AIG Travel Insurance Promotion


Planning to take a break soon or taking your loved ones for the year-end holiday? Already booked your flights and favourite hotel?

AIG Travel Guard Promotion at 20% off

Now it’s time to protect your holiday plan, to get an instant quote at 20% off your travel plan, click here.

For example, with 20% off you’ll pay only $64 for a 8-day trip to Japan – that’s $11 cheaper than before for the Classic plan and more than $27.20 saving for the Permier plan! Here’s a sample quote to illustrate the savings you’ll enjoy.

AIG Promo instant quote table before and after 20% off for a 8-day Japan trip


Why Travel Guard?

  1. Pays from the first dollar
  2. No minimum or maximum age
  3. Covers leisure amateur sports
  4. Reimburses emergency telephone charges incurred overseas
  5. Policy automatic extended for 30 days without additional charges if you are hospitalised or quarantined
  6. ‘Family’ packages for 1 or 2 adults travelling with children (children must be legally related to either adult)

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