10 each person and vice versa. They also have quite a variety of 4-star hotels to select from. If you are interested, do give New Shan Travel a call at 6481 118 / 6220 1833.

  • Yeon Hye

    Hello! (: Im looking at a visit to South Korea this Oct/Nov for 2 pax, can you advise me if there is any free and easy package ongoing? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Yeon Hye,
      SIA Holidays has a 5D Korea Free & Easy tour (min 2 to go) from S$1348. Packages includes:
      – return airfare on Singapore Airlines
      – 3 nights 4-star hotel (Riverside Hotel) accommodation with daily breakfast
      – Meals provided for 1st day city tour where you will visit Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Ginseng outlet, Skin Care Center, Amethyst Factory, Myeondong Fashion District, Namdaemun Market. The rest of the two days are free at your own leisure.
      – Airport Transfer
      – English-speaking guide
      – Booking valid from 1 Feb – 31 Oct 2012

      Natas Promotion – book now and save S$80 per adult.

      • Yeon Hye

        Thanks for your assistance, yah, but 5 days is a little too short. 7/8 days would be ideal! (: Or do any of the merchants at NATAS fair have air ticket sales to Korea?

        • You may check out Pricebeaker’s booth at Natas Fair which is selling airfare to Seoul from S$596, but I don’t know via which airline. Hope this helps.

  • Ratna

    Hi.. I’m currently not in Singapore.And miss out for Natas (Feb 2012) promotion.
    Do you have any next schedule for Natas 2012?
    We planning to go to Taiwan on End Sept – Oct 2012 for 2Pax (Honeymoon Trip). Any special promotion?
    We able in Mandarin, Hokkien, do you things better we use free and easy, since i heard that not so difficult in Taiwan.

    Ratna Phang

    • Hi Ratna,
      The next Natas Fair 2012 should be something in August, but the exact dates have not been announced yet. Since you are planning a trip to Taiwan in late Sept, you should be in time to check out the next Natas Fair promotion to find a suitable deal. You are right that Free & Easy Taiwan is doable if you speak Mandarin & Hokkien and Taiwanese are generally friendly & polite.

  • Chris

    I’m planning on going Hong Kong in Aug (free & easy). Any recommendation on hotel & itinerary for 4D3N? It’s been 8 years since I’ve last visited HK. Many thanks in advance!

  • Joanne

    I’m planning to travel to Maldives, May16-21.
    4N/5D I’d like to find where to look for such packages.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Hi Joanne,
      During the Natas Fair 2012 Feb, Airelated Travel has offers for 3 nights and get 4th night free packages to Maldives (on selected resort & date only). They have a few hotels to choose from – Club Med Kani, Kurumba (fr S$1118), Velassaru (fr S$1348), Sheration Full Moon (fr S$1348) & Baros Maldives Resort (fr S$1848).

      The package includes return economy airfares by Singapore Airlines, 3 nights accommodation with daily breakfast & return transfer services by speedboat between airport and hotel. Please contact Airlated Travel at 6532 5686 directly or write to them at [email protected]

  • Dorothy Lum

    Hi, I am planing to go Korea for the period of Nov ’12 about 8 – 10 days by package. Any good recommendation of travel agency with good deal too.

    • Hi Dorothy,
      Sorry that I look a while to reply you cos’ I have been asked around about which tour agency in Singapore provide a good deal to South Korea. The good news is most of them were happy with their tour agency – Chan Brothers, ASA, Five Star Tour, SA & Nam Ho etc. So, it seems to me that the quality of service provided by these tour agencies (=Tour Guide in Korea) are commendable. So, now it boils down to the price and how unique is the itinerary.

      Start monitoring the pre-natas fair in July and I am sure you will be able to look for a good deal to South Korea.

  • Joy


    Me and my girlfriend is planing to have a trip to Italy on December for about 7-8days. For the August NATAS fair, what will be the ranges like? Is it more affordable?

    • Hi Joy,
      Natas Fair 2012 August price lists are not out yet, but based on past pricing information, a typical package (10D8N) to Italy costs around S$3200 per person by Chan Brothes, ASA Holidays. I have come across this travel agency, CS Travel which offered very attractive package for a 10D Hightlight of Italy during Natas Fair February from S$1928 but do not have high expectations on the quality of rooms and food.

      I would suggest you monitor the pre-Natas fairs organised by the major travel agencies closely to sniff out good deal to Italy.

