Hotels in Hong Kong Mongkok near MTR Station

by Rammohan Susaria

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Tourists visit Hong Kong for more or less these two reasons – Eat and Shop. As Mongkok area in Hong Kong is popular for its shopping attractions like Ladies’ Market or Ladies’ Street (Tung Choi Street) and Sportwear Street (Garden Street), many tourists love to stay at hotels in Hong Kong Mongkok area, preferably near MTR station.

Mongkok is home to several hotels that provide accommodation options for both cost-conscious travelers and those on a spending binge. These Hotels in Hong Kong Mongkok I am recommending ranging from 3-star to 5-star and have one thing in common – they are hotels near Mongkok MTR station.

5-Star Mongkok Hotels in Hong Kong

For those who wish to lap it up, Royal Hotel Plaza Hong Kong is the best choice. It consistently gets 5 star ratings from satisfied guests who like the airy and comfortable rooms that provide comfort and ambience. A family room costs around USD250 which is not too pricey considered a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong.

Royal Hotel Plaza
Walking distance to Mongkok East MTR Station: 2 mins

Another 5-star hotel near Mongkok MTR station is Langham Place Hotel Hong Kong. This 5-star hotel’s service is good and live up to its expectation. This is directly connected to Langham Place Mall and Mongkok subway station. However, you need to pay for Wi-Fi access which should not come as surprise since the room rate is affordable at USD258 with complimentary breakfast.

Langham Place Hotel
Walking distance to Mongkok MTR Station: 5 mins

Mong Kok Shopping Mall by SpirosK via

Photo by SpirosK

3-Star Mongkok Hotels in Hong Kong

A 3-star hotel in Mongkok area I strongly recommended would be Metropark Hotel. It is a tourist’s delight with its convenient location and English speaking staff. At USD123 a night, Metropark Mongkok Hotel provide convenient location to Ladies’ Market and Fa Yuen Street (Garden Street) popular for selling casual wear and trendy fashion.

Metropark Hotel
Walking distance to Prince Edward MTR Station: 2 mins

Following close is the Harbour Hotel Hong Kong which is a budget travelers delight for its amenities at the price that it charges – USD86 a night. Besides easy access to MTR station, Harbour Hotel provides free breakfast and complimentary Wi-Fi internet access in the room. Of course, the choice of menu on the breakfast is limited but considering the rate it charges, one cannot ask for more.

Harbour Hotel
Walking distance to Mongkok MTR Station: 5 mins

Finally, the Sunny Day Hotel Hong Kong is the best hotel for flexible travelers since the checkout timings are flexible so that one can leave at any time of the day without having to pay extra. It is also a great hotel for family travelers as its family room can easily fit up to 5 persons in a room.

Its standard room starts from USD119 a night and a family room starts from USD144. The hotel offers good service, breakfast is free and so is internet access.

Sunny Day Mongkok Hotel
Walking distance to Mongkok MTR Station: 5 mins

Given the fact that the Mongkok area is connected to the airport and to the rest of the city of Hong Kong in a convenient manner, the hotels in Hong Kong Mongkok area are much sought after. So, do not expect the so-called budget hotels in Hong Kong to be dirt cheap especially if it is near the MTR station.

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