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Kodak Photo Book

Before the digital camera era, we used to print loose pieces of our travel photographs and keep them in thick and bulky photo albums. Nowadays, with digital camera and internet, we can effortlessly select nicely taken travel photos and share them with friends through Facebook or Flickr. But, for certain memories, a better way to relive that memorable moments is to have the photos collated neatly into a beautiful photo book and go through them slowly over a cup of tea with friends and family. Don’t you agree?

The good news is you can now make use of Kodak Photo Book to capture those life’s events and big moments such as weddings, birthdays or even an exotic tour to Mongolia or Africa Safari!

Pink Flamingos

Rhino in Africa

Tell your story with Kodak Photo Book

To create a Kodak Photobook is really easy. Only 3 simple steps required- from selecting the photos, photo theme, photo book cover, make payment and arrange for delivery. Everything can be done online!

Step 1. Pick a theme (from 65 choices from Birthday, Wedding, Vintage Travel to Por Avion). Select a book cover – Metallic Silver or Black

Step 2. Click on “Get Started” and fill in your particulars and start uploading photos

Step 3. Make payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer and choose collection or delivery method

Every page of the Kodak PhotoBook is printed on Premium Kodak quality photo
paper. Double-sided, borderless, vivid colors, spill-proof and water-proof, be sure that your travel memories will last for a lifetime!

Kodak Photo Book Promo Code

If you are interested to buy a 24-page Kodak Photobook which can print up to 120 (8″ x 12″) pictures, here is the good news! Enter the Promo Code – “GoingPlaces” and you will enjoy a special price at S$42.00 (inclusive of GST and local delivery). The photo book will be shipped out within 3 working days upon receipt of order.

So, who says books are boring? Not with this one that captures your most memorable moments.

We do not remember days, we remember moments!

Happy Birthday

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