      • Travis

        Hi, thanks for all the informative posts on your site!
        I am hoping to book the cheapest possible open jaw airtickets to Europe (Perhaps Frankfurt), to travel between Mid December to Early Jan.
        Do you know whether it would be cheaper to book now on online sites like or wait for pre-NATAS deals? Thanks!

        • Hi Travis,
          I was told the cheapest airlines that fly to Frankfurt is Qatar Airways. So, you may want to check out Qatar Airways promotion via its website and compare the fares offered by or and find the best deals. Personally, I think the earlier you book the ticket, the cheapest it is. So, if the travelling dates are firmed, it may be a good idea to book early. And to play safe, buy travel insurance so that if the trip is cancelled, you will still get some compensation.

          • Travis

            Thank you for the advice! So in your opinion, booking tickets early in advance is generally cheaper than NATAS/pre-NATAS offers?

          • Yes, based on my observation, the earlier the promotion, the cheaper it is.

  • Joanne Lee

    Hi, my company planning to have a cruise trip on end Dec 2012. Trip will be 3D2N. Any idea which cruise company should we look for.(Mostly our staffs will go with whole family and some will bring small kids like 2 to 6years) Thanks.

    • Hi Joanne,
      The two popular cruises in Singapore are Royal Caribbean & Superstar Virgo and a 3D2N cruise holidays is just nice or some may find the food too boring after having all the meals on board. A friend of mine vouched for Royal Caribbean for its superior service and I was so convinced until my brother family took the cruise trip to Malaysia last December. Perhaps, he went during school holidays, the whole ship was over crowded and queuing for food & activities were annoying, so his entire experience was unpleasant. My friend, however, went on Royal Caribbean cruise holidays a few times but as he usually travelled during non-peak season, he enjoyed all the trips.

      I suggest you compare the food varieties offered by both cruises (I was told Superstar Virgo serves Western food buffet style, dim sum etc), which cruise offers activities that are suitable for family, kids and most importantly, price. I have this feeling that Superstar Virgo maybe more suitable for families.

  • Soniya

    I would like to know if i am planning an Europe trip for my honeymoon in June 2013. What is the pricing like and which tour agency should i look out for?
    Should i wait for the next natas fair in 2013?

    • Hi Soniya,
      Since your honeymoon is in June 2013, you probably can’t book a tour in this coming Natas Fair 2012 August 24-26. What you can do is to do research during this August Natas Fair 2012 to have an idea of which are the destinations you would love to visit in Europe & the itineraries. The best way is to visit the Tourism Booths, Travfalgar & STA Travel. You can check out their land tour with accommodations and often the tours are good for two-to-go; all you need is to look for cheap airfares to Europe.

      As the pricing for Europe package tour can vary from S$2300-S$5000 depending on the number of countries you are visiting, number of days travelled, preferred airlines & class of room etc, it’s best you have an budget to work on.

  • Lynn

    Hi, i am still not sure about the best places to go for my honeymoon dec 12..jus a short trip..since we both are very busy with werk..i was thinking of somewhere of a relaxing place and depending on our budgets too..not too ex..any suggestion on the best honeymoon packages u came across?

    • Hi Lynn,
      I am leaving for Mongolia today & I will have no access to internet in outer Mongolia. I will give you some recommendations when I return.

    • Hi Lynn,
      Sorry for the late reply. I would recommend Miu Ne Beach, Vietnam for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Miu Ne is famous for its white sandy beach and sand dunes. You won’t find many tourists there, so you should be able to enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed honeymoon in a classy resort like Seahorse Resort & Spa or Mia Resort Nha Trang. To get there, you need to go to Ho Chi Minh City and take a 4 to 5 hours bus there. Seafood there is fabulous and if you are adventure enough, try kite-surfing there.

  • Adrian


    I am planning a trip with my family of 5 to Taiwan around Christmas period for 8-9 days. I would like to have some days for sightseeing & some days for free & easy to do shopping in Taipei. But I am not too familiar with the sight seeing attractions in Taiwan.What is your advice? Any recommendation for good tour agency in the coming Natas Fair that I can look out for?

  • SY Tay

    Hi, I’m on the lookout for deals to Bhutan in early November (Bhutan can be SO expensive)! Do you think prices will be more or less the same, NATAS or not, since it’s the same tourist tariffs, (Druk Air) airline, etc? No point waiting for Natas in my case? Heard of any gd travel agent for Bhutan? Tks!

    • Hi SY,
      You are right that Bhutan is not-a-cheap place to visit due to the tourist tariffs (USD250 per pax per day). I do know of one or two Bhutan travel agents who can arrange customized Bhutan tour and they speak/write good English. Let me know if you need the contact.

