The Ritz-Carlton Weekend Getaway

by Royston Chan

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore - View from bathroom

A few years ago I was staying at a hostel in Frankfurt, Germany. It was a 10-bedded room and there was some late night drama involving a middle-aged woman and some Aussie guys. To cut a long story short, those Aussie guys made a mess of the bathroom floor and the woman kicked up a huge fuss, waking everyone up. After giving those guys a piece of her mind, one of them retorted sarcastically, “Geez! I didn’t know we are staying at The Ritz!”

That was probably the most memorable reference to The Ritz I’ve ever heard.

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

In the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to stay at some of the best hotels in Singapore. Most of them are well-renowned international hotel chains. Two months ago, I finally got my chance to stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore. Of all these experiences, I must say The Ritz-Carlton has certainly lived up to its repute as a luxury hotel that provides the finest care and service to its guests.

The Service

If there were one thing that left a lasting impression on my stay at The Ritz Carlton Singapore, it was definitely the warmth and sincerity of the hotel staff. From the moment I checked-in, the receptionist greeted and welcomed me with a beaming face. She confirmed my reservation with great professionalism before offering to show me my room. I don’t know why, but I liked it when she stepped out from behind the reception desk to speak with me. I suppose it felt more personal, and that certainly made the difference.

Whenever I had to ask for directions, in addition to pointing me to the right way, the hotel staff would personally walk me to the door. The checkout process on my day of departure was also very prompt. Without being asked, the receptionist even offered to call me a cab, and I thought my needs were well anticipated. As I was leaving the hotel premises, I was also pleasantly surprised when hotel staff addressed me by my name, as they said their goodbyes.

I must say I was truly impressed.

Ritz Carlton Singapore Deluxe Room

Ritz Carlton Singapore Deluxe Room

Room with Spectacular MBS Views

The Deluxe Room, despite being one of the most basic rooms the hotel has to offer, is nothing short of spacious. Apart from housing a king-sized bed, the room also accommodates a couch, a coffee table, a working desk, a walk-in wardrobe and a mini-bar – and yet I am still left with plenty of space. Absolutely no complaints on the room size!

Ritz Carlton Singapore Room

As I stepped into my room, I was totally blown away by the magnificent view of Marina Bay, which now includes the supertrees of Gardens by the Bay, the iconic towers of Marina Bay Sands, the lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum, the panoramic Singapore skyline, and the durian shells of the Esplanade.

Marina Bay Sands Day View

Marina Bay Sands

The Ritz-Carlton also overlooks The [email protected] Bay, making it an ideal vantage to catch events such as the National Day fireworks display. It is also the perfect spot to witness the F1 Grand Prix – that is if you are lucky enough to book a room then. With the bed strategically positioned to face the humongous glass window that stretches across the length of the room, you’d be greeted by that incredulous view as you awake from sleep.

Singapore City Skyline

City Skyline
The bathroom is another world of its own. A Ritz-Carlton signature, the enormous hexagonal window situated beside the bathtub, allows for plenty of natural light to stream through, creating a refreshing atmosphere. The view through that window, especially mesmerising at dusk, is the perfect excuse to enjoy an extended bubble bath.

Ritz Carlton Bathroom

Did I forget to mention that shower amenities are from Asprey London? I’m normally not very particular about soap and shampoo, but the Asprey Purple Water series definitely deserves a mention.

Shower Amenities Asprey London

Fine Touches

What I genuinely appreciate about The Ritz-Carlton are the fine touches that extend beyond good sense – a handwritten welcome card, an assortment of fresh tropical fruits, and a complimentary box of chocolate truffles. Freebies aside, I was truly awed by the room furbishing and the thought-process placed into its design. There were power sockets installed within bedside drawers, perfect for charging your mobile phones; a rubber pillow attached to the bathtub, forming a comfortable headrest for your bubble bath; ample bath mats in the bathroom, with one that stretches the length of the bathroom counter. You know how we all hate wet bathroom floors!

Ritz Carlton Welcome Note

Ritz Carlton Fruit Basket

Ritz Carlton Staycation Package – Time to Getaway

If you are looking to take a break from your hectic schedule; or perhaps you might just want to pamper yourself; or you’d like to give that special someone a little treat, possibly for a special occasion; or you could just be keen on having a sleepover with your besties, or a guys’ weekend away with your buddies, except that it’ll be done in a lot more style. A weekend staycation at The Ritz-Carlton will be something worth considering.

Ritz Carlton Greenhouse

Ritz Carlton Greenhouse

Ritz Carlton Greenhouse Buffet

The hotel is equipped with facilities you’d typically expect – a swimming pool, fitness centre, spa, lounge bar etc. Personally, apart from eating my heart out at the Greenhouse, which serves an international array of cuisine in buffet style, I’d much rather soak in the comfort of my own room. To me, it is perfect to simply laze in bed, snug with numerous feather pillows, watch cable TV, take a long bath, enjoy the view, order room service, and have breakfast with the morning papers delivered to your doorstep.

That is luxury, and that’s The Ritz-Carlton.

Ritz Carlton Singapore Staycation Package

Ritz Carlton Breakfast

Ritz Carlton Breakfast

Having spent a night at this luxury hotel, I must say the service quality resonates with its internationally acclaimed branding. I personally vouch for their excellence and certainly agree that each hotel staff I’ve encountered strives to provide the finest service to their guests. They are indeed the ladies and gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton.

To check for room availabilty, click here.

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