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Being a big fan of Singapore Airlines, monitoring SQ Promo fares has become my favourite pastime. Based on my past experience and research, I noticed a pattern. The best ever Singapore Airlines promotion fares usually happened at the beginning of the year – between January and March.

To compete with its rivalries , Singapore Airlines have consistently slashed its airfares to popular Asia destinations like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, and European destinations like London and Paris.

Singapore Airlines Promotion Restrictions

Terms and conditions vary. For most destinations, SQ rules can be quite relax – only one passenger is required to travel and maximum stay can be extended to 30 days. However, at times SQ is more demanding on Tokyo flights where it expects at least two passengers to travel together in order to enjoy the cheap fares and only allows 14 days of visit.

If you also like to travel on Singapore Airlines, whether you are traveling with friends or alone, you should start planning your next getaways and monitor the fares. So that you will make a well-informed decision when the promotion starts (which usually lasts for a limited period).

Singapore Airlines Promotions to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei - May to Oct 2017

SQ Promo Fares to Bangkok, Hong Kong & Taipei

Current Singapore Airlines promotion fares are quite attractive for destinations like Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei. A return economy airfares to Hong Kong starts from $238. Budget travellers who like to eat and shop would be tempted to hop onto the plane and visit Bangkok as the SQ promo fares starts from $186 – a price as competitive as any budget airlines. Return fares to Taipei is merely at $477 which you normally don’t get this price at other time of the year.

Singapore Airlines Promotions: Tokyo, May-Oct 2017

In fact, I am considering to visit Tokyo(again?!) since a return economy ticket to Tokyo costs about $600. Not too expensive considering Singapore Airlines has one of the most generous baggage policies – 30kg of checked-in luggage.

Start planning your holiday and book your SQ Promo Airfares now.

Singapore Airlines Lowest Airfare - ZUJI


  • Edwin

    Hi, do u think I should grap this offer to Seoul or wait for Natas fair?

    • Hi Edwin,
      If you are looking just to buy SQ promo tickets to Seoul, I would advise you not to wait for NATAS Fair. SQ promo tickets are unlikely to be cheaper during NATAS Fair 2013 unless you want the freebies (lucky draw, cabin trolley etc) offered by the credit card companies.

  • Edwin

    Okay, thank you!

  • Yus

    Any idea when SQ will launch a Barcelona sale. I’m anxiously waiting for it. Emirates do have good sales too but not out yet. 😀

    • Hi Yus,
      SQ is offering its 2-way airfares from Singapore to Barcelona at S$1288, for travelling period from 01 March to 14 June 2013. This promotion ends on 15 March and fare is not applicable for travel out of Singapore between 14-17 March and 1-14 April 2013..

  • Mrs Chan

    Is there any SQ promotional fare to Seoul (Korea) for March 13 to April 13? We have 4 adults.

    • Hi Mrs Chan,
      The SQ promotional fare to Seoul at S$698 has expired in 31 Jan 2013. To travel to Seoul in March with SQ will cost around S$1063 per person and in April (if the super deals offer is available depending on departure dates) will cost S$788 per person. If you’re looking for the cheapest airfare, China Eastern Airlines is offering around S$451 for return fares from Singapore to Seoul with a stop-over at Nanjing.

  • Berlinda

    Hi, I would like to check what are the price for SQ flight to Bali in Aug. Will it be around $268?

    • Hi Berlinda,
      The SQ promo fares to Bali at S$268 has expired. The airfare has gone up to S$288 for travelling period from March – June 2013. We’re afraid it is too early to find out what’s the airfares would be in August.

      • Berlinda

        Thanks for the reply. When is the soonest that you will be able to have details on the pricing for Aug flight to Bali?

  • Lia

    Hi. any promo for flying SQ from JFK to Jakarta on the 19th of march 2013? thanks

  • Hi,
    I’m looking for tickets SIN- to Auckland in late july or aug.
    Will SQ have promo somewhere before that period?
    Should i wait for i should just book now? it’s around 1.5k per pax at the moment.

    • Hi Clarie,
      I think paying S$1.5k from Singapore to Auckland is not cheap. But I don’t know when is the next SQ promotion fares to Auckland. If your travelling dates are flexible, maybe you can wait for one more month then decide.

  • Siti Sidek

    Hi! I plan to travel to New York between September and October. The current price for a return ticket for one person is about $2.8K. Do you reckon the price will increase or decrease and whether I should book a ticket now or wait for a promotion – if there is any? Thanks in advance.

  • Lilly

    Is there any promo fare from Sin to Muc /frankfurt for long period of stay?

  • maurizio

    Hi there, any promo from middle June to the end ? to italy from bali ?

