Keelung – 基隆

by Danny Lee

Keelung Harbour by eel.nosnibor

Keelung is the last stop of our Taipei Outskirts: Yehliu-Jiufen-Keelung trip.

Keelung was once a small fishing town and now is the biggest city in the northern coast of Taiwan. We asked our driver to take us to Taiwan’s most famous Miaokou night market – 基隆廟口夜市, literally translated to “temple’s entrance night market”.

Keelung Miaokou Night Market

Why is it called Temple’s Entrance Night Market? That’s because the market is located near the famous Dianji Temple – 奠濟宮.

Naturally, being a fishing port, most of the food here is from the nearby sea and hence their seafood is really fresh and affordable!

What is unique about this night market is I noticed the food stores have signs in multiple languages (English, Japanese and Chinese). I do not recall seeing this in other night markets.

Night Market Seafood

This night market seems quite similar to other Taipei night markets in terms of variey of stalls. However the mood is different – the people here are more relaxed. And the air is cooler and fresher because of the sea nearby. We tried lots of seafood here, especially the oyster omelette and steamed fresh fishes.

Fresh oysters

I’ve never seen such a huge tray of fresh oysters! They are bigger than my thumb. Unlike the oyster omelette in Singapore, the oyster omelette here has more oysters than eggs!


  • Kyle

    The name the locals use is “Jilong Miaokou (Keelung Temple Entrance).” If you go around looking for “Miaokou Night Market,” you’ll get nowhere, as most major temples have night markets around them.

    Although a small place, this has some of the best food in Taipei. The oyster omelets and PaoPao ice are amazing. Make sure to check out the 3 Brothers Tofu Pudding “(豆花)” nearby, and if it’s open on that day, look for the eel soup stall near the center of the market.

    If you need to, there’s also a mcdonalds nearby where you can mooch off their air conditioning.