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Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is a 4-star Middle Eastern airline that offers promotional fares to destinations in Europe and Australia. The airline is noted for its reliable and friendly service, young fleet and affordable fares. Etihad Airways Singapore operates from Changi Airport’s Terminal 2, and flies direct to Abu Dhabi and Brisbane. From these two hubs, passengers can do an easy transfer to a destination in Europe or Australia respectively.

Latest Etihad Airways Promotion

The airline has a less extensive route map than other airlines, however, and thus promotional fares only apply to major destinations.

Etihad Airways Stopover at Abu Dhabi

The lounges offered by Etihad Airlines at its airports are exclusively for its business and first class passengers. However, economy class passengers can take advantage of its complimentary one night stay deal when transiting through Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airways also offers discounted rates for the second night onwards at major hotels, including the Intercontinental (S$121), and St Regis Abu Dhabi (S$171).

Etihad Airways Business Class Seats

Etihad Airways Economy Class Seats

Onboard – Comfort and Service

Etihad Airways promises all passengers, or guests, as they are known, a comfortable journey regardless of class of travel. Its economy class seats are ergonomically designed, and its seat pitches range from 32 to 34 inches.

Flight attendants on Etihad Airways are known for their high service standards. Expect them to greet you politely and cater to your every need, all with a smile.

Etihad Airways Inflight Service

Onboard – Entertainment

Each economy class seat equipped with a 10.4-inch touch screen, the largest in economy class screens in the industry. The carrier’s entertainment system offers well over 675 hours of movies, music, television shows and games.

There are also special programmes for children and younger passengers, which ensure that they are occupied and entertained. Flight attendants also provide them with fun ‘family packs’, which are filled with art and craft materials.

Some of the airline’s aircraft are equipped with OnAir onboard connectivity, but only on very select routes. The charges for mobile and tablet connectivity range from USD10 and laptop Wi-Fi Internet connectivity from USD20.

Etihad Inflight Meal

Onboard – Food

Instead of the usual choice of two meals, guests are able to choose from three meals, even in economy class. Passengers flying to Abu Dhabi can expect exotic dishes such as Arabian lamb, cinnamon rice, or even paella!

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