  • dust

    hello,any promotional flights from sin to bcn for travelling period of 3weeks from 31.08 to 21.09?thanks

  • Jer


    i am planning to seoul in last week of november to 2nd week of december.
    would you think that SQ will have promotional prices anytime soon for Seoul? i checked the prices hover around the range of 700+ and the blackout period coincides with the dates i planned.

    • Hi Jer,
      I doubt that SQ will remove or change the blackout dates even if it were to offer another round of promo fares.
      If you have to travel on those dates, you may consider flying with Cathay Pacific. Current promotional fare from Singapore to Seoul is at S$637 and if you pay via DBS/POSB cards, you’ll get a 2% discount on flight purchase.

      • Jer

        Hi Goingplaces,

        thank you for your advice. 🙂

  • Hi,is there any SQ promotion fair from SIN to LONDON for travelling period from 1st Dec- 15th Dec?

    • Hi Ai Lin,
      I’m afraid the SQ promotional airfare from Singapore to London at S$1288 is not applicable for travel out of Singapore between 10 Nov and 15 Dec 2013. Alternatively, you may want to consider Emirates Air which offers Sin-London at S$1276 with no blackout period on 1-15 Dec. But you have to act fast. Promotion ends today:

  • Andy

    Hi, just wondering if sq does promos during the June holidays to Hong Kong? I am planning to go Hong Kong at the second week of June. If sq Does have promotions then I would wait of not I will have to book from other airlines early to avoid price hike.


    • Hi Andy,
      SQ Promo fares typically do not extend to June school holidays. Early this year, SQ promo for Hong Kong fares was S$368 for travelling period from 1 Feb – 30 May.

  • Tricia

    Hi,is there any sq fare promotion to taiwan for feb to march 2014.

    • Hi Tricia,
      SQ starts selling their promo fares to Taipei at S$588 from now till 15 December for travelling period from 1 Feb till 13 Mar 2014. FYI.

  • Anis

    I am planning to get a return ticket Singapore-London (Heathrow) for May 2014. Will SQ promotion fares be offered at the beginning of the year – between January and March 2014?
    I am even open to other airlines promo. Thanks!

    • Hi Anis,
      Current SQ promo tickets from Singapore to London is S$1,328 and for travelling period till 31 March.

      If you’re planning to travel in May 2014, consider Qatar Airways’ CNY 3-DAY Only Promotion. Return tickets to London at only S$1200 – Click here NOW!

  • kai

    I am planning to travel from SG – london between 13 june 14 – 30 june
    Would sia be having their promotions.

  • kaining


    I have a general question regarding SQ promos… I’m planning to travel to Seoul from 7-20 April 14. There’s a current promotion with an outbound traveling period that fits me but I need a minimum of 2 pax to go.

    Based on past years’ trends, do you think it’s likely for SQ to launch a new promo next round with the same outbound travel period? wondering if I should wait for a single passenger deal…

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Kai Ning,
      Based on past years’ trends, the next SQ promotion is not likely to cover the same outbound travelling period unless there are alot of left over seats after this promotion expires.

      • kaining


        But thanks nonetheless! 🙂

  • VT

    I am planning to go to LA/ SFO on May 17 to Jun 1st. Current SQ promo is till Mar 31st 2014. Based on the past year promo period, do you think they will come out another promo for Apr to end May?

    Many Thanks,

    • Hi VT,
      SQ is likely to organize another round of airfares promotions that cover travelling period till June 2014. However, prices might not be as attractive as the current ones.

      • VT

        Thanks… Is ANA worth taking, their B787/788 that have battery problem? Their promo price is very attractive.. S$1.6k for SIN to LAX.

  • Rainee


    Do you think there will be promo from Singapore to Hong Kong during October?

  • Priscilla

    Hi, I’m planning to go Tokyo in beginning week of May. Any idea will there be another of SQ airfare promotion that cover till may period?

    • Hi Priscilla,
      SQ is currently running a promotion to Tokyo and Osaka at S$708 for travelling period from 1 April till 31 July 2014, which you may consider.

  • Yvonne

    Hi there,

    I am planning to travel from SG – London between 2 – 23 Aug 2014. Do you think SQ will be having their promotion soon?
    Cos currently emirates is going for $1255 but long stopover.


    • Hi Yvonne,
      Current SQ promotional tickets to London only extended till end May. I’m hoping to see more promotions closer to NATAS Fair dates (28 Feb-2 Mar). If Emirates promotion can wait, you may consider holding your decision for a few days, but again, I don’t expect SQ to offer anything lower than S$1255.

  • Sylvia

    Hi there! I’m planning a trip to Seoul in June 2014. Based on previous years’ trend, do you have any idea if SQ will have promos for tickets to Seoul for the month of June since it’s the school holidays? Thanks in advance 😉

    • Sylvia,
      Sorry to disappoint you. Since June is school holidays, those dates are likely to be blocked out for promotional fares.

