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Finnair Marimekko Design

Finnair, the flag carrier of Finland, flies daily from Singapore Changi Airport to Helsinki. It offers low fares, however, to the rest of Europe (via Helsinki) and is a great alternative to traditional, expensive direct flights, such as Singapore Airlines.

The airline is very average in terms of comfort, food and entertainment. However, its service, fares and convenience truly are hard to beat.

Destinations Finnair flies to from Singapore

Finnair Airlines is perfect if you’d like to see continental Europe. Its destinations include the popular London, Paris and Rome, and the obscure Reykjavik, Lisbon and Kiev.

Latest Finnair Singapore Promotion

Here are current prices to some popular destinations that Finnair Singapore flies to. Take advantage of its prices to Rome, Paris and Frankfurt. You might get a better deal to London with another airline, such as Emirates.

Finnair Stopover at Helsinki

Flying Finnair from Singapore is a good choice because your flight would arrive in Helsinki early in the morning, an hour or two before flights to most European cities depart. This shortens your wait at Helsinki’s Vantaa airport, and brings you to your destination quickly.

However, if you for some reason find yourself with a few hours on your hand, do not stay in the airport. While modern and convenient, it is a bore, with little to do or see. Instead, take the Finnair shuttle bus out to the town and explore the charming city of Helsinki. The shuttle runs every twenty minutes and costs no more than 6 euros for a two-way trip ($10). Tickets can be purchased at the airport information counter.

For more information on day trips to Helsinki, read our article on stopping over in Helsinki.

Onboard – Comfort, Service & Entertainment

Finnair is a pleasant airline, with decent seats and amenities. They are, however, nothing to scream about. The flight attendants are warm, gracious and polite, and do everything they can to make you feel at ease.

Finnair’s in-flight entertainment system is a bit outdated, with few film titles and activities to choose from. Flying to Europe from Helsinki is a far worse experience – forget seat-back screens. Instead, two rows share a tiny screen that is lowered from the aircraft ceiling.

Finnair Inflight Food

Onboard – Food

Enjoy a unique, Finnish-inspired meal in the air – dishes are usually heavy and rich in cream and cheese. However, the food tray is rather standard, with a typical ‘mains’ box, a bun, a cheese wedge and a dessert (I flew Finnair four times and it has been yoghurt every time).

On domestic Europe flights, passengers are served a cold sandwich, which may sound unappetising, but is strangely delicious.

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