Best Bali Honeymoon Villas

by Stefan

Best Honeymoon Villas

Ahh, the Bali honeymoon; the term itself conjures images of a pristine tropical paradise, with lush, flourishing rainforests bordered by ivory beaches licked by cerulean seas.

It’s the ultimate destination to unwind in after the startling wedding realization you’ve also inherited that entire clan of weird-looking in-laws, not just your seemingly unrelated significant other.

Bali Honeymoon Packages

Romantic Honeymoon Destination

As exotic as Bali is, it’s very affordable. However laudable such prices are, they also attract the package deal crowd and the typically obnoxious drunken revelry with which they are so closely associated. If that’s what you’re into then go for it, but this isn’t generally what a recently married couple tends to after. They tend to want to drink each other in for a couple of weeks, not booze it up with a bunch of tattooed, chain-smoking beer-bellies, toothlessly cackling into their full English breakfasts when one of their number nosily breaks wind.

Beaches, books, sunset walks, gastronomy and enthusiastic bonking are far more likely to be the orders of the day for the freshly conjoined.

Fortunately, there are plenty of locations off the beaten tourist path that allow for greater privacy, peace and quiet, and a generous dose of local culture. For example:

Ubud Hanging Garden

Ubud Hanging Gardens

Ubud Hanging Gardens is rated the number one hotel destination in Payangan, according to Some consider this complex consist of the best honeymoon villas in Bali. Surrounding a magnificent pool overlooking forested mountains, the name of the game here is relaxation. No hassles, no one running after you down the street, tugging at your sleeve and trying to sell you hastily-constructed craft wares or a female family member.

You can even get married here, and kill two birds with one stone.

The current Ubud Hanging Gardens promotion with Agoda is worth checking out – A panoramic deluxe pool villa with breakfast goes under USD420.

Bali Bulgari Resort by Shigeki Iimura via

Bulgari Bali

Jewellery makers Bulgari have expanded into hotels and resorts, and none come more exclusive than their resort in Uluwatu – Bulgari Bali. Perched on a cliff almost five hundred feet above the Indian Ocean, the resort combines Indonesian and Italian design elements. Indeed, the restaurant is Italian, which suits me, as it’s my favourite cuisine. Jaw-dropping pool and bar areas compound the experience, and attentive staff ensure any riff-raff are quickly encouraged to leave. They can be fooled, however: I was there for a whole week.

The only problem is, compared to other Balinese resorts, it’s very expensive. However, the experience will stay with you for the rest of your life, which is where the real value lies.

Find out more about Bali Bulgari Resort promotion with Agoda – A ocean view villa with breakfast starts from USD880.

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