Hotels in Sentosa Singapore

by Vida Llevares

Capella Singapore Premier Room View

Choosing the best hotel to stay in Sentosa Island Singapore can be a daunting task. Firstly, there are numerous good hotels in Sentosa Singapore to choose from. Secondly, most of them are 5-star hotels with stunning views, beautiful interiors and excellent customer services. So, it is difficult to decide which one should stand out from the rest and be considered the best hotel.

So, you should do your research to compare the amenities and features of each different hotels. Factors for consideration include location, budget, availability of family room, privacy etc, so that your choice of hotel to stay in will add to the fun and excitement of your entire Sentosa Island experience.


Although all the hotels are resided in Sentosa Island and can be reached by numerous transportation systems in the resort, some may be more accessible and closer to the specific zone in the resort island that you may like to explore.

If you will be spending much time on Imbiah Lookout, you may prefer Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa. For the Siloso area, popular Sentosa resorts include Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa Resort and Siloso Beach Resort. It would indeed be more convenient and practical to stay in a hotel a few minutes away from the attractions you want to check out.


Depending on your specific needs and preferences, the amenities and facilities featured may vary from one hotel to another. Your little ones will definitely love the children’s club in Shangri-la Rasa Resort Sentosa. Sports enthusiasts will not want to miss out on their workout routine with the numerous sports and recreation amenities in Sentosa Resort and Spa and in Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa.

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa features state-of-the-art relaxation and entertainment facilities such as a pillarless ballroom and suites with a Jacuzzi in its own private pool while fanatics of Chinese cuisine can dine in at Cassia in Capella Hotel Singapore. In addition, environmentalists will definitely enjoy the eco tours and nature walks in Siloso Beach Resort.


Ultimately, budget plays the most important role in choosing a hotel where you and your family can stay during your visit to Sentosa Island, Singapore. Guests with a minimal budget, say S$200 per day, can book rooms at Siloso Beach Resort that would cost around S$180 or with Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa at the price of S$210.

If your hotel budget is around S$300 a day, you can consider Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa at S$250 or The Sentosa Resort and Spa at S$270. Rooms in Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa Resort cost a minimum of S$290.

The most expensive minimum room rates are noted for Capella Singapore with at least S$560.

If budget is not an issue, my choice of Sentosa Best Hotel would be Capella Singapore.

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