Sunny Day Hotel Hong Kong


Sunny Day Hotel Mong Kong Hong Kong

Located next to the Langham Place hotel Hong Kong in bustling Kowloon is the Sunny Day Hotel Mongkok. With the nearest MTR station being a 3-minute walk and with lots of eateries nearby along with a market that is next to the hotel, the Sunny Day Hotel Hong Kong offers pleasant accommodation at affordable rates (around USD119 a night for a standard room).

At USD144 a night, its family room (1 double bed & 1 single bed) is roomy enough to accommodate up to 5 people which is rare for hotels in this category. Of course, the hotel is definitely a budget traveler’s paradise and this is reflected in the services offered. I would certainly recommend the hotel for family travelers because the kids do not need a separate room. The location of the hotel in downtown Kowloon should be another plus for the travelers.

What I like about Sunny Day Hotel Hong Kong

Apart from the price that is attractive, what I liked the most about the hotel was that the quality of service is certainly not compromised and it was refreshing to find the bed linen clean and the rooms airy. The room service as well as the front desk staff is quite friendly and cooperative and the food (the complimentary breakfast as well as regular lunch and dinner) palatable. Of course, with so many eateries located right next to the hotel, you can save on the food aspect as well.

The provision of free internet access is another advantage for the hotel. I found getting to the hotel from my visits outside to be easy and with shopping malls located nearby, one can indulge in some real shopping.

What I dislike about Sunny Day Hotel Hong Kong

The budget nature of the hotel is visible in all aspects which include price lists for all items in the room. This means that even if you pick up the notepad holder, you need to pay for it. Given that otherwise the rooms come cheap, one should ideally not complain.

I did mention about the front desk staff being cooperative. But, information about the surrounding areas and places in Hong Kong is hard to elicit from the staff and this is something that the hotel can work on to improve its clientele, particularly those without knowledge of Hong Kong. The other thing is that there are no porters to carry one’s luggage and the flight of stairs one has to climb to reach the reception would put off many who are not light travelers.

How to Get to Sunny Day Hotel Hong Kong

The presence of the Mongkok MTR exit which is an interchange with 2 train lines means one can access the hotel easily from anywhere in Hong Kong. The hotel is located conveniently with nearby shopping areas and about 10-minuite walk to the Ladies Market. As with hotels in downtown Kowloon, the Sunny Day Hotel is close to some tourist attractions.

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