KL Travel Guide

by Su-Ann

KL at Dusk by nadi0 via https://flic.kr/p/GEpxU

Photo by nadi0

Traveling cheap does not mean having to forgo many things. With a bit of research and a spirit of adventure, there’s plenty KL travel guides that provide information on what to do for free (or less) in KL.

The first thing I did was to key in ‘Free things to do in KL’ in the search engine. Even though I typed in the word ‘free’, not all search results provided me with that I wanted exactly. For example, some of the higher-ranked websites simply offered ‘Things to do in KL’, but not all of them were free.

Lonely Planet Kuala Lumpur

Something good came out of this particular search though. The one website that impressed me most was Lonely Planet’s website on KL. Personally, I enjoy Lonely Planet (now known as Globe Trekker) on TV, as they cater to backpackers and those on lighter budgets. The Lonely Planet website may cover the boring but essential basics that all travelers should know before hitting their destination to get the most out of their dollar – practical things like Weather, Getting There & Around, Currency Used, Banks, Insurance etc.

Since this website targets backpackers, the links provided under Things to Do, categorized into Activities, Entertainment, Restaurants, Shopping, Sights and Tours, are usually catered for those traveling on a budget or the budget-conscious. This website is one I still enjoy and trust a lot.

KL Travel Blog

I like to browse travel blogs. I love travel blogs because they provide updated information as well as authentic experiences or insights, especially if the blogger is living in that area at that time. The problem is, not all blogs provide really useful information, but there were two on KL I especially liked.

The first was ‘12 Free Things to do in KL‘ by Malaysian blogger, David Jr. He is a born and bred Malaysian, and the link I have provided directs you to a recent post he did on KL. His entry provided me with a useful introduction to explore KL by foot to experience the sights, sounds and atmosphere of KL. What I liked about his blog was that he included some history on each of the walks, as well as an estimate of the walking time involved.

Another useful blog on KL is one by Lash – LashWorldTour where she shares 10 Free Things to Do in KL. Lash is an American writer who has been traveling solo in and around Asia for the past 12 years. She shares authentic, real-life experiences that inspire me to try out different things for myself. She reminds me that a trip to KL is much more than just late night suppers and cheap shopping.

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