Shibuya 109 – “Ichi Maru Kyu”

by Wenqi

Shibuya 109

Shibuya 109 is the hallmark of Japanese youth culture and fashion. Conveniently located in the heart of Japan’s famous shopping and entertainment district – Shibuya, Shibuya 109 is one of the most hip and happening shopping malls in Japan. Hailed as Japan’s fashion landmark, the iconic 109 building is circular in shape and stands at 8-storey high.

Shibuya Fashion

Shibuya 109 is a fashion hotspot for young ladies in their early 20s. It is a shopping mall that specially caters to young people, with many retail outlets such as Liz Lisa and Cecil McBEE offer the trendiest and latest ladies’ fashion popular among fashion-forward teenage girls. The fashion trends that begin in Shibuya 109 are often a big hit across Japan, making 109 a fashion hub for Japanese teens. One notable example is the evolution of kogyaru fashion that emerged about 10 years ago. (Kogyaru: High school gals)

For Singaporeans seeking for a brand new and unique shopping experience, Shibuya 109 is definitely a must-go if you intend to visit Japan. As a fashion hub for youths, Shibuya 109 is a place teeming with youthful vigour and vibrancy. Also, what sets Shibuya 109 apart from other shopping malls is that it is unique in catering only to ladies’ fashion. Having all the trendiest shops housed under one building, doesn’t that sound like a shopaholic’s haven? The only downside to this is that you will be spoiled for choices! The best part is, shops in 109 generally sell more affordable items so you will be able to find cheaper bargains here than other shopping places in Japan.

Shibuya Girls via

Shibuya Girls

This place will also appeal to cult followers of Japanese street fashion (usually known as Shibuya Girls), which is in rage all over large urban fashion districts in Japan such as Harajuku and Shibuya. and gaining popularity internationally as well. There is a wide selection of authentic Japanese street fashion items at Shibuya 109 that will surely amaze you. Other shoppers can also take this chance to get a taste of Japan’s unique consumer culture.

Note: Who says shopping is not for guys? Shibuya 109-2 (aka Shibuya 109 mens) was recently set up to cater to Men’s fashion. Metrosexual fashion – The Next Big Thing? Clearly, Japan is still one step ahead!

How to Get There

Shibuya 109 is 1 minute’s walk from Shibuya Station on the JR Yamanote Line, Tokyu Toyoko Line, Ginza Line, and Hanzomon Line.

Other Information

Operating hours: 10.00am to 9.00pm
Open Year-Round, except 1st of January


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