  • Travis

    Hi, thanks for all the informative posts on your site!
    I am hoping to book the cheapest possible open jaw airtickets to Europe (Perhaps SIN-Paris & Frankfurt-SIN), to travel between Mid December to Early Jan.
    Do you know whether it would be cheaper to book now on online sites like or wait for pre-NATAS deals? Thanks!

  • Joanne

    My boyfriend and i are planning for a taiwan trip around early october but we only have a week to spare. So i’m not too sure if there are airfare deals and packages during that period if we visit the NATAS fair in aug. And is it more advisable to go with a tour group or free-and-easy (we have itineries from friends who went there before). It would also help a lot if you can mention the price range offered by the different travel agencies. thx a lot!

    • Hi Joanne,
      Taiwan is a popular destination for Singaporeans and it is quite likely there will be many Taiwan packages offered during the forthcoming Natas Fair. For young couple, free & easy style would be a better choice especially you have itineraries from friends. It’s difficult to mention price range as it depends on how many cities you are covering. If you are spending one whole week in Taipei, Taichung, a comfortable budget should be around S$800-S$1000 per pax.

      • Joanne

        Thx for the advice. Which means I don’t really have to go for the Natas fair to get offers right? I visited Jetstar’s website for the air fare and its already fairly cheap, will Natas fair offer anything cheaper? And $800-$1000 would be inclusive of airfare?

        • Hi Joanne,
          It is really hard to say if there will be even cheaper airfares to Taipei during Natas Fair. If the airfares are within your budget and there are still seats available on your preferred departure dates, then maybe you need not wait for the Natas Fair promotion. I have come across Tiger Airways offering about S$300+ (return tickets) to Taipei, of course do expect to travel on wee hours.

          Yes, the budget of S$800-S$1000 should include airfares via budget airlines.

  • Xiaoai

    My Sister and i are planning for a Hokkaido trip around early october but we only have a week to spare. So i’m not too sure if there are airfare deals and packages during that period if we visit the NATAS fair in aug. And is it more advisable to go with a tour group, It would also help a lot if you can mention the price range offered by the different travel agencies. thanks!

    • Hi Xiaoai,
      One week in Hokkaido should be enough to cover a fair bit. I am quite sure there will be Hokkaido packages offered during Natas Fair but meanwhile you can always check out travel agencies’ websites for its promotion. If this is the first time you visiting Hokkaido, joining a tour group maybe easier for you. I like Prime Travel (Follow Me Japan), excellent service, good quality food & accommodation but their packages are usually at the high side. One week Hokkaido trip during Autumn will cost around S$2800-S$3500 as a guideline.

  • Linda

    Hi, my boyfriend and I would like to go Korea in September. Are there any 1-for-1 promotion tour packages for Korea now? Or would it be cheaper to wait for Natas Fair? I am afraid that if there are no promotions or available dates, it might be too last minute, as I want to travel in Sept.

    • Hi Linda,
      Alternatively, you may also want to check out travel deals offered by ASA Holidays at Hall 401 Suntec City on 21 &22 July from 11pm to 8pm. I believe ASA Holidays may have 1-for-1 promotion to South Korea, Japan & Taiwan.

  • Adrian


    Am planning a family trip to the USA. Does anyone knows if airtickets are going to be cheaper at the fair or it doesnt make a difference for the dec period?

  • tintin

    Hi there,
    Me and my future hubby planning to go for honeymoon to Maldives.
    Is there any promotion for honeymoon package?
    Is it good for me to book now or wait for the Natas fair as my wedding will be january 2013.

    • Hi Tin Tin,
      A few big travel agencies like Chan Brothers, Dynasty Travel & ASA are organizing its Pre-Natas Fair this weekend (21 & 22 July). You can start doing your research by calling them to find out if they are offering any interesting packages to Maldives. On the other hand, UOB Travel often has promotion to Maldives too, the recent one was 5D3N Baros Maldives fr S$1,898.

  • Soph

    hi there, wonder which tour agency offers the best affordable rates for a family of 6 (3 adults, 3 kids) for a late Dec’12 trip to Korea? which tour agency usually offers the cheapest rate so far? pls advise. thanks!

    • Hi Soph,
      You may want to visit Chan Brothers’ travel fair this weekend (21 & 22 July) at its office, Fook Hai Building to find out its Korea Packages. The offers include 2nd travellers get at 50% off and child gets 20% discount.

