Megabus – Cheap Bus Operator in USA

by Jeffrey Neo

Megabus by Chris via

Tip #5: How to Choose a Bus or Train Operator

In the United States, most locals prefer to travel by bus or train simply for cost savings reason. There are many bus and train operators in the States so prices are quite competitive. So do not be surprised that some bus operators like Megabus selling tickets at as low as USD1!

Greyhound Bus or Amtrak Train

While I was traveling within New York State, Greyhound Bus and Amtrak Trains were my preferred choices for their good service. A word of caution, do not be tempted by the cheapest tickets offered in town. In US, many transport operators provide cheaper alternatives but this could be at the expense of their service reliability. Buying the cheapest ticket and you might find yourself stuck at the bus terminal for the longest time. I have done it, you don’t have to.


Having said that, if you’re traveling within New York State, Megabus offers services almost unparalleled to none. Granted, I was tempted by their USD1 ticket (Yes, certain location cost only USD1 for a single trip), but I was pleasantly surprised with their seat space and complimentary wifi services on board. However, other than Megabus which I have personally experienced, my stand remains. Stick with the more common operators if you are hoping for a piece of mind.

Tip #6: Why you need to buy travel insurance

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