Changi Village – A Unique Holiday in Singapore

by Vida Llevares

Changi Village Singapore

The holiday season is indeed the perfect time to treat your family to a breathtaking experience and Changi Village is certainly a perfect choice. Being one of the top tourist destinations in Singapore, your family will surely love Changi Village’s seaside setting, rustic feeling and relaxing environment. In addition, Changi Village features a wide array of leisure activities so you will not have any dull moment.

Things to do in Changi Village

Aside from biking around Changi Village, you can bring your family for a picnic at Changi Village Beach to watch to sunset or sunrise. This beach park is also a famous spot for camping, watersports, fishing and jogging.

Changi Village also features a unique historical ambiance through the Changi Chapel and Museum where you can find remarkable murals, paintings and quilts. After spending the whole day hopping from one destination to another, you can enjoy a leisure walk at the Changi Point Coastal Walk.

Nasi Lemak by Su-Lin via

Changi Village Nasi Lemak

The diverse food offerings you can find in Changi Village will surely delight your gastronomic interests. You should not miss nasi lemak, a muslim dish made of rice cooked with coconut, deep-fried crispy chicken wings, egg, ikan bilis and chili that you can buy from the International Food Stall in Changi Village Food Centre. This stall is very popular among the locals, so do expect to queue during peak hours.

For your dose of post-dinner entertainment, check out Charlie’s Corner that features 50 beer varieties. You can also enjoy your favorite Western dishes at Jacob’s Café or relax at Chock Full of Beans for a smooth cafe latte that made ‘Angry Birds’ as foam art that ironically makes you smile.

Changi Village Hotel by Lizjimariki via

Changi Village Hotel

Whether you are on a business trip or on a leisure travel, you will make a good decision in staying at Changi Village Hotel. Its proximity to the airport makes transportation more convenient. It features 380 rooms classified to 5 different types to accommodate your needs.

Changi Village Hotel also houses a rooftop spa, wellness centre and infinity pool where you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset view. Fully equipped with broadband internet access and only 15-min drive from Singapore Changi Airport. Changi Village Hotel has 4 dining options for you to choose from and its Italian restaurant – La Cantina in Venezia is one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore.

How to Get There

There are 4 buses that bring you to Changi Village Bus Terminal:
At Tanah Merah MRT Station – take Bus No.2
At Tampines MRT Station – take Bus No. 29
At Bishan Bus Interchange – take Bus No. 59
At Serangoon Bus Interchange – take Bus No. 109

Changi Village also features a ferry terminal with small passenger ferries that can bring you to north-eastern island such as Pulau Ubin and a couple of places in Johor, Malaysia.


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