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Johor Premium Outlets by via

For those who do not own a car nor wish to drive to Johor Premium Outlets (aka JPO), you will have take the bus. You can take the Causewaylink’s shopping bus services – JPO1 & JPO2. The JPO1 leaves from JB Sentral while Bus JPO2 departs from CIQ 2nd Link.

For my trip, I went by the JPO2 from CIQ 2nd Link and returned via JB Sentral by taking the JPO1. This way, I get to experience both buses’ services and quality.

Causeway Link CW6

Bus from Boon Lay to JB – Causeway Link CW6

I arrived at Boon Lay MRT station with an aim to take Causeway Link Bus CW6 to the Tuas 2nd link immigration. However, there is no proper signage of the Causeway Link Boon Lay bus bay, I ended up spending 15 mins searching for it. I behaved like a ‘tourist’ who was not familiar with Singapore, went to Boon Lay Bus Interchange to be told that Causeway Link bus bay is actually nearby the taxi stand.

After walking through the Xin foodcourt, I hit the dead end and saw the taxi stand. So you would nee to turn right and walk along the road for about 3 minutes, then you would find the CW6 Causewaylink bus bay and the bus captain. The bus fare is SGD2.00 per person for a 15-min ride and the interval time for the next CW6 bus is about 20-25 mins. Anyway, the bus left at 11.05am.

Shuttle Bus JPO2

Bus to Johor Premium Outlet – JPO2

After clearing Singapore custom, I hopped back to the same bus (CW6) and proceeded to Malaysia immigration. In less than 10 minutes, I cleared Malaysia immigration as well. I walked towards the bus bay and I soon found a signboard about Bus JPO2 and its staff. The staff advised that the next bus would be leaving at 12.30pm and the bus fare was MYR4.20 per pax. Okay, I cleared my first doubt – the shuttle bus service is not free!

As I still have an hour to spare, I went to a canteen nearby for a delicious and economical lunch for MYR 5. At 12.30pm, the bus left nearly on time and I started my journey to Johor Premium Outlets. The ride was about 50 mins.

Shuttle Bus JPO1

Johor Premium Outlet Bus – JPO1

After shopping for nearly 3 hours, I decided to call it a day by taking Bus JPO1 from Johor Premium Outlets to JB Sentral. It was scheduled to leave at 5.30pm but was delayed till 5.45pm to pick up more passengers. The bus fare is MYR5.00 per person and the ride is around 1 hour. As the bus was new & the seat was comfortable, plus I was tired after 3 hours of shopping, I quickly fell asleep and woke up just in time to alight at JB Sentral.

Bus from JB to Singapore – Causeway Link CW2

After clearing Malaysia Immigration at JB Sentral, I decided to take Bus CW2 to bring me to Queen Street (near Bugis MRT Station), a convenient drop-off point. The bus fare is very reasonable, at MYR2.50 per pax. Clearing Singapore immigration smoothly as usual, I quickly walked towards the CW2 bus bay to queue for the bus again. As I have already paid the bus fare at JB Sentral, I only need to show the ticket receipt to the bus driver to board the bus again. There wasn’t many passengers on the bus and the bus was traveling quite fast. At 7.30pm, I reached Queen Street.

Bus Travel Tips

  1. Whether you plan to take JPO1 or JPO2 to Johor Premium Outlets, buffer at least 30 mins for immigration clearance or you may miss the bus.
  2. Make sure you prepare the exact amount for the bus fare as the bus driver doesn’t return change.
  3. Remember to take the bus receipt after paying the bus fare.
  4. You can find cheap hotels in the nearby Kulai town or choose to stay at some the best resort hotels in Johor Bahru.

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