Natas Fair Credit Card Promotion


Before you head down to NATAS Fair, find out what are the promotions the credit card companies have in store for you – from attractive travel packages, free travel luggage, interest-free installment travel plan to sure-win lucky draws!

Mastercard and Singapore Airlines Promo

You can get up to $100 cashback when you purchase Singapore Airlines packages from participarting travel agents at the travel fair. The number of cashback vouchers are limited to 200 on the first two days and 300 on the final day, 14 August 2022.

NATAS Fair 2022 Citibank Promotions

Citibank Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Fair

Redeem your complimentary trolley luggage at Citibank Booth when you charge your travel purchases with Citibank credit cards:
– S$1,500 and above: 20″ New Yorker trolley luggage
– S$2,500 and above: 24″ New Yorker trolley luggage
– S$3,500 and above: 28″ New Yorker trolley luggage
plus GoTravel Passport Pouch


NATAS Fair 2022 HSBC card promotions

HSBC Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Fair

In addition to luggage redemption, you get a chance to win stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Samsonite bag, Grab voucher and travel gadgets with $1,500 or more spent with HSBC credit card at the NATAS Fair 2022.

For redemption of Pierre Cardin and Samsonite luggages fat HSBC booth:
– S$2.500 and above: 20″ Pierre Cardin trolley luggage
– S$3,500 and above: 24″ Pierre Cardin trolley luggage
– S$5,500 and above: 28″ Pierre Cardin trolley luggage
– S$8,500 and above: 69cm Samsonite Prestige Spinner luggage


NATAS Fair 2022 MayBank card promotions

Maybank Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Fair

With every $500 spent, you’ll get a chance at the lucky dip with prizes including watch, bag, Delsey luggage, Dyson vaccuun cleaner, voucher and etc.

For redemption of Amercan Tourister and Samsonite luggages fat HSBC booth:
– S$2.900 and above: 24″ Amercan Tourister trolley luggage
– S$3,900 and above: 25″ Samsonite Orfeo Spinner
– S$6,500 and above: 25″ Samsonite Harts Spinner & 24″ Amercan Tourister

Standard Chartered Credit Card Promotion at NATAS Fair

Redeem your complimentary trolley luggage when you spend with Standard Chartered credit cards:
– S$1,000 and above: 4-in-1 travel bag
– S$2,500 and above: 24″ American Tourister trolley luggage
– S$6,000 and above: 31″ American Tourister luggage


NATAS Fair 2022 UOB Card Promotions

UOB Credit Card Promotions at NATAS Fair

Redeem a pair of S.E.A Aquarium tickets when you spent $800 or more with the UOB Mastercard on travel packages at the NATAS travel fair. For Krisflyer UOB cards, you can redeem $100 worth of Grabfood vouchers when you spent $2000 or more.

As for travel bag and luggages, you get to redeem the following great gifts when you spent with UOB cards:
– S$800 and above: Crossing dufel bag
– S$2,800 and above: 20″ Crossing trolley luggage
– S$3,800 and above: 24″ Crossing trolley luggage
– S$5,800 and above: 28″ Crossing trolley luggage

#Tip: With so many promotions to choose from, I suggest you bring along all your credit cards you possessed so that you can decide there and then which credit card you want to charge to. If you are not sure which complimentary luggage to select, ask around those who have had picked their choice. These seasoned travellers would be more than happy to share with you which trolley luggage is more durable than the other.

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