Where will Emirates take you?

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Emirates Airlines

Emirates’ latest campaign asks, quite simply, “Where will tomorrow take you?”

If Emirates Airlines had their way, that answer would be anywhere. The five-star airline flies to practically every corner of the globe, and with numerous hubs, promises transit passengers an easier way to see the world.

Emirates Singapore operates from Terminal 1 and offers direct services to Dubai, Colombo, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Destinations that Emirates fly to

Unlike other airlines, however, Emirates has a hub in most continents. Those looking for a flight to Australia, therefore, will not need to fly to Dubai and back to Australia – Emirates offers connections to most Australian cities from its hubs in Melbourne and Brisbane, often at very attractive prices.

Emirates Airlines Lounges

Transiting with Emirates

Flying a transit flight with Emirates Air might be convenient, but can be a boring and restless experience. The airline has numerous partner lounges in international airports around the world, but these are available only to first and business class passengers. Emirates’ lounges in Dubai are also exclusive to its first and business class passengers, so economy class passengers will have to look for alternatives to keep themselves entertained.

However, for a truly luxurious experience, book a Dubai stopover package. The package offers a one night stopover, with complimentary UAE visa, and airport transfers. Other benefits include a buffet breakfast and a meet and greet service upon arrival.

Most passengers, will not require either service, though, as Emirates operates four flights to Dubai everyday from Changi Airport. Flights arrive at either 0600h Dubai time or 0450h, allowing passengers to catch an early morning flight to their next destination.

Emirates Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Onboard – Comfort

Emirates Airlines’ jets are usually pleasant, with comfortable seats that are standard in size. The seats are sightly smaller than Singapore Airlines’ but do not make a much of a difference to most passengers.

Emirates Inflight Service

Onboard – Service

Emirates regularly earns the title of being the world’s best airline, and its cabin crew have a large part to play in this. They are warm, hospitable and polite, with many praising their initiative and helpfulness. Others praise their quick service and their inability to leave a cup empty.

Emirates Inflight Food

Onboard – Wine & Dine

Dining onboard an Emirates flight can sometimes feel like a Michellin starred restaurant. Passengers flying first and business class can look forward to meals presented on expensive china and served with gourmet cutlery.

Unlike most airlines, economy class passengers are NOT left out of the fun and they too have a full four-course meal, beginning with an appetiser, a salad, a main course and dessert. They will also be treated to cheese and chocolates, something other airlines choose to keep exclusive to first and business class passengers.

Emirates Ice TV Live

Onboard – Entertainment

Ice, Emirates’ inflight entertainment system, has been voted best in the world for 9 consecutive years and that alone should speak volumes about the airline’s entertainment options. The system offers 1,500 channels of premium entertainment, including the usual movies, music, news and games.

Emirates offers wi-fi on certain flights (mostly A380s and B777s), with price plans beginning at $3.50 for smartphones and $10 for laptops and tablets.

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