Rising Popularity of Muslim Tour Packages in Singapore

by Priscilla Tan

Muslim Tour Packages Singapore

Google Islamic tour packages, you’d find out that there are many travel agencies in Singapore that offer these customized tour packages cater to Muslim holidaymakers. These Muslim tour packages are getting the popularity they well deserved. Gone are the days where Muslim travelers had to worry about unpleasant and inconvenient journey like whether the food served is Halal and last minute request for prayer times. Now that Muslim travel packages are fully designed to cater to these considerations – with Halal means, prayer times and itineraries including mosque visits, Muslim travelers can rest assured and be blessed with a wonderful vacation.

Popular Muslim Tour Packages

It’s easy to see why Singapore Muslim travelers like to visit South Korea. Unlike Singapore, South Korea has four seasons. The amazing autumn days, the splendid spring, the blue summer sky with cotton candy clouds, and the cascade of snowflakes simply make travellers’ hearts flutter with excitement. A typically South Korea Muslim Tour will visit Central Mosque, Lotte World theme park, which is the world’s largest indoor theme park and Seoul City shopping tour.

Another popular holiday destination is none other than Ho Chi Minh, the largest city in Vietnam. A typical 3D2N Ho Chi Minh itinerary will include a tour to the Islam Community Hall for cultural exchanges and visit some Mosques in the city – Masjid Al Rahim and Masjid Jamja Al Musulam. Then follow by visiting the usual tourist attractions like Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh market and Cu Chi Tunnels. History buffs definitely do not want to miss an exquisite visit to the War Remnants Museum.

Tour Agencies that offer Muslim Tour Packages

Cultural & Entertainment (C&E) Holidays Pte Ltd lives up to its expectations. Having been around the block since 1960, the agency is equipped with numerous affordable Muslim tour packages to exotic countries such as China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

S Travel is equal to the acclaim they have received throughout the years. It is the agency to go to if you’re looking for Muslim tour packages to South Korea. Out of all their tour promotions, their “RUNNING MAN” Special (KPOP07) particularly shines.

CTC Travel, a known tour agent in Singapore, have conducted numerous successful Muslim tours to beloved countries like Japan, Beijing and South Korea. With above average service quality and jointly accredited with the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore or NATAS for short, it’s not a surprise to find out that this travel agency has a dedicated customer base.

Tradewinds, a member of the Singapore Airlines Groups offer tour packages for private and corporal customers. Equipped with fast and friendly service, Tradewinds is the one to look out for.

Upcoming NATAS Fair 2013

These four travel agencies will be popping by to the forthcoming NATAS Fair 2013. Besides the usual holiday packages, they will be promoting Muslim tour packages on their respective booths. Agencies worth visiting that holds travel buffs’ attention, you won’t want to miss it.

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