  • SD

    Im intending to travel to London from 24/4 to 5/5.
    Current airfares are about SGD$1800 for SQ,Emirates and Qatar.
    My travel period does not fall into the promo pricing now.
    Should i book now or should i wait till Natas period before booking?

  • kris

    hi. thanks for having this post! had been checking out fares deals and having a headache. If you don’t mind can you advise me on these:
    I intend to fly to korea in june and japan in july. not looking at budget as I was told that normal airlines would have better deals including check in cabin.

    However what do you suggest? currently there’s no deal for korea in june and I’m looking at osaka in july and there’s sq deal at 708 sgd. is that the best deal?

  • cheryl

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi, I would like to travel to Seoul on mid October. As the Sq promo now is till July only. Have any idea whn will hav the next promo tht cover ths period?

    • Hi Cheryl,
      I believe the next SQ Promo will have to wait till May or June to cover travelling period from August onwards.

  • Sophia

    Hi, I would like to book SQ flight to Toyko on 6 Jun to 16 Jun. How come the fare is not $708 as per stated in SQ Promotion Fares 2014 at a Glance?

  • Fanrex

    Hi, I would like to book ticket to Seoul during end June and will need the max stay to extend past 30days. Do you think SQ will have any promotions after this current promotion? The current one only allow max stay of 14days.

  • Lucy

    I’d like any promo from Taipei to Sin Return. Tks!

  • Phyllis

    Hi, do you happen to know when will the next promo start? I am planning to travel to Hong Kong from mid-Sept for around a week.

  • Mel

    Hi, can I know when will be the next promo? I thought of travelling to HK in Jan 2015. Do you think that there will be another promo before that?

    Phyllis, there is a promotion right now. to travel before 13 Nov. Promo ends 30 Jun. Pls hurry!

  • Tan Catherine

    Do you know if any promo for travelling to Beijing coming up? My trip is mid sept 2014.

  • sally

    SQ Flight promotion for November 2014 to Taipei

  • Sebastian


    Any SQ promo for December 2014? I am planning for a family trip to either Taiwan or Thailand (Bangkok) around the period from 5 to 10 December.

    Thank you.

  • Esther

    I intend to go Australia this coming Dec’2014, any promotion for SQ

  • connie

    kindly check for me;
    Sin-Mla-Sin on 04/09/14 – 14/09/14
    any promo, plese?
    thank you.

  • low

    Any promo for taipei for jun2015? 2 adult 2 children .

  • any promotions for airfare to taipei and london in dec 2014 ?

  • Courtney

    Hi sale flights out of Australia, do u think they also go on sale start of the year?

  • Courtney

    Hi do u think promos fares out of Australia happen start of the year also?

  • kimberly

    Hi, I’m gg to seoul in mid May 2015, when do you think SQ will be having their next promotion? Thanks!

  • maya

    Hi,.im planning to go to seoul in september… will sia have a promo on tbis month? Since the promo now is selling fast.. and i thought of buying in a later month.. can i have ur opinion? Thanks…

  • nicole wu


    I would like to check if there are any promotions currently or will there be upcoming promotions for air tickets from Singapore to Taipei (Taoyuan airport) for 19 October 2015 to 24 October 2015 for Singapore Airlines (SIA) flights? Thank you!


  • Christine

    Hey, do you know of any gd offers for SQ (SIN>LHR)? was looking a while back, and they had a 1.5k super deal which is now gone :O
    not sure if it’ll come back and also heard they are reducing fuel surcharge 26feb onwards??
    Any advice? Travelling to LHR on the 19/20Apr, coming back 28 Apr. What is a gd price for this period of time?

    Thank you!

  • Lye Lay San

    I would like to travel to Seoul at mid May, any great fair for SQ, great fair only at September $718, so any promo for mid May

  • Nah Ser Guan

    Plan to going Seoul at this coming 15th May to 29th May, any great fair for SQ this month, only got September $718

  • Diana er

    I am planning to travel to seoul for the period Sep-Oct 2015. Will there be any promotion fares? Thanks

  • Chow Francis

    I am looking for SQ promotional fares to Brisbane. Wish to travel in the 2nd half of June. ( Prefer to travel from June 19 – 26 ) We have 4 adults and 2 children traveling together.
    Can you help us?

  • xrissy

    Hi im wanting to travel from melbourne to chennain in feb 2016. Would you know if singapore airline will have any offers soonish? Thx xrissy

  • Cherrie

    Hi there!

    I am thinking of flying to London next March, I was wondering if you could advise me when would be the best time to purchase tickets from Singapore Airlines? Should I hold and wait till January as you’ve stated?

    Thank you so much!

  • Pls can you advise me on what is required of me to get to travel to Singapore.

  • Janice

    Hi, do you know when and how many time will SQ having airfare promotion throughout the year?

    Should we just wait till 2 months before trip to book the ticket?

    Thank you

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