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Holidays needn’t be expensive extravaganzas. Sure, some are inevitably going to run into four digit figures, but there’s always a getaway to suit your budget. It doesn’t matter if you head to Johor Bahru or Johannesburg – the most important thing about a getaway is that you return home feeling refreshed, relaxed and with a smile on your face.

Very small budget: $10 to $50

For those with $20 or less, pack a picnic basket with your favourite goodies and head to either East Coast Park or Sentosa for a relaxing time by the beach. If you’d like to splurge a little more, consider a chalet stay with several of your friends; our choice would be the spacious NSRCC bungalows along East Coast.

Small budget: $50 to $200

This budget is perfect for weekend getaways – our pick would be Desaru for its proximity, affordability and versatility. Those with families can find plenty to do at the resort, while those looking for a beach/spa vacation have the beach at their doorstep.

Weekend Getaway budget: $200 to $500

If you’re willing to spend this much, you’re probably serious about your holiday and would like to get away as far as possible from the stress and bustle of daily life. Tiger Airways is your best bet for affordable flights, with tickets to regional destinations like Phnom Penh, Langkawi and Bandung starting at less than $100. However, this leaves you with little to spend on other needs such as accommodation, food and spending money, so consider going with friends with whom you can share such costs.

Average budget: $500 to $1,000

Consider regional destinations, such as China, India and Australia, depending on what you’re looking for. India and China (tickets begin at $350 on a budget airline) offer travellers to immerse themselves in colourful and larger-than-life cultures, while Australia would be a conventional choice for those looking for a typical city experience. However, be warned that food and accommodation in Australia tends to be pricier than most Asian destinations, so make sure that your airfare doesn’t take up too much of your budget.

Big budget: $1,000 and more

The world is truly your oyster – you could fly to a regional destination in the comfort of a five-star airline like Singapore Airlines, or could fly on a regular airline all around the world and experience the sights, tastes and smells of the world, with very little to stop you.

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