Khao San Night Market

by Amy Corcoran

Night Market - Khao San Road by Robert Brands via

Attraction about Khao San Road is it’s convenience of a number of services can be found and things can be bought at the night market. When shopping at Khao San night market, haggling with stall owners is perfectly acceptable. As Bangkok is a well used transport hub for tourists arriving and leaving Asia, Khao San road proves a great place to stock up on those last minute souvenirs and bargains before heading home.

Shopping for Souvenirs

Khao San Road is a great shopping destination, with shops and stalls lining the main road and remaining open until late at night. Be careful of stalls touting genuine silver as this might not always be the case. Of course, counterfeit merchandise like CDs, DVDs are sold here too.

Khao San Tailors

There are a multitude of tailors in the area able to whip you up some new clothes from scratch for a great price but it is advisable to ask to see their previous work or ask for recommendations from other travellers.

Money Not Enough – ATMs

To help you spend your money there are plenty of ATMs and foreign exchange bureaus located in the area and if you have bought too much to carry you can send some things home from the post office located near the Victory Monument.

Khao San  Road Hair Salon by Matthew Klein via

Hair Salon

If you are feeling in the need of some pampering there are plenty of massage and beauty parlours, as well as hair salons, ready to make you feel a millions dollars.

Dental Service

Thailand is also known for it’s cheap and reliable dental work and there are many dental clinics in the Khao San Road area specializing in services such as teeth whitening for a great deal cheaper than in the West.


Bangkok is also known for it’s tattoos and many people choose to get high-quality, low-cost tattoos, either by traditional bamboo or modern methods, whilst staying on Khao San Road. You can also find plenty of other useful businesses on Khao San Road such as laundry services (around 30 Baht for an overnight service) and clothes repair as well as opticians.

Khao San Travel Agents

Lining the streets too are numerous travel agents from which ongoing transport can be booked to almost anywhere in the world. Shop around to get the best deals and ask fellow travellers for recommendations of reliable agents. There are plenty of internet cafes too, although nowadays most guesthouses have free wifi, which makes staying in touch with loved ones or doing holiday research even easier!

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