A Harmony of People and Nature

Woman testing coffee by Artem Bali on Unsplash pDiWpjV14F0

Situated at 3.2 km east of the island of Java in Indonesia, Bali holidays remain as one of the most sought after prime tourist destinations. Its attractions range from its temples, sacred caves, sandy beaches, stately volcanoes and crater lakes but the one-of-a-kind cultural heritage it has it what made it more popular. It has more than 20,000 temples, numerous palaces and colorful festivities.

Every year, tourists gather to this haven and enjoy its beauty or to be a part of the many ceremonies that features music, drama and exquisite dances. Indeed, it is amazing how the unique geographical formations, exotic wildlife and artistic people live and exist harmoniously on one island.

Some of the top Bali attractions include:

Remarkable culture and history

Balinese are known for their skills like in sculpture, painting, music and dance. They are also skilled and artistic in metal works and leather. By 2009, about 3 million Balinese are living in the island and majority follow Balinese Hinduism while others follow Islam.

During the 1st century AD, the fusion of Hindu and Chinese traditions influenced Bali’s religion and culture nowadays. It was deeply ingrained in their culture that even when the Dutch gained control and occupied the island sometime in 1908, the Balinese customs continue and it even remained intact. Thus, Balinese continued to create a unique and wonderful culture that even a group of western anthropologists and musicologists who visited during the 1930’s declared Bali as an enchanted land; it where artistic people are at peace with themselves and with nature.

Exquisite Bali dance and music

Balinese artistry is not only reflected in their art but also in their gestures and basically on who they are. Their artistry brought them international recognition, thus most Bali hotels have dance performances after a sumptuous spread of festive dinner with a beautiful front beach as background. Also, tourists who want to learn and experience the Balinese art, there are dance and Gamelan music lessons. More so, many other cultural and enjoyable activities make Bali a wonderful destination for families and friends alike.

Fun-filled activities at Bali

In Bali, one can see a variety of tropical birds, fishes, monkeys, and Komodo dragons by just taking a stroll on one of the local zoo or bird markets. Looking for an adventure? Traveling through a horse, a Sumatran elephant or even a camel can be a thrilling ride. There are also butterfly parks and hectares of botanical garden filled with bamboos, ferns and rare orchids for those who wants to get subtle in getting to know Bali’ biodiversity.

Also, the sun and sea is captivating in Bali. Thus, it is no wonder why there are many cruises or different water sports and activities like surfing, snorkeling, water ski, banana boat rides and para-sailing. There are also scuba diving, white water rafting and game fishing.

For the young and adventurous, there are venues for bungee jumping, kayaking and paint ball war games. While for a good relaxation, you can have traditional Bali massages, Jasmine spa or Cool Spa treatments or enroll in meditation classes. You can also learn cooking Balinese delicacies since and enroll in a cooking lesson. Those who are lucky enough can even get these services free of charge. Off course, one should not forget that Bali is famous for its wide golf courses and perfect destination for honeymoon.

Bali Hotels, Villas and Resort

Staying in Bali depends on one’s choice and budget. There are options from clean air conditioned rooms with private bath to luxurious Balinese villas with living and dining pavilions, a pool and a private garden. All around the island there are resorts and hotels that can provide services and facilities to visiting tourists.

Dining at Bali Restaurants

For a great dining experience, the island also offers Chinese, Indonesian or the Halal delicacies. There are local cafes (warung) and foreign restaurants too that serve fair imitations of their national foods. There are also fine dining places. The prices are almost the same as in any major cities worldwide but be ready with your Rupiah, the currency in Indonesia.

Major credit cards are also accepted so tourists will and can experience some of the most magnificent dining cuisines and hospitality that will make their Bali holidays and vacation memorable.