3D2N Batam Island Getaway Itinerary

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We love to travel but with limited paid vacation leave and small budget, even a weekend getaway to Batam has to be planned and executed carefully so that we maximize our time to the fullest to sample the yummy Indonesian local food, and enjoy the relaxing and affordable body massage.

Our plan for a 3D2N Batam trip starts with everyone assembles at Harbour Front Ferry Terminal at 6.30pm in order catch a 7.20pm ferry on a Friday evening and return to Singapore on a Sunday evening. If this doesn’t work out as planned, we are still in time to catch the next ferry at 8.20pm. The worse scenario is to catch the last ferry that leaves Singapore at 9.20pm.

Book Your Batam Ferry Online

A one-way ferry ticket from Harbourfront to Batam Center costs about S$25(includes Departure Fee and Terminal Fee), and you can book ferry ticket online via Easybook or Klook.


Apparently, Klook offers Batam ferry tickets at very competitive price with more departure timings and also the flexibility of the arriving at and departing from different harbours in Batam. For example, you can book return ticket to arrive at Batam Center and depart from Sekupang or vice versa.

As for the ferry’s departure location in Singapore, you can either choose to leave from Harbourfront or Tanah Merah Terminal.

Total Budget Per Person SGD280

  • 2 nights stay at Nongsa Point Marina & Resort – S$94
  • 2-way ferry from Harbourfront to Batam Center – S$47
  • Meals(breakfast provided by resort, 2 dinners, 2 lunches) – S$50
  • 2 Massage sessions – S$90

Here’s our 3D2N Batam Tour itinerary

Day 1: We met at Harbour Front Ferry Terminal at 6.30pm. Booked the 7.40pm ferry with Sindoferry to Batam Centre.

The ferry ride to Batam was about 45 mins and we reached Batam Centre at 7.30pm (Batam Time is one hour behind Singapore). Upon arriving, we used the connecting bridge to walk cross to Batam Centre Mega Mall for dinner. We settled at Warung Cobain, a popular Indonesia restaurant and ordered plenty of Indonesia authentic food that were finger licking yet spicy. Avocado juice with chocolate fudge is a drink you must order at Warung Cobain.

After dinner, we checked into our 3-bedroom chalet, Nongsa Point Marina & Resort for a good sleep.

Kampoeng Spa

Day 2: At 8am, we had light breakfast at the resort as we would be visiting Kampoeng Totok & Spa. A 2.5-hour spa/body scrub/steaming costs about S$62.

Kampoeng Totok & Spa
Komp. Mahkota Raya Blok. E No 1 Batam Centre
Tel: 0778-7483258
Email: [email protected]

Our next stop was to go to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall for lunch. But we did a detour to buy some tidbits like cuttle fish, prawn crackers and melinjo crackers from a wholesaler (Toko Badminton Penuin Snack) – they sell fresh crackers at cheaper rates since they are wholesaler and they are very generous for food sampling.

Prawn Crakers Shop

Around 1pm, we reached Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall and we had Ayam Penyet and A&W float for lunch. Then we proceeded to the hypermarket to buy cheap toiletries like Sensodyne toothpaste, Garnier face wash & Indonesia instant noodles. Some of us bought Kueh Lapis from the shopping carts at the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. After all the shopping, we shelved our initial plan of having a hair spa at Christopher Salon which is located in the same mall. We decided to buy some beer back to our cozy resort and threw a karaoke party.

A&W Float

At 7pm, after all the ‘screaming & yelling’, we went to Seafood Rezeki at Batu Besar for yummy seafood dinner. This seafood restaurant is built above the water and sells freshly cooked seafood. We ordered its signature dish – 3 black pepper crabs, salted-egg prawns, grilled scallops and sambal kang kong. The bill came out to be around S$12 per person which was very affordable.

Day 3: In the morning, we had light breakfast again as we arranged two private body masseurs to come to our resort to do body massage for us. This 1.5-hour massage costs around Rp240,000 (S$32) per pax and has to be paid in Indonesian Rupiah(Rp).

Indonesia Local Food

After the body massage session, we lazed around at the beach and checked out at 2pm. For lunch, we ate at a local ‘zi-char’ stall where we ordered seafood soup, fried garlic chicken, kai lan and fried squids. After the sumptuous lunch, we headed to Mega Mall at Batam Centre to do our last minute shopping and took at 6.20pm ferry back to Singapore.


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