  • Janice

    May I know the travel packages offered during the Pre-NATAS fair will be more attractive (cheaper) than the actual NATAS fair or the same?

  • ronan

    hey would there be any flight promotions to Japan from 20 November onwards? or any upcoming SQ promos?

    Planning to go tokyo 20November til first week of december.

    • Hi Ronan,
      I’m afraid SQ promotion of S$698 to Tokyo (Haneda) has a blackout period from 16 Nov till 31 Dec. This promotion will end on 26 Jul for travelling period from 1 Oct to 15 Nov.

      • ronan

        Do you think I should wait for future promos if I still wanna go on those dates? or should I just book other flights. there is a JAL flight at 790 at the moment. but I’m not sure if a better deal will come along

  • San

    Hi there, my hubby and I are planning to visit Australia this Dec. Looking at 3 or 4 nights in Sydney and Melbourne each. Right now, scoot is having a one way to Sydney at $308. I am quite tempted to book but am wondering if I should wait for the Natas fair and book my return flight from Melbourne as well. Any suggestions for good travel agencies for Australia?

  • Hetty Nurzarifah

    hi, me and my friend would like to book a muslim tour package for korea trip on Mid september. but im not very sure if there are any available package deals which we may look up to during the Natas event.

    • Hi Hetty,
      I understand that CTC Travel organizes Muslim Tour like 9 Days Korea + Jeju Island Muslim Tour. Please contact CTC Travel directly on the availability or pricing at 6538 9810 or send an email to [email protected].

  • karen


    I am interested in going to Seoul for 4 days around Sept period. Any air fare promotions?

    • Hi Karen,
      If you have a DBS/POSB credit card, check out Cathay Pacific promotion to Seoul at S$634 (2-way with a stop at Hong Kong). If you refer a direct flight, Singapore Airlines has a relatively cheap flights to Seoul at S$782 (all-inclusive).

  • Erwin sanchez

    Hi there, if im goin to korea on march/april 2013. Should i go to this upcoming natas fair or should i just wait for the next one ???

    • Hi Erwin,
      This coming Natas Fair 2012 August may not have tours or have limited tours for March/April 2013. In any case, there are a few Pre-Natas Fair coming up this weekend, you may want to visit them since admission is free.

    • Jean


      I would like to go holiday in Korea from 09 November onwards, is there any good deal.

      • Hi Jean,
        SA Tours has a departure date on 9 November for a 8D South Korea & Jeju from S$1488. CTC Travel has also a similar tour at S$1488 too with 2nd pax flies for free. Hong Thai Travel, on the other hand, has a 8D All-In Korea from S$1299.

        There are many Pre-Natas Fair happening this weekend at Suntec, Expo & People’s Park Complex, visit some of them I believe you will able to get a good deal.

    • Hi Erwin,
      SA Tours has a number of South Korea Tours in March 2013. You may want to check them out at SA In-house Travel Sales this weekend.

  • JJ

    My sis & I planning to visit Mongolia. What is the best period to go? Any good deal for this destination?

    • Hi JJ,
      The best time to visit Mongolia is July to September, that the summer time. After September it will be too cold to visit Mongolia. Universal Travel (UTC) is organizing a 6D outer Mongolia tour with chartered flight this August. I can’t remember the date, give them a call for more details.

  • JamesT

    Hi there! I am considering going to Switzerland/Italy this Nov/Dec with my family. I am thinking of joining Chan Brothers’ tour. Are there any promotions from Chan brothers to these locations during the Natas fair? Thanks!!

    • Hi James,
      Chan Brothers was promoting tours like 12D best of Italy/Switzerland Paris from $3188 onwards during the recent Pre-NATAS fair two weeks ago. Give them a call now instead of waiting for NATAS Fair August 2012.

  • Simon Chea


    My wife and I plan to spend our honeymoon on Jan’2013 for 5-7 nights trip, any good trip suggestion/promotion in coming NATAS fair – Aug’2012? Thank you

    • Hi Simon,
      There are a few destinations perfect for a 5-7 days honeymoon which you may consider – Hawaii, Maldives, Italy, Bali & Seychelles. I particularly like Seychelles for its natural untouched beauty, white sand beaches and warm clear sea. Island hopping in Seychelles is part of the highlights of the trip. However, not many travel agencies offer Seychelles tour packages in Singapore.

      On the other hand, you may want to find out UOB Travel has a few Pre-Natas offers to Maldives free & easy and New Shan Travel has a 8 Day USA Fun Hawaii from $1688.

