Seine River Cruise Paris

by Danny Lee

Paris River Cruise by Patrick Nouhailler via

Tip #4: Paris Seine River Cruise

Visiting Paris is never complete without a river cruise along the scenic Seine River! However, it could be confusing for first-timers who are researching for a Paris river cruise online. Most of the river cruises include a meal on board (either lunch or dinner) and for dinner, some tours even require the gentlemen to be formally dressed. It means jacket and tie for men!

Paris River Cruise Prices

The cost of such a cruise with meal (lunch or dinner) ranges from €50 to €140. You need to do additional research on your chosen cruise operator to find out if the meals they serve suit your palate or have good reviews. I personally eschew the meal as I think I will get a better meal for the same price at many restaurants in Paris. Thus, a cheaper way to take the river cruise will be to take the just the river ride without meals. It costs around €10 to €15 for the ride alone and the duration is roughly around an hour. The cruise operator I took was

Tip: Take a seat next to the windows so that you can open the plexi-glass windows to have unblocked view for your camera shots. The river cruise is round trip, so you do not need to rush to other side of the boat to take photos. It will come round again 🙂

Tip #5: Taking Paris Metro

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