Jeffrey Neo


Jeffrey Neo

Jeffrey is a promising final year environmental engineering student at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. As the youngest writer at, he is outgoing, friendly, spontaneous and adventurous. Some of the craziest things he has done include bungee jumping in Phuket and biking around Krabi without actually owning a motorcycle license!

Jeffrey’s love for travel arises from the fact that it allows him to meet interesting people from all over the world. His motto is to see the world so as to shape his perceptive for the future. Jeffrey enjoys travelling alone sometimes; as a solo traveler, he feels the experience allows him to take control of his own time, to explore the sights and happenings around him.

To date, Jeffrey has been to many places including Melbourne, Gold Coast, Bali, Bangkok and Krabi. He has also spent a half-year stint living abroad in New York, and during this period, he travelled extensively to various cities in the States and Canada. In fact, his favourite food is the Ahlal chicken rice in New York – brings back fond memories of home whilst he was overseas. That said, travelling for him is and will never be enough and some of the top destinations on his list are Russia, Alaska and Hawaii.

Through his vast travel experiences, Jeffrey is especially touched by the simple lives led by people in developing cities such as Siem Reap. It also serves as a constant reminder of how blessed he is to be a Singaporean. His advice on travelling? Always buy insurance, travel with an open mind, and be ready to embrace the culture and diversity of the place you’re visiting!

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