  • Audrey


    Is there any promotion to Europe on next year march?

    • Hi Audrey,
      Yes, most travel agencies like ASA Holidays, Chan Brothers etc have March 2012 tour packages to Europe during Natas Fair. Do visit Natas Fair 2012 Aug 24-26 to check out the deals.

  • Valerie

    Hi GoingPlaces,

    Really happy to chance upon your informative site! πŸ™‚

    We are planning to head to Siem Reap & Phnom Penh anytime between Oct to Dec this year. Not too sure whether to join a group tour or DIY our holiday – NATAS fair or not…
    Checked a few agencies & the itinerary does not vary much.
    What would you recommend, & are there any agencies you would suggest who are better known in the trade for Cambodia tours?

    We would like the cheaper option (would you know what a 5D4N package costs on average?) & as long as we cover Angkor Wat, Russian & Central market, plus the other usual must see sites for first-time visitors!

    Thanks loads in advance. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Valerie,
      Thanks for your feedback. I visited Siem Reap twice and I have no qualms going back for its cheap massage, free wi-fi access at nearly any restaurants and good food, cheap beer. On my first trip to Siem Reap/Phom Penh, I spent 4 days in Siem Reap & 3 Days in Phom Penh but one night was spent on an overnight bus from Siem Reap to Phom Penh. Reason for taking the night bus – cheap! It’s about USD7-8 per person per trip. I took Jetstar and I booked two routes – Singapore to Siem Reap (1-way) and Phom Penh to Singapore (1-way) & the ticket costs less than S$200. Food is relatively cheap there – a meal e.g. an Amok Fish dish (comes with rice @USD3) and a drink will cost about USD5 dollars. Beer is cheap there, about USD 50 cents a mug.

      If you just do Siem Reap, I think it is very easy to do DIY at an affordable price. If you want to visit Phnom Penh too but don’t feel save taking the night bus or not having enough vacation leave, then fly into Phnom Penh is the alternative but it will cost more.

      Most hotels would have their appointed tuk-tuk drivers who can bring you to temples visit like Angkor Wat, Ta Prom, Bayron, it costs about USD17 for half day visit per tuk-tuk. Of course, the price is negotiable. Central Market, Night Market are within walking distance unless you stay very far from there. Even so, just hire a tuk-tuk for around USD1 per trip and they will bring you to Night Market, Pub Street.

      I will try to publish my detailed itinerary this week for sharing, so do sign up our newsletter to be notified.

  • Shyieeda


    My fiance and I are planning to go to London and Paris for our honeymoon on the last 2 weeks of December 2012. We are intending to just purchase flight tickets during the NATAS fair. Would you know if they offer better flight prices during the NATAS Fair and how the payment mode for purchasing flight ticket is like? Do they accept deposit first or we have to make full payment?


    • Hi Shyieeda,
      If you are planning to purchase only air tickets, you may not need to visit NATAS Fair 2012 as most exhibitors there are mainly selling tour packages. I have not booked solely air tickets from NATAS Fair, so I don’t know if they accept just deposit or required full payment, but I suspect they will require full payment.

      Since you are planning to leave on the golden weeks in December, I’m afraid getting cheap air tickets won’t be easy. If you traveling from 30 December onwards, Cathay Pacific is promoting cheap flights to Europe from S$1,258.

  • Dot

    Is it too late to find Seoul+Jeju tour packages in the fair?

    • Hi Dot,
      It is never too late to find a Seoul & Jeju tour package. I think most of the travel agencies like SA Tours, Chan Brothers, Hong Thai Travel have such tour, so do give them a call or visit their booth during Natas Fair 2012 August 24-26.

  • Angel

    I am interested to going Hong Kong for 5 days at 10 to 20 Dec period
    Any air fare promotions and Disney tickets ( 2adults + 1 children )

  • Mandy

    Hi there, may I know if there is any Singapore Airlines booth at the NATAS Fair? I’m actually looking to purchase air tickets to South Korea for January 2013. I do know that the SIA website itself is having a pre-natas fair deal, but would like to head down to the fair to check it out as well. Are you able to advise me on that? Thank you!

    • Hi Mandy,
      I believe Singapore Airlines has a booth (5H34) at the forthcoming Natas Fair 2012 August.

  • Chin Peggy

    can i know if there is 8D packaged tour to Korea without Jeju in Dec?

