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Scoot Airlines

Scoot Airlines is Singapore Airlines’s long-haul budget carrier, based in Changi Airport Terminal 2 and has begun operations since April 2012. From June 2012 onwards, Scoot became the first budget airlines to fly non-stop from Singapore to Sydney on a daily basis. Being quite aggressive in gaining the Australia market share, Scoot Singapore is currently running five direct flights weekly from Singapore to Gold Coast.

Singapore Airlines Lowest Airfare... Zuji

Scoot Airlines to Sydney

Travellers are hoping that Scoot’s direct flight from Singapore to Sydney will hit hard on its competitors Jetstar and AirAsia X. Will their wish be granted?

Currently, Jetstar operating a Singapore to Sydney route with a stopover at Melbourne while AirAsia X flies to Sydney with a stopover at Kuala Lumpur. Between Jetstar and AirAsia X, the latter offers cheaper 2-way airfares from Singapore to Sydney. But with Scoot Airlines coming on board, we will definitely see stiff competitions among these three budget airlines.

  • Jetstar (stop over at Melbourne) – from S$890
  • AirAsia X (stop over at KL) – from S$573
  • FlyScoot (non-stop) – from S$478

[Upated 21 March 2012] started selling cheap tickets to Sydney today. A return ticket on Scoot Airlines to Sydney goes for as little as SGD222, reported by one of our writers, Jeffrey Neo, who decided to check out Scoot Airlines service quality and promised that he would write about his experience.

Scoot Airlines Website –

Scoot Air is building an image of fun, unconventional like calling its official website: So do not be mistakenly by those websites named or as the official Scoot Airlines website. Let’s hope Scoot Airlines airfares are equally ‘unconventional’ & ‘encouraging’ (meaning cheap) so that everyone can experience new places, meet new people.

Scoot Airlines Airfares

Scoot Airlines airfares are supposedly 40% cheaper than a full-serviced carrier. But when its parent company – Singapore Airlines (SIA) offer special fares to Sydney, Gold Coast or Peth, it is still worthwhile to check out SQ promo fares.

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    Our intended temple group consist of about 24pax. Intended date from SIN/SYD/SIN is around 20-28/10/2012. Appreciate your best airfare.Also, we need hotel/tour around Sydney and 2 days to Woollogong upon arrival. Look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Joyce,
      We are not associated with any travel agencies or airlines, so we won’t be able to quote you a price. I Hope you are aware of the recent Scoot Airlines promotion to Sydney where a pair of return tickets is as cheap as S$222 (but of course, be prepared to fly in the midnight for such fares).

  • Amy Seet

    Would like to know if Scoot will be flying to Melbourne too as I fly there frequently and many others too.

    • Hi Amy,
      I have not gotten a reply from Flyscoot’s facebook. So I think in a meanwhile, Scoot airlines do not have any plans to fly to Melbourne yet. Guess we just have to wait patiently.

  • Henry Lim

    DEar Sir ,
    I have read and hear so much about your
    promotional return flight From Singapore to Bangkok form your website , all in at S$88.00.
    To date , I still searching high and low for
    this figure.
    Is this figure a gimmick . please advise.

    Kind Regard

    • Hi Henry,
      The introductory one-way airfare to Bangkok at S$44 was a special promotion launched by Scoot Airlines on 24 April 2012 and I believe it has ended on 27 April 2012.

  • tet foo

    I will be travelling to singapore from the gold coast with my mother on 6 Nov 12.(Ref:I6HLRZ)
    My mother will be travelling in her own wheelchair.
    I rang and enquire about her travelling in wheelcahir.
    My question is:
    Is she going to be charged for the wheelchair.
    I understand she has to pay a fee for transporting her to the cabin using a cherry picker.
    Will the wheelchair travel with her all the way to Singapore and is it consider an extra baggage.
    Would appreciate an early reply.
    Thank you.
    Tet Foo

  • Bruce

    Scoot is the worst airline I have ever used.
    The prices are cheap, but the service is terrible. I was treated so badly by them and called a liar by their ‘service’ agents.
    Avoid at all costs…. don’t be lured in by the low fares. They are bad!

  • koh

    I have never fly on a budget airline.
    May I know if your budget airline provide meal on board.
    If so, how much do I have to pay for meal.

  • Sally :)

    airline is a joke, they have poorly trained staff in Manilla where they are taught just delaying and stalling tactics, Scoot website will take your money and not provide booking code making onwards plans difficult unless you are prepared to waste two to three hours of your time and money on the phone, with the pencil pushers who make you go through circles. Probably shouldn’t blame them, as they dont get any training and are paid peanuts.

    Organistion with Singapore, is a minium at best. All customer services are reduced to cut costs. They will try to always push you onto their phone service, rather than use mail or emai. It is true about having to upload screenshots, via the ‘medical claim form’ to prove you have paid for something! If you have this problem, should just use photoshop than upload next time!

  • Sally :)

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    You can try contacting SCO via these channels if you have issues (which you will)! good luck, could be absolute waste of time though
    Head office: 4 Airline Road, Changi Airport, Singapore, 819825, Singapore
    Phone number: +65 6506 8823

    [email protected], [email protected]

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