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There are numerous airlines to choose from flying out of Singapore but Air Asia Singapore makes a name for itself by offering remarkable airfare deals, and combination hotel and flight packages, going to an endless list of popular vacation destinations. Once you’ve checked out the prices and promotions offered by Air Asia, flying to places like Australia, China, Japan and even United Kingdom, you’ll be tempted to book a ticket with AirAsia Singapore.

AirAsia Popular Destinations

It would be virtually impossible to pick Air Asia’s most popular destination because each has its own unique qualities to offer. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia would have to be one on the list with its happy atmosphere brought about by exciting festivals, art, music, fashion and lush green landscapes. Indonesia’s Bali is a fantastic getaway location as well and Australia’s Gold Coast is exceptional with its gorgeous beaches, theme parks and fantastic weather. Not to be bested is Tokyo, Japan and its breathtaking scenery, majestic temples and splendid traditions. You’ll always find remarkable travel options to take advantage of and the perfect Air Asia promotion to will make your dream vacation possible.

AirAsia Last Minute Deals

AirAsia Airlines initially became popular because of their budget airfare prices and their endless list of spectacular designations. While they offer a variety of amenities including their on board refreshments and meals, the real reason they have made such a name for themselves is convenience. Not only is it easy to book reservations with the Air Asia online booking system, there are always a number of special Air Asia promotional deals going on that much traveling with them that much sweeter including last minute deals and their new “Mystery Hotels” promotion on their website – AirAsiaGo. When you book via the “Mystery Hotel” promotion, you have the opportunity to stay in a 5 star hotel at 3 star hotel prices that are conveniently located close to all the best the particular city has to offer.

AirAsia Stewardess

Why Fly Air Asia

What more can anyone expect from an airline? AirAsia makes it affordable for anyone to experience the 27 fantastic destinations they travel to from Singapore. Besides affordable prices, AirAsia makes it easy to plan your trip using their online booking service to pick your flight and accommodations. As if these perks weren’t enough, their hotel packages are incredible and they new Mystery Hotel promotion mentioned above makes it easy to take a surprise vacation just about anywhere and live like the rich and famous. Whether you’re ready for a quick, weekend getaway or a lengthy vacation, Air Asia Singapore will get you there and in style.

Why Don’t Fly Air Asia

To be honest, we couldn’t come up with any negatives unless the traveler is hard to please; even then it would be difficult to find something to complain about when it comes to Air Asia Singapore.

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