Busan Most Popular Beach – Haeundae

by Royston Chan

Haeundae Beach

If you love the sun, sand and sea, if you love good sceneries, if you love a chill, relax and laid back holiday, then Busan’s definitely the destination for you. Busan is a port city located on the southeastern tip of South Korea and it is the second largest city in the country. Situated right by the sea, it is no surprise Busan is famed for its many beaches.

After visiting Jeju island and Udo island on solo, my next destination is Busan city where I have my friends joining me. My advice for those who are planning a trip to Busan, I’d definitely recommend staying in the Haeundae area. Haeundae-gu is a district in eastern Busan and is served by the Busan subway system. It is not surprising that Haeundae is a very lively area as it is home to Haeundae Beach, arguably the best beach in Busan.

How to get there
By Bus – from Seoul Station, take Korea Train eXpress (KTX) to Busan station (about 3 hours). From Busan station take bus no: 1001 or 1003 and alight at Haeundae Beach stop.
By Train – take Busan Subway Line 2 and alight at Haeundae Station, exit 3 or 5.

Crowded Haeundae Beach

Crowded Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach Busan

Haeundae beach at Busan

Hello Haeundae!

Naturally after settling down, my friends and I made our way to Haeundae Beach, which is a mere 5 minutes walk from our hostel. As it was a public holiday in Korea, the beach was extremely crowded with throngs of locals and tourists! Families with kids, couples, and groups of youngsters – you could find an entire community of people there and the beach atmosphere was simply great! Not to mention the good weather just made it all the more pleasant for a day at the beach.
Kids Playing At Beach

Beach Boys

Beach Boys at Haeundae beach

Our walk led us to a stretch of beachfront promenade decorated with various “fun boards”. We could take cute and funny pictures using those boards as backgrounds. Although they don’t seem to look like permanent fixtures (unfortunately), it was good fun nonetheless!

We were so in love with the beach that we went back at night for a moonlight stroll. Walking on the cool soft sand in bare feet was so therapeutic! The beach at night was less crowded but there were still a considerable number of people there.

Haeundae Beach Night View

It is the perfect spot to people watch – groups of teenagers playing the guitar, best friends hanging out and chit chatting, couples taking romantic walks on the sand and I was so amazed to find some of the ladies doing so in their heels! And us of course, we bought sparklers and fireworks and had a good time with those. However, halfway through our fun, we had the public announcement system warning us not to set off fireworks on the beach as it is prohibited! How embarrassing!

We returned to Haeundae Beach the next morning when it was less crowded, just to enjoy more of the sun, sand and sea. Although it is summer, the water was still freezing cold! Well I am exaggerating but you get what I mean. Nevertheless, it was a very refreshing swim!

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