  • diana ong

    I hope to see packages for Disneyland Los angeles for 8 adults

    • Hi Diana,
      Five Stars Tours has a 11D Best of USA West Coast that visits 3 Theme Parks – Universal Studio / Disneyland / California Adventure Park from S$2888.

      • diana ong

        Our plan:
        depart Dec 4th spend 6~7nights in Disney, Universal studio, Vegas, grand canyon. Then free&easy (on our own) till 17th to take the return flight to Singapore.
        Any package can offer?

  • Lee


    May I know which are the credit cards having promotion.? and what are the limit to spend on each card to entitle for the gift/draw.? Can 1 person pay two separate bills with 2 different cards and entitle for the gift/draw?

    • Hi Lee,
      So far, credit card companies like UOB, OCBC, Citibank, DBS and HSBC have been participating at Natas Fair. Currently, HSBC is giving away S$20 shopping voucher for travel purchases spent on S$1,000 & above and free 24-inch hard case luggage for travel deals from S$3200 onwards.

      Lucky draw are typically sponsored by Mastercard, in that sense, you can combine the credit card slips so long they are both under Mastercard, and not VISA.

  • JFL

    Normally the tour packages from the bigger & better known agencies are more expensive. Check out similar packages from smaller agencies, better deal and better personal attention.

  • Audrey Soh

    Hi Going places, this is a great website for Singaporean travellers. Can i get your advise on which travel agent do you think offers the best/most well-rounded travel deal to China?
    I am looking out for my family trip (with parents) in late Sept – thinking of doing first half of the week scenic then hitting the shops in the second half of the week. And mostly likely i will cover a few states so it will be logistically easier to go with a guided tour? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚
    Btw out of curiosity, do you maintain this blog by yourself or by a team or people?

    • Hi Audrey,
      Thanks for your positive feedback.

      I can’t really comment on which tour agencies are better off than the other, firstly because I do more DIY tours than guided tours. Secondly, a lot of time it has to do with the local tour guide there that will either make or break the tour experience. Of course, for the guided tours that I have used for my Hokkaido trip, I strongly recommend Follow Me Japan (Prime Travel) and for exotic tours like Outer Mongolia and Holland Flora Trip, my first choice is Universal Travel (UTC).

      For your China trip, I would suggest you go with the more reputable travel agencies because I heard that smaller agencies (though their travel deals maybe cheaper), tend to squeeze their local tour agent for better profit margin and hence jeopardize the quality of service.

      Yes, I maintain the content of this website with a Webmaster and a freelance Web designer. I am planning to revamp the website soon, if you have any comment or information that you would like to read, feel free to drop me an email.

      • Lissa Tan

        Dear Going Places, will you be able to advise for FMJ Hokkaido – would the east or central be better to take in the sights and enjoy gourmet if it trip is for end-July?
        Thanks for looking in

  • Loureen Wong

    I am also looking for a vacation in Venna, Saltzburg & Innsbruck in late December but was unable to book a guided tour. As during the Christmas season don’t which days their shops are close and shopping centres are close for on which days.


      i am going to travel kathmandu(Nepal) on august 2013, 2 adult and 2 kids (1 year+ and 3 year+) any good deal package?

  • Lynnaeus

    Hi Going Places,
    Any idea which of the credit card or tour agencies are giving discounts for Globus, Cosmos, Trafalgar & Insight tours to Europe?
    I am looking at tours to Greece; none of the local agencies itenararies are comprehensive compared to the ones I mentioned. But of course these are more expensive.

  • Kristin

    Hi, i am travelling to france/Switzerland,Italy on mid october. How is the wheather over there? do i need to bring thick clothing? thank you.

  • Jessie tan

    I am going travel to Taiwan on Narch 2013, any good deal package?

  • eva

    I am looking vacation to United kingdom,is there any promotion flight ticket.

    • Hi Eva,
      Currently, China Southern Airlines offers the cheapest airfares to London Heathrow at S$1032 but there’s a stop over at Guangzhou and the entire flight is about 30hrs. SQ and British Airways fly direct to UK (about 14hrs) from S$1328 and S$1273 respectively.

  • Cheesecake

    Hi, my daughter and i are planning a trip to LAX & SFO. Is joining a group tour or book air & hotel cheaper? I am worry about transports plus entrance tickets and extended stay by few days in both cities will end up costing more. Pls advise, thank you.

