Bustling City in the Midst of Nature

Taipei City Skyline at Night

Experience the hustle and bustle of city living in Taiwan’s major city, Taipei. Home to the world’s second tallest building, Taipei is more than just a cosmopolitan city. Surrounded by the Danshui River on its western part and by the Xindian River on its southern side, Taipei boasts of its natural beauty that serves as backdrop to its modern skyscrapers.

Experience Taipei’s Pleasant Weather

With its subtropical climate, Taipei experiences monsoon rains during the months of April until September. It is humid and hot in the summer, while temperatures can be as low as ten degree Celsius during winter. Expect tropical storms and heavy rains during the summer, though.

A Must See on Taipei

Like any other city, Taipei has its own share of traffic, pollution, and chaos. But all these are part of the natural Chinese charm that the city is known for. Walk the streets of Taipei and experience a melting of the old culture and the modern technology.

Discovery Center of Taipei

A good place to start your visit to the city is the Discovery Center of Taipei. Here you can see replicas and maps showing the history of Taipei from the 1882 walled city to present-day modern city. There is also a showcase of Taipei’s geography, natural resources, and its people.

National Palace Museum

From the Discovery Center, you can explore more about Taipei’s rich heritage through the National Palace Museum. On display is a vast collection of Chinese art and culture, such as ceramic wares, jade pieces, statues, painting and calligraphy. It also showcases a large collection of Buddhist artifacts from the Forbidden City.


Then move on to Jiufen and its old streets and experience life’s simplicity and joy. Learn of the place’s mining history and unique mining culture as you nibble on taro balls and the traditional herbal cakes.

Longshan Temple in Wanhua District

Temples in ornate designs abound in Taipei. The Longshan Temple in Wanhua District is a perfect example of southern Chinese architecture. Built like a square, the temple is adorned with exquisite sculptures of dragons on its different sides.

Xinsheng South Road

While temples and shrines are common sights in Taipei, there is an area that has earned its name as “Road to Heaven” because of its places for worship. The Xinsheng South Road is lined up with different place of worship: from temples to shrines, and from churches to mosques.

Shop at the Taipei 101

A visit to Taipei is not complete without a trip to Taipei 101, the city’s highest shopping center with a splendid view of the city and its neighboring area. On the 89th floor is the Indoor Observatory while on the 91st floor is the Outdoor Observatory. Both will give you 360-degree views of the city. Of course, one of the main features of Taipei 101 is its shopping mall that accommodates hundreds of trendy shops, high-end restaurants, and lively bars and clubs. You can find almost anything and everything in the tower’s shopping center.

If you are one who enjoys haggling and the flea market adventure, there is always a place for you. Check out Taipei night markets.

Taipei Night Markets

Taipei’s famous Shilin Night Market(士林夜市) is filled with stalls offering consumer goods, clothing and other fashion accessories. For a wide array of food, visit Nanya Night Market(南雅夜市) and Raohe Night Market(饒河街觀光夜市).

Ximending – 西門町

Or you might visit Ximending, another popular area for shoppers, where you get a feel of the modern and the old through its historic buildings and modern structures. There is the historic cinema and concert hall and the chic fashion store and the trendy restaurants.

Commune with Nature at the Yangmingshan National Park

Situated on the northeast of Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park is home to the Taiwan’s flora and fauna. There are more than a hundred species of butterfly living in its butterfly corridor and around twenty bird species flying around the area. You can catch a glimpse of emerald green muller’s barbet and Taiwan’s blue magpie. Surrounded by mountains, the national park has its own share of lush scenery, tropical rainforest, and beautiful flowers. Cherry blossoms blooming on spring is a sight to behold. If you are more adventurous and would enjoy a hike up to the mountain top, the national park has hiking trails that are well-maintained. After a hike up and down the mountains, bathe in sulfur hot springs dotting the Yangmingshan and relax and dine at the Lavander Garden or at the Shiyang Culture Restaurant.


  • ching quan

    I would like to check regarding to Taiwan tour price and schedule in your group.

    we plan to go on april 2012, and also would like to check with you did your group provide any free and easy tour?

    what we need is if you can help us to booked the 2 way airfare from sg to taipei, and also the accomodation. is it posible? and also what is the estimate cost per person?


    • Hi Ching Quan,
      Thank you for visiting where we share travel tips and advice. I’m sorry to tell you that we do not organize tours.

      By the way, I will be visiting Taipei and Tai Chung this Sep. I booked a 5-day guided (2-to-go) tour with Dynasty Travel at around S$950. I would have done it DIY if it’s not because of my aged parents. Taipei land tour is cheap but air tickets are expensive – 2 times higher than the land tour. Initially, I plan to travel by Air Asia for obvious reason – cheap. But the timing is quite bad where you may return Singapore in midnight. I opted for SQ instead which costs me S$630 for a return ticket but with good timings.

      I will share more information on Taipei on when I return.

  • Rosalind


    I’m going to Taipei F&E tis Nov 11 with my son & spouse.

    If you see my email on time… found on website and it seems really nice..

    Understand that the food is rahter cheap but very nice + big portion. Could you advise, what is the food price ranging from? Kindly email and share your info with me….


