Grand Diamond Hotel Bangkok


Grand Diamond Hotel Bangkok

The Grand Diamond Hotel Bangkok is located on Petchburi road with Platinum Mall and Panthip Plaza nearby. Its 1-bedded suite room (45 sqm) starts from USD77. Its 2-bedded deluxe suite room (90 sqm) is unique for providing studio type design with Kitchen and a living area apart from the bedroom. The Grand Diamond Bangkok is ideal for families who would like to have luxury and comfort at an affordable price.

Compared to other 4 or 5 star hotels around the Platinum Mall, the Grand Diamond Suites Hotel’s 2-bedded suite room at a tag of USD 166 a night is indeed great value of money. Considering that a family of four can stay in a suiteroom, it works out cheaper than many other hotels including the 3 star ones. Conveniently located in the fashion district, the Grand Diamond Suites Hotel is indeed a hotel you can check in the next time you are in Bangkok with your family.

What I like about Grand Diamond Suites Hotel

The hotel lives up to its name and the service is truly world class. The swimming pool is absolutely gorgeous and the big suites with the look and feel of a mini apartment make you truly feel at home. In case you are travelling with children, the Grand Diamond Suites Hotel is the place for you.

For those who would like to shop till you drop, the nearby Platinum Mall offers extensive shopping opportunities. What more! You can get the best offers when you visit during the annual Bangkok shopping festival in April. Overall, I would definitely rate my stay in the Grand Diamond Suites Hotel as one of the best times I have had while in Bangkok.

What I dislike about Grand Diamond Suites Hotel

Some rooms are not well maintained though the overall ambience in the hotel is good. You have to ask for Wi-Fi access which is not automatic and something that is surprising given the star class to which the Grand Diamond Suites Hotel belongs. And the other irritant is getting stuck in traffic jams due to its location in the central business district which can be an annoyance for those who venture into the city. However, these are minor issues when compared to the overall experience you derive during your stay.

How to get to Grand Diamond Suites Hotel

The best way to get to the Grand Diamond Suites Hotel is by taxi since the nearest BTS station is quite a distance from the hotel. However, you can walk around the central business district and the shopping district and this makes it convenient for business travelers as well as tourists. Try to avoid the traffic jams on your way to and from the airport (especially during weekends) as they can be quite troublesome for those in a hurry.

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