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Looking for cheap flights to Toyko and I stumbled upon Chan Brothers Flights that consolidates all the flights available from Singapore to other parts of the world. I believe it is only recently that Chan Brothers Travel, a popular travel operator in Singapore extended its service to on-line portal offering flights and hotels at affordable rates. The website looks like a good resource to get some good deals, so I started to give it a try to search for a pair of cheap air tickets to Toyko.

Singapore Airlines Promotion to Toyko

I have a preference for Singapore Airlines so I clicked onto Chan Brothers Flights’ SIA promotion box where its header indicates “Singapore Airlines Economy Class Promo’ to Tokyo starts from S$211! A very tempting deal indeed. I keyed in my preferred departure and arrival dates and hit the search button.

The search function was quite easy to use and the page got uploaded quickly with all the available flights from Singapore to Tokyo. Literally, I mean ALL flights including other airlines even though I selected only SIA. The search result shows other airlines’ flights information to Tokyo like Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines etc and the list is sorted by the cheapest airfares to the most expensive airfares. I didn’t mind the extra information as it helps me to make a better decision.

But since my mind was set, I stick to Singapore Airlines. I continued to select my referred timings and hit the “Book Now” button and the airfare details (all-inclusive) instantly appeared on the screen as SGD613.90. Hmm… my first reaction was it didn’t seem to be that cheap after all. To ensure I get the best deal, I visited Singapore Airlines’ website and entered the same flight details. The airfare offered by SIA was slightly cheaper at SGD598.90, a difference of SGD15.

Qatar Offers Cheap Flights to London from Singapore

I thought this may be a one-off thing, so I made a second attempt. This time I selected flights from Singapore to London via Qatar Air. Same flights, same dates but the price difference is greater this time. Chan Brother Flights quoted at S$1,315.10 while Qatar Airways’ airfare is S$36 cheaper at S$1,279.10.

I like the Chan Brothers Flights which provides a one-stop shop flights information from Singapore to your referred destination and the website is user-friendly. But unless Chan Brothers’ airfares can match the airlines’ promotion, it will only be a resource tool for me.

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