  • gerald ceasar jacinto

    Hi,My wife and I are planning to have our honeymoon in Korea this autumn. Our budget is 3k to 4k SGD for a 5 days stay. Could you please recommend a travel agent. Thanks

    • Hi Gerald,
      I know of a travel agent specialized in South Korea Tour – S Travel. You may want give them a call to find out what are the NATAS 2013 promotion available that is within your budget. Do inform your travel agent that you’re on honeymoon and you may get surprises like upgrading to business class or free cake from hotel.

    • Francy Teh

      Hv you signed up? Dynasty traveller might consider

  • Jess & Bernard

    Power bank won during natas fair 2013 is not working.
    Although no manual is within the packaging, I browse online for related info. It’s not working at all.
    Who shall I contact? What is their contact detail? Please advise. Thanks

    • Hi,
      I am not sure if I understand your query. I gathered you have won something from NATAS lucky dip and the item is not working. I suppose you have to check with the lucky dip sponsor directly (e.g. Credit Card company) or you may try calling NATAS at 6534 0187 for assistance.

  • Pauline

    Hi GoingPlaces,
    Can help me to check travel to Korea Seoul for 2 adults which airline got promotion in 16 to 19 ; 23to26;August 2013 for 4days fm: Fri to Mon
    Or 30/8 to 2 /Sep/2013.

    Regards & Tks

    • Hi Pauline,
      Check out these cheap flights from Singapore to Seoul. The cheapest fares is via Cathay Pacific at S$638.

  • Goh YY

    About 6 of us plan to go to China Zhang Jia Jie and the cruise to Sun Xia in mid Oct.

    Any promition? Any recommendation?

    • Hi YY,
      I suggest you visit the Pre NATAS Fairs held by Chan Brothers, ASA Holidays, Hong Thai and Dynasty Travel this weekend to check out the prices and itineraries. They have some 1-for-1 deals to China which you may consider. The time and venue of these Pre NATAS fairs are updated at

  • Stacey

    Hi, me and my spouse are planning to visit Wudang Shan in mid Nov. Any recommendation? Tks.

  • Hafliza


    We are planning for our honeymoon in mid December 2013 to Boracay. Any suggestion?

    • Hi Hafliza,
      I think Boracay is an excellent choice of destination for honeymoon, after all it was rated world second best beach!

      My suggestion is to check into a nice resort like Shangri-La where you can experience luxury amidst the natural beauty of the Philippines. The good news is Tiger Air has begun to fly directly to Boracay and is currently promoting special fares from Singapore to Boracay. That means you can save some bucks on airfares and splurge on a luxury resort for a memorable holidays –

      • Hafliza

        Hi there,

        Yes Tigerair has flown directly to Kalibo airport where I would need to get my own transportation there to get to Caticlan Jetty Port. Actually I have Cohiba Villas in mind which am not sure if its okay. I need a hoterl/resort/villa that has the kitchen facilities as I understand there is no Halal food there.

  • Wendy

    Hi, I wish to know if there’s any Virgo cruise promotion during this coming fair?
    Thank you.

  • GK


    How do I know if British Airway participates in NATA2013? Wanted to book tickets only to London for 3 pax.

    Not sure if you know? Thanks.

    • Hi GK,
      British Airway is participating in this NATAS Fair 2013. Their booth is 3H31.

      However, you can’t make it to the travel fair, Emirates Airlines is having a promotion to London at S$1276. Check out’s Travel Deals!

  • Luna

    I am going to Melbourne Australia with my mum and son. Is there any good deal flight fares for 3 leaving on 16th Dec 2013 and returning in 26th dec. Any visa required? What is the charges for best flight + airport tax + visa. (All in). Any Good recommendation?

  • Irene

    Anyone got pricing for 8D6N Korea Winter Fantasy offered by S Travel during the NATAS Fair (16-18Aug 2013)? It states ‘from $1188’ on its brochure but I believe that’s for the 6D4N option. Anyone who inquired at the booth, please reply. Thanks!

  • Autumn.J

    We (4pax age between 50 to 60) planning to travel F&E trip to LA / Grand Canyon / LV & St Francisco.
    We prefer self-drive as 2 of our friends has problem walking long distance.
    Any package for flights / car rental / places of interest recommendated.

  • Mrs Sim

    Any promotions to Europe- Switzerland, Germany, Holland, France for about 10- 12days during Spring season to recommend the reliable travel agents. Tkq

    • Hi Mrs Sim,
      EU Holidays could be a travel agent you may check it out for Europe tours. Prices are quite reasonable and itineraries are pretty good and usually include entrance fee of attraction sites. But some of the connecting flights arrangements can be time consuming (like spending two days in Dubai, which is fine if you don’t mind visiting Dubai). Or, you may request for direct flights and top up the difference.

