10 Stunning Hotels in Krabi for under $100

by Hui Min

Krabi, Thailand

Beach getaways are a favourite for many of us who yearn to escape from the constraints of city life. To the majority, the beach represents peace, tranquility and freedom. With a shortage of beaches in Singapore, the beaches of Thailand and Malaysia have become the favourite beach haunts of Singaporeans.

Instead of sun-bathing at stunning beaches of Phuket and Langkawi, the beaches of Krabi provide a cheaper and more less commercialised alternative compared to their more touristy counterparts. Here, we managed to find 10 stunning hotels in Krabi for under $100- something you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Alisea Boutique Hotel Krabi

Photo from Alisea Boutique Hotel

10. Alisea Boutique Hotel

Named after a fairytale princess and located just a 10 minutes walk from Aonang beach, Alisea aims to provide a fairytale experience for all visiting guests. Exclusively for adults, this hotel is the place for those who desire peace and serenity. Featuring a rooftop pool that overlooks the mountains and the Andaman sea , one easily forgets that a night in this boutique hotel is not as expensive as many others think.

Golden Bay Cottage Krabi

Photo from Golden Bay Cottage

9. Golden Bay Cottage

If you prefer more privacy, Golden Bay Cottage situated on the little island of Ko Lanta, just off the coast of Krabi town, would a be prefect choice for you. Set in a large picturesque garden compound, this hotel provides guests with private cottages that are fully equipped with ensuite bathroom, toiletries, aircon and wifi. With the beach just 10 metres down, it is akin to getting your private beach at a steal.

Long Beach Chalet Krabi

Photo from Long Beach Chalet

8. Long Beach Chalet

Located on the island of Ko Lanta, Long Beach chalet offers Thai style chalets set on stilts that look out to the sea. With the beach located less than 10 metres away, beach lovers have the luxury of spending the whole day at the beach without worrying about transportation back home. Besides, even the most budget bungalow option has a garden view. What more can you ask for?

Aonang Phutawan Resort Krabi

Photo from Aonang Phutawan Resort

7. Aonang Phutawan Resort

Even though Aonang Phutawan Resort does not have that many facilities, you are not far away from all the excitement and fun located on Ao Nang Beach just 7 minutes away. The resort makes up in the form of 16 deluxe pool rooms decorated in the Northern Thai style and are fully equipped with modern facilities. With lush gardens surrounding the premises, it is like your own little oasis in the middle of a busy town.

Krabi Front Bay Resort

Photo from Krabi Front Bay Resort

6. Krabi Front Bay Resort

It is not wrong to think that a gorgeous seaside view is only available in exclusive five star resorts that usually cost a bomb. Not in Krabi though. Krabi Front Bay Resort overlooks the exact point where the Krabi River meets the Andaman Sea which makes for a stunning view. The best thing is it costs less than a hundred dollars.

Aonang Regent Hotel Krabi

Photo from Aonang Regent Hotel

5. Aonang Regent Hotel

Being a boutique hotel, the hotel ensures the high quality of its hotel rooms by having only 13 rooms. This means that every guest will get to enjoy the utmost privacy. The best thing about the hotel is the beautiful view of the cliffs and sea one is able to enjoy from the balcony in addition to spacious modern air-conditioned rooms.

Photo from Dee Andaman Hotel

Photo from Dee Andaman Hotel Krabi

4. Dee Andaman Hotel

It is almost unbelievable to see the price this little gem is charging. With each and every balcony offering gorgeous views that overlook either the mountain and city, it is no wonder that you have to book the hotel well in advance. With painstakingly decorated rooms, the hotel offers you a hideaway or a second home reminiscent of a place you would only expect to find in a beautiful exotic dream.

Marina Express Fisherman Krabi

Photo from Marina Express Fisherman

3. Marina Express Fisherman

For instagram lovers, this place is the right place for you. WIth crisp white linen accompanied by gorgeous views of the mountains, it is a no brainer why many guests are returning customers. With a nautical theme in mind, you can see the various nautical touches the hotel has included. What we like most is the highly individual nautical decorations in each hotel that blends seamlessly into the whole white background, making it a perfect instagram worthy shot. No filters needed.

Maleedee Bay Resort Krabi

Photo from Maleedee Bay Resort

2. Maleedee Bay Resort

With rooms that can be up on par with their more expensive counterparts, this resort is often fully booked. With wooden interior and dark red furnishings, the resort exudes a luxurious feel at such affordable prices. With many facilities within the resort itself, guests have no need to step out of the resort if they prefer to remain in this little oasis of relaxation.

Sunda Resort Karbi

Photo from Sunda Resort

1. Sunda Resort

Sunda Resort’s motto “ Home Away From Home” is an indicator of how important the comfort of the guest is to staff. All rooms come with a private balcony that feature views of the garden, pool or the canal. To top it off, there is a free tuk tuk shuttle to ferry guests to and back from Ao Nang beach, a 10 minute drive away.

Article is contributed by Hui Min, a lifestyle blogger at online cashback shopping site ShopBack.sg

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