    • Hi Rosalind,
      Thanks for sharing the website on Baozi. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to explore it. You are right that Taipei food is cheaper than S’pore and the portion is bigger. E.g. A plate rice with fried beef & spring onion(葱爆牛肉饭) costs TWD 70 (S$3). Fruits like custard apple, pineapple, pears are cheap, sweet and juicy.
      If you like Night markets’ food, check out 大腸包小腸, 无骨鸡腿排 at Feng Jia night market (逢甲夜市). At 西门町 area, try 鴨肉扁, 阿宗麵線. I was told the smoked goose at 大全鵝肉專賣店 (台灣臺北松山區南京東路五段23巷6弄1號) is very delicious but it closes on Sunday. For seafood, you can consider 万里最著名的海鲜楼 –
      海龍珠海鮮餐廳地址:基隆市安樂區基金三路 71 之 1 號.
      Hope this information is of use to you. And do share your recommended list when you return 😉

  • Jennifer Lim

    Hi, We have planned to Taiwan on 8 Dec’11. We would like to extend our tour at Taipei for about 2 Days. Most likely our last accomodation will be at Hyatt Hotel.

    Can you recommend some good place to visit and good food that we musn’t miss.

    Thank you

    • Dear Jennifer,
      I strongly recommend you to visit 西门町 (Ximinding) area. The place becomes vibrant after 11am and the shops there offer everything from fashion, bags, shoes, makeup to accessories. It is like mini-Shinjuku. If you tired of walking, you can always hop into one of the many cinemas to catch a movie. Food wise, you must try the famous award-wining Beef Noodle – 牛店 @ 91 昆明街.


  • Michelle

    Hi, I have plan to visit Taipei with my sister on next March. I am planning for a 6D5N trip free & easy.

    I need recommandations on the hotels or Ming Su. My budget is less than SGD$100 per night. Would perfer those accommadation within walking distance to MRT station.

    I will need some suggestions on the places to visit too.

    Hope you can give me some suggestions.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Taipei hotels (2-3 star rated) are plenty and can easily meet your budget requirement. I stayed at Ecfa Hotel ( during the recent trip to Xi Men Ding. It is near Ximen MRT station and a twin-sharing room starts from TWD1880 or SGD79. It provides Free-WiFi in the room. What I like best about the hotel is it provides 24-hour complimentary freshly brewed coffee at the reception and the hotel staff are quite helpful. The food you may want to try near this area are 牛店 and of course, the famous 阿宗面线.

      There is a Ming Su very near Ximen MRT station – Futurestar Hotel ( Its double room starts from TWD1280 or SGD54, very affordable.

      If you are going to Jiufen (九份), you may consider staying at this Ming Su – 龍門客棧 ( It has got a very good view of Jiufen. Room rates start from 1500TWD or 63SGD.

  • Allan Seow

    hi,we’ve planned to go taipei on march.we are planning to stay over ther around 7 to 10 days free & easy. any recomemed for airfare & hotel

    • Hi Allan,
      Taipei free and easy is quite manageable and afforable with so many budget airlines offering special fares. Jetstar is offering quite attractive cheap airfare to Taipei at around S$389. Next cheaper option is Tiger airways at S$425.

      I believe you should be moving around Taiwan and probably be visiting Ximending. You may consider staying one night at ECFA Hotel, very near Ximending train station. It’s a 3-star hotel, quite new but room is small. What I about the hotel is the free-flow of coffee at the reception area.

      • Allan Seow

        Hi, thanks for the reply. Any recommendation you have for me to travel outside of taipei, perhaps a night or two at nearby county? Thks.

        • Hi Allan,
          A friend of mine did a day trip of Taipei outskirts and he visited these 3 places of interest: Yehliu Geopark (a cape with fascinating rock formations), Jiufen (a small mountain town with nice scenery); Keelung (a popular seaport city in northeastern coast of Taiwan).

          You may want to consider visiting these places too and hire a taxi to save time on travelling.

  • bloom

    Has anyone travelled to Ching Jing farm before? If yes, can you please share with me? Thanks.

  • bloom

    Anyone been to Ching Jing Farm before? If yes, can anyone share with me on the transportation? I’ll be putting a night at Taichung.

  • Lene


    I’m with 3 year old and planning to visit Beitou. Would appreciate any advice of any hot springs or things to do there with the 3year old please.

    Will 4D3N be sufficient to cover Taipei 101, Jiuzhaigou, Ximending, night mkt and Beitou?
    Is the olden little Taiwan still around?


    • Hi Lene,
      I have not been to Beitou but I understand that there are few popular Beitou hot springs like Hushan Village Hot Spring, Geothermal Valley, XinYi Road Hot Spring, Phoenix (Fenghuang) Hot Spring and Longfeng Hot Spring.

      I think you can spend 1 night in Beitou to enjoy the hot spring and 2 nights visiting Taipei 101, Ximending, some night markets like Shilin Night Market(士林夜市) & Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市). Jiuzhaigou is in Sichuan Province of southwestern China, so I don’t think you have time to cover that place.

  • Swister

    hi my family is going for a taiwan trip this coming school hoilday ie nov or dec 2012. we have total 15 adult. we have not been to taiwan before . can check should we go by free and easy or get a group tour. we have budget and hopefully not more than $1k per person. your advise is appreicated. should we go for the nata fair to get cheaper deal?

  • janet

    Hi, im planning to bring my dad (82 yrs old) n my son (6) to taipei this oct 12. Wd need recommendation on ming su (cosy n convenient for young n old). Not to pricy of cause. Many thanks.

  • mrs yap

    i m planning to go alone to taipei
    and was 25 years ago i step foot there.
    i m 65 yrs of age
    strong and can walk and plan to stay 7 days

    please advise

    thank you very much

    mrs yap