Scoot Review – Singapore to Sydney

by Jeffrey Neo

Scoot Airlines B777 by Simon Clancy

Photo by Simon Clancy

When Scoot first started selling cheap tickets to Sydney, I couldn’t resist the temptation and rushed to book a return ticket to Sydney at S$222 to visit my good friend in Sydney. It’s just too good a deal which I couldn’t miss. At the same time, I thought I can also check out Scoot Airlines service quality and share my unbiased travelling experience with Flyscoot.

Legrooom on Scoot

As a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, Scoot operates using old plane models previously owned by SQ. Thus, the seats on board offers passengers with greater leg room and better seat reclining capacity compared with other budget carriers like Jetstar and Tiger Airways. So, it is a plus point.

Scoot Inflight Menu

Scoot Inflight Meal

Prior to your flight, prepaid combo meal can be purchased on FlyScoot’s official website at S$16. The combo meal consists of a main course, a drink and a dessert. Passengers can choose from four main course options – Lasagne, Soya Sauce Chicken Rice, Nasi Biryani & Creamy Chicken Stew, a non-alcoholic drink (pepsi, pepsi light or mineral water) and a dessert (fruit cup).

After tasted most of the budget airlines’ inflight meals, I regret to say that Flyscoot prepaid meals on board aren’t the best in terms of variety and pricing. For first time passengers, buying the prepaid meal online at S$16 may seem the right thing to do as it is typically cheaper than buying the meal on board. However, when I boarded the plane and made a quick calculation on the inflight food menu, I realized I only need to pay an additional S$1 (that makes it S$17 for a combo meal), but I would have the flexibility of choosing a wider variety of drinks and desserts.

For instance, more drink options such as ice tea, orange juice and 100 plus etc are available at S$4. Most hot drinks like the Scoot Premium coffee blend and Robert Timms Coffee are selling at S$4 too. In addition, there are more dessert options on board such as hello panda biscuits and pringles potato chips are charging at S$3. Since all hot meals are sold at S$10, adding a drink and a dessert will only cost me S$17.

Scoot Comb Meal

So, I was quite angry with myself that I was stuck with a can of Pepsi and a silly fruit cup (which tasted horrendous). To make it a double whammy, who drinks Pepsi these days?! Not me for sure.

So here’s my take. Skip the prepaid meals and get your meals on board instead.

Cabin Crew Services

As a new airline, FlyScoot prides itself with a ‘Scootitude’. In other words, cabin crew are especially friendly, and are always keen to provide extra personal touch to create a memorable inflight experience. So far, I would say they’re on the right track and passengers are generally pleased with their services. Perhaps Scoot’s cabin crew are trained to smile more naturally as I certainly find the cabin crew on Scoot Air friendlier than most other airlines.

However, as a new airlines, there are some service aspects that cabin crew from FlyScoot could improve on.

Meal time – Cabin crew takes a rather long time to serve the meals as they are always running around getting the required meal options. Compared with other airlines, meal carts are usually loaded with sufficient meals and thus, the meal serving process are generally smoother and faster.

Small Talks – I observed that Scoot Singapore’s cabin crew engaged too much small talks among themselves while serving meals. I think this is a unprofessional and should be avoided.

Tips On Booking Scoot Flight

Most passengers in economy class are seated in the middle section. On the contrary, the two sections by the sides are significantly empty. Perhaps FlyScoot is ‘saving’ these seats for passengers who pay a premium rate or full economy fare in order to enjoy these spacious seats. However, I think there is no harm during checking in, ask the ground staff for a window seat and you may be lucky to be given one of these ‘premium’ seats. No promises though!

The flight time from Singapore to Sydney is 2.10am to 11.40am (both local time). With such a long 7.5 hours journey, it is almost impossible to go without food. However, if you pre-order your meals online like me, you’ll have to be prepared to eat your meal at around 3.30am which is ridiculous. Maybe it’s due to its operational requirements, but I’ve got absolutely no idea why Scoot chooses to serve its passengers at such weird sleepy hours.


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