Paris Metro – Cheap & Convenient

by Danny Lee

Paris Metro by Michael Day via

Tip #5: Taking Paris Metro

Paris metro can be considered the most convenient form of transport for tourists. It is very well connected to almost anywhere in the heart of Paris. You just need to equip yourself with a metro map and you are good to go.

In order to avoid garnering unwanted attention to yourself (looking lost in a metro will definitely mark you as a tourist – easy prey), it pays to plan beforehand which line you need to take and transfer. Always remember the final station name in the direction of the place you want to go. In the metro, the platforms are indicated by their final station name. You won’t go wrong with this trick as it saves you from keep referring to your metro map unnecessary. By showing confidence that you know where you are going, the local folks may even think you are a resident of Paris.

Exit signs in France are indicated by the word “sortie”. So when you arrive at the correct metro, just follow the signboard indicating the destination with the word sortie. That would lead you to the building, museum or street you want to go to.

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Buy 10 Single Metro Tickets

Buy a “carnet” of 10 single tickets at €12.70 instead of paying €1.70 for a single metro/bus ticket. These metro tickets are issued individually so they can share among friends. Best of all, they have no time limit, so you can use them any time at any day.

Tip #6: Avoid Crowds by visiting Paris in Low Season

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