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by Jeffrey Neo

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Tip #7: How to Save Money with Online Shopping in USA

From Coach to Kate Spade, to Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss, USA is without any doubt a shopper’s paradise. If you think that the prices can’t get any lower, then you are absolutely wrong.

Here’s some tips on online shopping in USA…

Sign up for online newsletters for brands that you are interested in. Often, many brands would offer online discount for a limited period of time. Thus, if the discount period falls close to your intended travel dates, you would have just earned you first savings!

Coach USA

For instance, before I travelled to US, I signed up for Coach’s online newsletter. Coincidentally, when I arrived at the US, Coach was offering a 25% discount on all items for 3 days only. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to burn the first big hole in my wallet. For most online shopping sites, it is possible to request for products to be shipped to a specific outlet for collection, instead of a residential address.

Kiehl’s USA

I am a huge fan of Kiehl’s and I particularly like Kiehl’s midnight recovery eye and its sunscreen. As Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ are not selling in Singapore yet, friends were begging me to bring a few back for them.

Kiehl’s products are cheaper in USA, so when Kiehl’s offered an annual discount of USD20 for every USD65 spent on both online and retail stores, the prices were really low. You can imagine how excited I was. Of course, that also implied another big hole made in my wallet.

For some brands, certain online shopping websites do not charge taxes on their products. Thus, depending on the city you would be traveling to, tax savings may vary between 5-10%.

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