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Couple Travel

When my traveling schedule becomes more frequent, I stated hunting around for travel insurance for couple that would save me time and hassle to activate a travel policy whenever I travel. Furthermore I don’t usually travel alone and prefer traveling with my loved one.

I figured out that if I travel 4 or more trips a year, I would save money on my insurance coverage by getting an annual travel insurance plan instead of a single trip plan each time I travel.

Travel Insurance: Couple Plan vs Family Plan

In the past when I travelled with my partner, I would purchase two single trip travel plans for both of us since a family plan is not feasible for a family of two!

To my delight, I was introduced to “Got-It-Covered Travel Plan” by Chubb travel insurance that offers annual plan for couple through the Standard Chartered Bank credit card. It is an ideal plan for travelling couples at a very attractive rate of SGD158 a year for worldwide coverage.

[Updates] As of August 2012, ACE “Got-It-Covered Travel Plan” for Couple has increased to S$243.

No doubt it has a lower coverage on accidental death and medical accidental expenses, the rest of the benefit limits on baggage delay, flight cancellation and misconnection are similar to other travel insurance plans. Since both of us already have personal accident and medical plans, I reckoned this was a suitable plan of use and I decided to take up the offer via the credit card.


  • Danny Lee

    Travel insurance service by ACE is superb!

    Recently my wife went to Barcelona for her business trip and her luggage was delayed for a day!

    Luckily before her trip, I went to buy ACE travel insurance from Citibank which was having a promotion then.

    So during her stay at Barcelona, she submitted the relevant documents required by ACE for the claims (delayed baggage).

    She got her cheque within 3 weeks! It’s $800 and there was no questions asked! Fast and easy!

    Compared to her company’s insurance, it has been more than 6 weeks and she is still waiting!

  • Mrs Ling

    Just would like to share i was also shortlisting this company Got-it-covered plan but noted that they do not cover for travel cancellation due to natural disaster. That make me think twice on the purchase as nowadays this is very important. Like flood in Thailand, Tsunami in china or Thailand which are common country we visit.

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