Taipei Outskirts in 10 Hours by Taxi

by Danny Lee

Taipei 101 by FarTripper on Flickr

For those who have visited Taipei before, you would probably agree with me that downtown Taipei could get boring after your first trip! So for my second visit to Taipei, I arranged a day trip to visit Taipei outskirts.

I planned to visit these 3 places of interest:

  • Yehliu Geopark – A cape with fascinating rock formations
  • Jiufen – A small mountain town
  • Keelung – A popular seaport city in northeastern coast of Taiwan

Keelung Harbour by eel.nosnibor on Flickr

Taipei to Yeliu, Jiufen and Keelung

Why these 3 places? Yehliu, Jiufen and Keelung are places recommended by my friends and colleagues who enjoyed their Taiwan trips. My research indicated that these places are close to each other and take less than 2 hours drive between them. I can save time on travelling and spend more time at the places of interest.

So renting a car and hiring a driver was probably the best option for me to save time and make the trip a bit more pleasant and relaxing since I am travelling with my wife.

Rent a Car with Driver in Taipei

My challenge was to find a good rental car driver in Taipei. With the help to Google and a list of keyphrases such as “cheap car rental taipei“, “taipei driver for hire“, “hire wish driver taipei” and etc., I visited numerous Taiwan car rental sites and travel forums.

My finding was: it would be more economical to hire a Taipei taxi for a full day than renting a car with driver at hourly rate.

Taxi at Ximending by Antonio Tajuelo on Flickr

After many hours of researching and reading countless forum postings, I decided to book Mr Xu, a taxi driver whose contact number appeared in the TripAdvisor forum and is a good friend of Mickey Yang.

Not that I know Mickey personally, but this name was mentioned repeatedly in several websites and many forum postings. Mickey seems to be the only person whom you can write an English email to hire a driver in Taipei. The rest of the local drivers do not write in English and speak very little of it, so you have to call and speak Chinese to book your Taipei driver.

7-Seater Toyota Wish Taxi for USD100

I paid NT$3000 (about SGD130) to hire the car, actually it’s a very comfortable 7-seater Toyota Wish taxi, and the driver for 10 hours. That’s plenty of time for us to visit Yehliu, Jiufen and Keelung to enjoy the scenery, shopping and food.

Yes, the 10-hour taxi hire from Taipei is a bit steep for 2 passengers. However, if you have a group of 4 or 5 persons to share the cost than it is quite affordable than taking the public transport.


  • Mike

    Hi, do you still have the contact for the driver Mr Xu? Btw, how was his service? Thanks!

    • Hi Mike,
      Mr Xu Wan Liu’s is contactable at 0933920845. Apparently, he has received very good feeback on his service on Tripadvisor.


      • Joanne


        If i were to contact Mr Xu for his services, how early would it be better if i am planning a trip in early oct to taiwan. I can contact him from singapore (before the trip) right?

        • Here’s the reply from Danny Lee: “One month before should be good because they take bookings and it makes sense to call him one week before actual trip to confirm again. Also when you reach Taiwan, at the hotel call him again to tell him you have arrived and confirm timing to pick u up. He doesn’t email so call is best. Please speak in mandarin as he only understands a smattering of english. Another thing, once price is decided, do not bargain over there again as Taiwanese do not like it and he really give good service.”

  • Vicky

    Do you give an additional tip? What is reasonable?

    • Hi Vicky,
      Tipping is not compulsory in Taiwan but it is definitely a nice gesture when the service exceeds expectation.

  • sarah3490

    hi… can i contact mr.xu via email???

    • Hi Sarah,
      We do not have Mr Xu’s email but his contact no is +886 933920845 . Alternatively, you could contact Mickey as follows:
      Email: [email protected]
      Handphone: +886 921915586

      We would advise you to call Mickey or Mr Xu as they are always on the road and Mickey may not check his email frequently.

  • Gayle

    Hi, can I get Mickey Yang’s email address to contact him please?

    • Hi Gayle,
      Mickey’s contact is as follows:
      Email: [email protected]
      Handphone: +886 921915586

      Would advise you to call him as he is always on the road and may not check his email frequently.

  • Aankita Mukherjee

    I recently went to Taiwan, and got the contact of Andy Lin. I contacted him through email, and he can respond is English and even help you plan the itinerary. The cost is between 2000-3000NT depending on the hours and places.

    His service was so good! I was a solo traveller, so he even went up to the trails with me, in spite of it being a very hot and humid day. He knew the places and their history well, and helped take great photos. What really amazed me was that he showed me many more places than we decided in the itinerary, and didn’t even charge extra for it!

    In case it helps anyone, this was his contact:
    Andy Lin
    [email protected]

  • Sandy

    I am going to be in Taiwan in November 2014. It is a good time now to contact either Mickey or Mr. Xu.

  • Xavier


    I got a friend who is a Singaporean staying in Taiwan working as a private driver. He is driving a 5 seater Ford SUV. He really gives a good service, can try him.

    Kenneth – hp +886989198671 (Line or Whatapps)

    • Bas

      He has Line id?

  • Sandhya Ashok

    Please someone tell us the 2017 taxi rate.Five of us are planning a trip to Taiwan for 10 days and planning to hire taxi for the full journey. From Taipei to SML to Taichung to Tainan so on. Please help us.

    Thanks in advance

    Sandhya Ashok

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