Prudential Hotel Hong Kong


Prudential Hotel Hong Kong

Located in the heart of Nathan Road right above the Jordon MTR station is the Prudential Hotel Hong Kong. This 4-star hotel offers several amenities like swimming pool and fitness room yet is not too hard on your budget. Its deluxe room costs HKD1000 or USD129 a night, though does not exactly fall under the category of budget hotels, it is not too pricey either.

The Prudential Hotel is at the corner of Kowloon Park and one can go for a morning walk there which is an enjoyable experience. The rooms are quite big though may not be fit for a family occupancy.

What I like about Prudential Hotel Hong Kong

The space in the room has been used well with smart designs and hidden mini cabinet along with other accessories. The service is good and the staff is friendly though many of them speak little English. The provision of a roof top swimming pool adds to the advantages of the hotel. Of course, the price factors in these amenities though I would not say that it is steep.

The two MTR exits (Exit E is located right below the hotel and Exit D is across the street) make access very convenient. There is a money changer at the ground level which means convenient exchange at competitive rates.

What I dislike about Prudential Hotel Hong Kong

The breakfast is not included as part of the package and this is definitely a put off since one has to go in search of eateries or visit the hotel restaurant. If you are a early riser, you might have to wait for a bit since not many eateries open at the early hour.

The hotel restaurant is good though not as cheap as the eateries outside. There is no free Wi-Fi which makes it hard for business travelers to continue their work from the hotel. I could secure Wi-Fi access by paying upfront and when I compared the rates, I found that it was not cheap. The provision of the business center to work is good but it is prohibitively expensive which makes me wonder which class of travelers they had in mind when they put up their price list.

How to Get to Prudential Hotel Hong Kong

The best way to get there is to take the bus from the airport which would cost you around USD15 for a one way ride. I suggest not to try the train as it is a pain and that too if you have luggage.

You can get an MTR card which you can use for your trips around Hong Kong and since the Jordon MTR station is right below the hotel, you cannot ask for more.

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