  • M

    Hi, I’m intending to do a free and easy tour to Korea (just 2 ppl) in June. May I know what is the lowest airfares that may be offered during the fair? Also I find that traveling to and within jeju will be difficult for 2 ppl, are there agencies who would be able to just arrange tour for the few days (3-4days) in jeju?

  • Jeff

    Last year during natas fair I booked tour trip and wanted to pay by credit card. But the travel agencies wanted me to pay 2% extra add on the tour fare. Why was I being charged extra? Natas fair recommended consumer to pay by credit card yet we have to pay extra. I have to pay bank interest and here have to pay extra. Why?

  • Chris Goh

    I’m thinking of going Europe in August for about 10-12 days. It’ll be my first time travelling there so should I choose a Central or Eastern Europe tour package? Which tour package (10-12 days) offers the best value?

  • Aisyah

    Your information about expo is INCORRECT!
    Please See Below from or for details.
    By car

    Singapore Expo General Parking charges* for Motor Cars as follow:

    Monday to Sundays (including Public Holidays)
    i) 7am – 5pm: First 2 hour S$3.20 and subsequent half hour is S$1.50

    Subject to a maximum of S$20.00 per day.
    * Car Park rates are subjects to changes.

    Three major expressways link Singapore Expo to the rest of Singapore. They are the :
    East Coast Parkway (ECP)
    Pan Island Expressway (PIE)
    Tampines Expressway (TPE)
    There are 2,000 car park lots dedicated solely to visitors at the centre.

    Directions from city:
    Take the PIE (exit 4A)
    Turn into Simei Avenue
    Head into Upper Changi Road East
    Turn into Expo Drive where car park lots are located
    Take the ECP (exit 2B)
    Connect to Xilin Avenue
    Connect to Upper Changi Road East or Changi South Avenue 1 or 3
    Turn into Expo Drive where car park lots are located
    Take the TPE
    Turn into Upper Changi Road East
    Turn into Expo Drive where car park lots are located

  • Aisyah

    Singapore Expo Carpark Rates only πŸ™‚ Thanks and Regards.

    • Thank you for pointing out our error and sharing the correct information with our readers. Appreciate your time to do so.

  • Zaki

    I am going to Europe for 3 weeks end august. Would like to know roughly if there is any halal full board package

  • phyllis

    Hi GoingPlaces,

    can I check wat are the travel period for NATAS Holidays 2014? to be held in 29-31 August 2014.

    • Most of the travel agents will do booking for offers and promotions until end of the year. Some may have offers until 1st quarter next year.

  • Jacky

    Good day,

    Will you be coming up with an article on the Pre-Natas fair 2014 happening in Singapore?

    Am I right to say that Pre-Natas Fair will not be able to enjoy those credit card promo for Natas Fair?

    • Marrisa Lim

      Actually for the upcoming NATAS Aug 2014, the big travel agents has already started doing their in-house fairs. I found out this about upcoming fairs in my enewsletter.

      Apparently they dont call them prenatas anymore, probably NATAS trademarked “natas”? hmm

  • Susan Boon

    looking for promotion to bangkok on December 2014

  • Tan

    Hi. Need to travel to taiwan in mid December . Any promotion on tickets

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    We can work out a customized itinerary together and get you to see and experience the mountains in a unique and exhilarating way!

  • winnie ng

    Hi, we are looking for 4 adults tickets to Seattle USA. Departure end of Nov 2014 for 1 month. Kindly advice. TQ.

  • Samuel

    Good Afternoon,
    I will be traveling to Australia Sydney on 17 Dec
    And returning on 30 Dec. Can you pls give the price for only flight
    For 4 adults and 2 child below the age of 7.

    Best Regards,

  • tay cheng guan

    Hi ,

    I need to travel to hong kong tour on 30 Nov to 4 Dec 5 days 4 nights for 2 adults 1 child 13 years old and 2 child below 12 years old ,is there any promotions during this mths or can give me the price for this package.thank

  • George

    Hey, I would like to ask if it is possible to get cheap deals for trips in March during the March Natas Fair? Or the promo fares and deals will only be open for people travelling in June???

  • ethan

    Halo… I planning may will go bkk 4 day 3 night.. so have any promotion for air ticket n hotel….

  • me and my wife is planning to travel SG-ROME 3rd Aug then MADRID-SG 23 Aug 2015 is there a chance I can availl the natas promotions?

  • today saturday super crowded

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