7 Cost Saving Tips When Travelling to USA

by Jeffrey Neo


Last year, I stayed in the United States for five months. While I was struggling to adapt to a new environment, I learnt a few good cost saving tips along the way, though I’ve got to admit some of them were learnt through the hard way. I’m more than happy to share these cost saving tips to those are about to travel to USA for the very first time. So, here’s the 7 tips:

  1. How much to tip in USA
  2. How to book cheap hotels in USA
  3. How to look for cheap flights to USA
  4. How to save money on domestic flights in USA
  5. How to choose a bus or train operator
  6. Why you need to buy travel insurance
  7. How to save money shopping online
    1. Tip #1: Tipping in USA

      Okay, let’s start with advice on “How to Tip”. In the United States, tipping is a widely practiced social custom. Tipping amount could vary from 15% to 25% of the bill. You should know that in the US, it is considered rude if you leave a service staff without a proper tip. Because of the strong tipping culture, most service staff offer attentive and courteous services.

      However, you should never tip out of obligation. If you are unsatisfied with any service standards, do not hesitate to provide a feedback to the relevant personnel because Americans take feedback and suggestions seriously.

      So here are some guidelines on a proper tipping etiquette.

      – When a bus driver or hotel porter carries your luggage:
      Heavy luggage – USD2 to USD3
      Light luggage – USD1 to USD2

      – When storing your luggage in a hotel’s concierge
      Heavy luggage – USD2 per piece
      Light luggage – USD1 per piece

      – Room Service/Make Up Room
      USD2 to USD3

      – Request for additional amenities in hotel room (Shampoo etc.)
      USD1 to USD2

      – Taxi hailing service
      USD1 to USD2

      – Valet Parking
      USD1 on every deposit or collection of vehicles

      Tip #2: How to book cheap hotels in USA

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