How To Find A Cheap Bali Villa Deal?

by Su-Ann

Bali Villa with Swimming Pool

Renting a Bali villa is similar to renting a holiday home. A Bali villa typically comes furnished with kitchen facilities and a private swimming pool. A Bali villa can set you back a couple of hundreds or thousands, but with some creative research, it is possible to get a cheap Bali villa deal.

Choose a Less Popular Location

If you are willing to trade in action and nightlife for a quiet time, you would find a good selection of cheap Bali villas available. For example, in Ubud – think plenty of quiet time for you and your significant other amidst rice fields.

If the above scenario isn’t something that appeals to you, try Seminyak. Seminyak is a good alternative for romantics who prefer the sand, the beach and a bit of action, but none of the headiness of Kuta. In recent years, many foreigners have settled in and around Seminyak, living there on a long term basis to run businesses. This is the ideal set up for finding cheap Bali villas deals in and around Seminyak.

Go Off-Peak

You stand a better chance of finding or negotiating for cheap Bali villa deal during the off-peak season.

The off-peak season is the rainy season; usually from October to March. The rates for accommodation drop significantly during this season, but this excludes the festive seasons such as Christmas and New Year’s.

If you don’t see any offers for off-peak season rates, ask the owners or managers if they can offer you a cheap Bali villa deal. Unlike branded hotels found elsewhere in Bali, Bali villas could be owned and operated by the same people, and hence have greater flexibility over prices and discounts for their properties.

Cheap Bali Villa Packages

If you choose to go to a less touristy destination, you may wonder what your food options would be like, and how far you would need to travel out for food. Other expenses, such as spa treatments or traveling to the nearest town for shopping or some sightseeing, could also add up. For instance, living in Ubud means a long ride to and from the airport (around 90 minutes each way).

The good news is, given the competition for the tourist dollar, many Bali villas offer packages that include breakfasts, complimentary massages, airport transfers, personal chefs, chauffeurs, and the like. So when comparing the offers for cheap Bali villas, check to see what is included, and what is not, or use this as leverage to negotiate for a better cheap Bali villa package.

Another way is to monitor Bali hotel deals offered by online hotel booking websites like Agoda or where from time to time, discounts on room rates can go as low as 50%!

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