How To Look For Cheap Flights to USA

by Jeffrey Neo

Cheap Flights to USA

Tip #3: How to look for Cheap Flights to USA

Without compromising your travel experiences on board, there are certain airlines that provide flights to various cities in the US at competitive rates. For most travelers in Asia, the journey to US is considered long haul, ranging between 15 and 24 hours. From my previous experience with choosing an international carrier, there are a few airlines which are definitely worthy of your consideration.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airlines Deals from Singapore – With a budget between USD1350 and USD1650, Qatar Airways offers one of the most competitively priced return tickets to the United States. Winning the coveted title of Year 2011 World Airline Awards, Qatar Airways has made tremendous improvements to their inflight services and facilities over the past few years, while keeping their ticket prices low.

Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines Deals from Singapore – With a budget between USD1700 and USD2000, Emirates offers a fine combination of savings and quality. From my experiences on Emirates, their food and beverage services on board are highly commendable, almost second to none in my opinion! And yes, by that I am making a comparison to Singapore Airlines. Also, Emirates offers sufficient leg space and leg rest which is very important for a long haul journey to the US.

Of course, if you’re an ‘I just want the cheapest ticket’ kind of traveler, I do have a few options for you as well. With a budget between USD1100 – USD1500, Philippines Airlines and China Eastern Airlines offer cheap and affordable flights to the US.

Singapore Airlines

For travelers who are strictly looking for comfort and with a bigger budget, Singapore Airlines would certainly come to my mind. A return ticket to New York costs USD1960 and the airfares to Los Angeles or San Francisco by SIA starts from USD1550.

Tip #4: How to save money on domestic flights in USA

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