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Cycling Along River Main

Germany is a fantastic country for people who love discovering the world on two wheels. It offers a tremendous network of deducted cycle path and there are numerous tracks dedicated to bicycle riding, where nature enthusiasts are undisturbed by motorised traffic. Some of these tracks run along rivers. The route that my daughter and I like most is to cycle along the river Main for about 50 km.

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Cycling along on River Main

Main is a river in Germany’s area Franconia running from Bayreuth to Mainz where it joins the Rhine, its total length is about 525 km. Along these 500+ Kilometers you have the Main-Radweg, a bicycle track that is well paved, scenic and absolutely beautiful.

If you have more time, you can visit places like Bamberg, Wurzburg or Wertheim (Outlet Village!) on the way. Alas, we could only afford one day and decided to start at Aschaffenburg and ride back to Frankfurt. When we exited Aschaffenburg train station, the weather could not have been better: sunny, but not too hot with a slight breeze. Ignoring Aschaffenburg’s sights like the Castle, several churches and the Pompejanum, we easily found Main-Radweg because there is ample signage everywhere.

From then on it was riverside riding: practically even, no exhausting ups-and-downs –ideal for city dwellers who have little training. For the next three hours we cycled through meadows, fields of wheat, rye and maize and shady tree-lined areas. A real feast for the senses. Such joy was topped by a tasty al-fresco lunch at a terrace in the small town of Steinheim. A large drink plus some carb-loaded tortellini and a cup of espresso were just the right pick-me-up.

Half Timbered House


Steinheim is a town in Hoxter district in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, a lovely little place, actually ideal for a stroll through. Only too soon we were ‘on the road again’. The second leg of the journey was flying by real fast. Within two hours we saw Frankfurt’s unmistakable skyline. What a great outing, do come and try cycling Main Radweg. You will sure enjoy the experience!

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Frankfurt Skyline

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