Khao San Restaurants

by Amy Corcoran

Khao San Road BBQ by tk-link via

It is amazing that in this small area of Bangkok you can find restaurants at Khao San Road to suit all tastes and budgets, from cheap, delicious BBQ street food to amazing Italian, Japanese, Israeli and English cuisine. Just to name a few here…

India Food – Khao San road is particularly known for it’s excellent Indian food with Rainbow Guesthouse serving some of the best. Try ‘Oh My Cod!’ for typical English cuisine, located in a courtyard at the centre of Soi Rambuttri.

Vegetarian Food – For those sticking to a Kosher diet, Chabad House Kosher Restaurant on Rambuttri Road is well recommended, and vegetarians should head to May Kaidee’s 1 on Soi Boronrangsi for some of the best vegetarian food in the area.

Thai Food – Of course there are also plenty of places to sample Thai dishes, Wild Orchid Villa on Soi Chana Songkhram and Tom Yum Kung on Trok Mayom are two recommended establishments.

Papaya Salad by Renée Suen 孫詩敏 via

Cheap and Good Food at Khao San Road

You can pick up a tasty meal in a number of Khao San Road’s restaurants for under 100 Baht but for those on a tighter budget or wanting a more authentic experience street food is the way to go with prices starting from 10 – 20 Baht.

There are numerous street food establishments located in the Khao San Road area serving authentic Thai curries, Papaya Salad, Tom Yum soups and Pad Thai, amongst other dishes. Looking out for places favoured by locals is always a sure fire way to get the tastiest grub on the street.

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